ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 1 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 02-Jun-2017
  • 16-Jan-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 1


Version Information:

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GUID for this update:  5017010000fc50000000002017070518

Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 1 (17.1.0)" Download:  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=sN0yVSj-lBs~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 1 (17.1.0) ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file" Download:  https://download.microfocus.com/Download?buildid=UF-J8sTEPg0~

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2017 Update 1, check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version

ZENworks Asset Management Version

ZENworks Patch Management Version

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version

ZENworks Agent Version

ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management

Bundle Management



Endpoint Security Management

Full Disk Encryption

Image Management


Inventory Management



Patch Management

Policy Management


Remote Management


User Management



Bug 756835 Unable to create a Satellite Device report in ZRS
Bug 757577 System Update error report
Bug 772185 Why do zStatusEvent and zObjectInfo tables grow so large?
Bug 789542 more reliable way to report in device IP addresses
Bug 831595 IP address and Subnet Mask from zNetworkAddress is missing
Bug 900043 Location Awareness Lite is configured but not active
Bug 911842 zac au failed with the message Some audit files failed to upload
Bug 913329 Documentation - Missing help topic for Patch Reboot Behavior in ZCC documentation
Bug 922479 Password Key Generator - key with wrong expiration date
Bug 932072 ZRS Case 2 - Be able to filter on messages...
Bug 932073 ZRS Case 3 - Get duplicate machines
Bug 934472 nag for system update primary server notification only shows major release
Bug 935441 Patch bundle failed with Unable to complete RPM transaction: unable to open RPM database: fcntl failed
Bug 937180 random failure to apply bookmark policy
Bug 939164 Satellite servers never clean up partially sync'd content that is no longer included
Bug 942152 Cannot modify dynamic group using admin with only device rights role where 'modify settings' is denied
Bug 949450 Unavailable content after moving from Linux to Windows primary server
Bug 953154 Availability schedule summary shows process immediately as set to true
Bug 955502 content errors on satellites
Bug 956510 Inventory