ZENworks 2020 Upgrade Cookbook

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ZENworks Configuration Management 2020
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Migration
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 System Update
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 System Update


This document is assembled, focused to assist in upgrading and migrating to ZCM 2020 and the latest Update - ZCM 2020 Update 2.
The examples start at ZCM Zone version 2017 Update x.
Includes common upgrade/update best practices with documentation, TIDs and video links.
Moving Zone Primaries from ZCM 2017.x to ZCM 2020 Update 2 requires going to ZCM 2020 Update 0 first.
Moving Zone Managed Devices and Satellites requires ZAA to be ZCM 11.3.x or higher with all prerequisites.

Important Note: Be sure to reference the documentation for your specific environment and components along the way.


Documentation Easy Access Guide list is provided for your use.

After Jan 2021 new Customer Portal is available and downloads are from the Customer Portal SLD site. 
Locate downloads through the Micro Focus Customer Portal or Micro Focus Download site for products, patches and trials.
Sybase to PostgreSQL migration tool can be found on the ZCM 2020 Download site in the customer portal for OS Installed and Appliances.
A ZCM 2017 w/Sybase Zone on a Physical OS, using the ZCM 2020.0 .iso will prompt you with a db upgrade wizard to be done before the ZCM 2020.0 upgrade will start.  After the DB upgrade deploy the ZCM 2020.0 upgrade again via setup.exe and the ZCM 2020 Upgrade will commence.
Perform MD5 checksum on all downloaded files for data integrity.
Do not exract .iso's (TID 7015386) - the .iso must be "mounted" to a public location.

ZENworks Control Center

ZENworks 2020.x Licensing
License keys from ZCM 2017 do not carry over.
Retrieve your ZCM 2020 license keys from the Micro Focus Customer Care Portal to activate the environment during the install/upgrade.
Note: During  the Upgrade if not licensed for ZCM 2020 Suite, then all individual ZENworks Configuration Management component licenses will need to be entered separately. 
During the upgrade the licensing option allows input of the ZENworks Suite license OR individual component licenses. 
Refer to documentation about Suite components when Activating ZENworks Licenses and Product License States.
Licensing during 2020 Upgrade/Migration see ZCM Upgrade Known Issues
Selecting ZCM 2020 evaluation licenses can be used, and proper license keys entered before evaluation licenses expire.
(Conditional) ZPM after the upgrade verify the ZPM 2020 license code is correct.

ZENworks 2020.x Known Issues
Troubleshooting Tips
If having trouble with ZCM 2020.2 Installation or Post Installation refer to
If having trouble with ZCM 2020.2 Upgrade refer to the ZENworks Upgrade Guide
If having trouble with ZCM 2020.0 Installation or Post Installation refer to Troubleshooting Installation section of the install guide.

Planning and Compatibility Guide

ZENworks 2020.x Database Requirements
Note: Sybase Databases (internal or external) is not a supported database for ZCM 2020 or higher.
Sybase to PostgreSQL migration tool (db-migration-tool-3.1.zip) can be found on the Micro Focus Customer Care Portal.
When needing to move the embedded database consider reviewing the Troubleshooting ZENworks 2020 Database Migration documentation.
For other Database Maintenance and Migration options check the Database Management Reference documentation.
Internal PostgreSQL Database Tips and Utilities TID 7024768

If external database:
  • Check requirements necessary for db space, db version and OS versioning.
  • Have the external database server name/IP, dbname for ZENworks and Audit databases and username/password of who can modify the database (Read/Write).  Refer to the Database Prerequisites and User Schema Rights Guide.
  • If using an Oracle Database w/Oracle RAC: Check Database requirement details .
    Caution: If Oracle Partitioning is enabled, it may be automatically selected during the ZCM upgrade process (even if Oracle Partitioning is not purchased. )
  • If using the option to Create a new database, review Keywords are not to be used in database creation document. 
  • Be sure to modify all related files for proper "database" communication and authentication (TID 7023412)
Refer to the ZENworks 2020 Vertica Database Reference Guide for installation of Vertica and other components like ZooKeeper and Kafka
Database Migration Tool can be downloaded from your Customer Care Portal under ZENworks Suite or ZENworks Configuration Management downloads and other Database Maintenance & Migration Options.
  • Sybase to PostgeSQL (db-migration-tool-1,0,zip or higher)
  • MSSQL to PostgreSQL  (db-migration-tool-2.0.zip or higher)
  • Oracle to PostgreSQL (db-migration-tool-3.0.zip or higher)
ZENworks Diagnostic Center
Pre-upgrade check of the ZCM 2020 upgrade wizard will run the database schema portion of the ZDC automatically that can be reviewed.
Errors in ZDC after upgrading from ZCM 2020 to Update 1 on MSSQL noted in TID 7024703.

Standalone ZDC should be run on EVERY primary server prior to the start of the upgrade to verify system files, database (zenworks & audit), and content.
ZDC for ZENworks 2020 is located on the .iso Common\tool\zdc or the Micro Focus Customer Care Portal.
Refer to the ZDC utility in the ZENworks Command Line Reference Guide.

Running ZDC is a non-intrusive integrity check on the ZENworks systems and should be run before and after upgrades/installs.
ZDC's are published for every version, Service Pack (and subrev) found on Micro Focus download SLD site or by searching TID's.

If there are ZDC failures like inconsistencies, mismatches, missing files, indexes, procedures, etc., check the knowledge base (or call support) before upgrading.
Note: When calling support please provide details of the zone version and database type along with the ZDC reports to expedite the request.

On a ZENworks 2017 Zone where a migration to ZCM 2020 is occurring, use the ZCM 2020 installation .iso and the ZDC will run automatically during the install.
On a ZENworks 2017 Zone where prepping for a future migration to ZCM 2020, use the proper ZCM 2017 ZDC version and run zdc on each database separately using only the db parameters.
  • zdc verify -v zendatabase -b data/<Filename>.zdc
  • zdc verify -v auditdatabase -b data/<Filename>.zdc
Each instance of running zdc end up in the /reports folder.

General Reminders:
  • Retrieve the ZENworks 2020 Entitlement License available from your Customer SLD portal prior to start of upgrade/install.
  • Upgrading to ZCM 2020 U2 using the ZENworks v2020.2 installation media
    - the zone can be directly upgraded to ZENworks v2020.2 if the zone is currently at a ZCM 2020.x version.
  • Upgrading to ZCM 2020 U0 using the ZENworks v2020 installation media
    - the zone can be directly upgraded to ZENworks v2020 if the zone is currently at a ZCM 2017.x version.
  • ZENworks 2020 Update 2 requires Installation media (.iso) or Side by Side Appliance upgrades AND the Zone to be currently at ZCM 2020.x version.
  • Some of the ZENworks 2020 Update 2 paths have changed, previously the paths would have novell now have microfocus.
  • ZENworks 2020 Update 2 the novell-zenworks-configure commands have been changed to microfocus-zenworks-configure commands.
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 (or higher) must be installed onto Windows devices - this may affect TLS and registration (see Windows System Requirements Microsoft .NET Requirements).
  • Plan End-User downtime during the Primary Server(s) upgrade to version ZENworks 2020.x, based on scale of environment.
    Some end users may see disruption on functionalities like; installing apps, user login, content download, etc.
  • Always take a backup of the ZENworks Server(s) (or a powered-down snapshot of virtual environment) including databases and other related files (imaging, TFTP, etc.)
  • Refer to the zone version documentation for the ZENworks 2017 System Backup Best Practices or ZENworks 2020 System Backup  to find the System Backup Best Practices for the databases system and components (certificates, database, file system, imaging configuration files, etc.)
  • Compatibility Check at the beginning of the installation wizard may warn if unsupported managed devices are in the Zone. (e.g. SLES 11 SP2, XP, Vista, however these can be managed in 2020 Zone with their older ZAA, also ZCM 2020.2 Zones will not support promoting 32-bit OS's to Satellites functions)
  • Compatibility Check at the beginning of the installation wizard, may warn if supported software or requirements are not installed. (e.g. rpm's, Memory, .Net, etc.)
  • Be aware of vendor version expirations/End-of-Life (e.g. Oracle 11.x, 12c, 18 databases are no longer supported by Oracle).
  • Sybase Anywhere databases are no longer supported in ZCM 2020. 
    If running ZENworks using a Sybase Anywhere database, refer to the Database Migration from Sybase to PostgreSQL
    • If using the embedded Sybase Anywhere database on your ZCM 2017.x system, use the db-migration-tool-1.0.zip file to migrate to an embedded or external PostgreSQL database.
    • This can be done stand-alone prior to any ZCM v2020 upgrade.  This tool can be found on the Micro Focus Customer Portal site with other ZCM 2020 supported downloads and iso's.
    • If a Sybase Anywhere database is detected when upgrading to ZCM v2020 the migration tool will execute first before actually upgrading to ZCM v2020.
  • If older Primary Servers do not meet the ZCM 2020 Requirements (see Additional Information below), consult the Disaster Recovery Reference re: Replacing Primary Servers
  • Windows Primary Servers must be at Windows 2012 Server OS minimum (Windows Server 2008 R2 is no longer supported in ZENworks v2020).
    • Micro Focus has tested upgrading Windows Server 2012 to 2016 prior to migrating ZENworks from v2017.x to v2020.  Note: While there were not any ZCM related issues performing an in-place Windows OS upgrade from 2012R2 Server to 2016 Server.  However it does pose a risk and Micro Focus cannot ensure the OS itself will upgrade cleanly.
    • Do not upgrade a ZENworks Primary Server to Windows Server 2019 prior to the ZCM v2020 upgrade since Windows Server 2019 OS is not supported on ZCM v2017.
  • Known Issues after performing an in-place ZCM 2020.0 upgrade of the Linux OS while ZENworks is installed.
  • Make sure there is disk space available to do the upgrade: 40+Gb for Appliance, VM or physical Primary Servers.
  • (Conditional)When  migrating an appliance, detach the content storage volume (VAStorage) and copy the Files to the ZCM 2020 File location.
  • Recommended RAM is 16Gb for Primary Servers.
  • VM RAM should be dedicated and not dynamic.
  • Review Time Sync, Firewall, Network and TCP and UDP Port settings and Database Ports
  • Review Anti-Virus exclusions on TID 7007545.
  • Make sure Roles, Dedicated Server Settings and Locations have proper configurations.
  • When doing System Updates make sure System Update Replication Status is 100% for all Primary(s) before starting Satellites, and 100% for all Satellites before starting the Managed Devices update.
  • Introduced in ZENworks 2020 is the Vertica Database with  ZooKeeper and Kafka services for large organizations.
  • LDAP Connection to User Sources must be a username w/ReadOnly access to the entire user directory (AD) or replica (eDir)
  • Do not use remote sessions when performing the db migration, any network interruption can impact the migration.
Moving from ZCM 2020.x to ZCM 2020 Update 2 - see the following upgrade paths

ZENworks 2020 Update 2 - Zone Migrations/Installs

ZENworks 2020 Update 2 Install

Moving from ZCM 2017.x to ZCM 2020.0 - see the following upgrade paths

ZENworks 2020 Zone Migrations/Installs

ZENworks 2020 Appliance Install
ZENworks 2020 Appliance Management Console
  • Backup ZENworks 2017 Appliance, and any external content repostiory (attached volumes or disks), system files, certificates and databases.
  • Run the zman zsb command to save zone critical data.
  • Run the zman db command to save internal database (if zone is using the internal database).
  • Run the zman cae command to save the certificate authority (if zone is using the internal certificates)
    This can also be run in ZCC > Configuration > Certificates panel.
  • Follow the ZENworks 2020 Upgrade Prerequisites
  • If restoring or reverting is necessary, revert both the appliance and the database.
  • See a tour for the Appliance Administration Console in the Video Resource links below.
Migration (Upgrade) from Appliance to Appliance
Be sure to follow the step by step process in the ZENworks 2020 Appliance Migration documentation.
  • During the Appliance migration, the devices should be hosted on the same network.
  • "Copy" VAStorage volumes, placing the volume copy into the ZENworks 2020 VM file location.
Migration (Upgrade) from ZCM 2020 installed on Windows or Linux OS to ZCM 2020 Appliance
Be sure to follow the ZENworks 2020 Disaster Recovery documentation.
  • Add/Install a ZCM 2020 Appliance into the existing zone as an additional Primary Server.
  • Bring the Appliance Primary Server to the same version level as the other Primary Servers
  • Allow time for the content to replicate
Migrating ZENworks Primary Server to ZENworks Appliance

Upgrade process from ZENworks 2017 to ZENworks 2020
Follow the step by step process in the Upgrading the Primary Servers to ZENworks 2020 documentation.
ZENworks 2020  Precheck - Example: Zone currently at ZCM 2017 Update x.
  • Run ZENworks Diagnostic Center (ZDC) for the current ZONE version to verify integrity of system files and database integrity.
  • Make sure there is disk space available to perform the migration by checking the Appliance Requirements or Primary Server System Requirements
  • Manage Memory Requirements, especially if running the Vertica Database (16 Gb RAM)
  • Primary Server with embedded database should be upgraded first, stop ZENworks services on all other Primary servers (with the command: novell-zenworks-configure  -c  Start).
  • Run zman zsb command to save critical zone data.
  • Snapshot or Backup ZCM Server(s), databases, system files, certificates, PXE imaging menu files and TFTP directories.
  • Turn off Anit-Virus and Windows Update services if applicable.
  • Verify prerequisites completed (rpms for Appliance)
  • If ZCM 2017 Update x on SLES 12 SP3 device, either upgrade the Linux OS to SLES 12 SP4 prior to Upgrading the Zone to ZCM 2020 or Upgrade the Zone to ZCM 2020 and then upgrade the Linux OS to SLES 15 as mentioned in the Upgrade Documentation.
  • (Conditional) Appliance: Appliance Migration prerequisite (novell-zenworks-prereq.zip) can be found on the Micro Focus Customer Care Portal under ZENworks 2020 Suite or ZCM 2020 Products.
Migrate to ZENworks 2020.x Reminders
  • Have the ZENworks 2020 Entitlement Licenses available from the customer portal prior to start of upgrade/install.
  • Start the Installation/Upgrade Process.
Post ZENworks 2020.x Upgrade tasks
  • Verify updated files and database integrity by running ZDC for v2020.
  • Verify all services are running.
  • If migrated off Sybase Database cleanup backed up Sybase data from system TID 7025030.
  • Allow sync time so that the system update replication is 100%.
  • After upgrading all the ZENworks Primary Servers to the latest version of ZCM 2020, System Updates should show "Success" before moving to the next step.
  • Update the managed devices to the latest ZENworks 2020 Update, after all Primary Servers and Satellite Servers are successfully upgraded to ZCM 2020.
  • (Conditional) Content: Add additional external content disks
  • (Conditional) Imaging: re-upload the Tuxera Drives and MDT Tools
  • (Conditional) Appliance: Verify the NTP Settings
Always reference the product documentation, support knowledge base documentation, and/or call ZENworks Technical Support if experiencing issues.

ZENworks Adaptive Agents (ZAA)
Managed Device Requirements for new ZAA installs
Managed Device Update Prerequisites for ZAA updates (including Satellites).
Supported ZAA versions for agents/satellites to receive cumulative updates.
Read the system requirements carefully for the Operating System to be upgraded.
Common OS's like XP, Vista, SLES11 SP3 can be managed in the ZCM 2020 Zone (backward compatibility), but not supported with ZCM v2020 ZAA.
Example: Managed devices with ZAA v11.3.x can be directly upgraded to ZAA v2017, after your Zone Primary and Satellite Servers are at version 2020.
ZAA managed devices can only use features that installed ZAA version supports.
e.g, Managed devices using v11.3.0 will not be using ZAPP (introduced in ZCM v2017).

Prior to installing the ZENworks 2020 Adaptive Agent (ZAA) ensure (including Satellites):
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework or higher is installed.
  • ZENworks components added to the Anti-Virus Exclusion list TID 7007545.
  • Upgrade the unsupported OS to a supported OS prior to deploying the ZAA.
  • Satellite Servers and managed device ZAA version should be 11.3.x (minimum) before updating to ZCM 2020
  • Managed devices with XP OS can be managed in a ZCM 2020 Zone using the older ZAA, however the ZENworks 2020 ZAA is not supported on the XP OS.
  • Ensure of 100% replication for "ZENworks 2020" System Update in ZCC when updating Satellites and Managed Devices.
Full Disk Encryption
If FDE is enabled on the managed device, consult the ZENworks 2020 - Full Disk Encryption Update Reference for the process of upgrading those ZENworks Adaptive Agents.
  • Remove Old FDE policy prior to upgrading to ZENworks 2017 update 1 or higher. This will initiate drive decryption.
  • Then upgrade the ZAA
  • Apply a new ZENworks 2017 Update1 (or higher) FDE Policy.

Keep up with the latest Technical Information Documents released for the products of your choice. Just use this link to subscribe to RSS feeds for ZENworks TIDs.
Product Patch Notifications can be turned on in the Customer Portal and next to the product title (on right) will have Patch Notification switch.
(Anywhere you see the Video Symbol , and more at bottom of page)

Additional Information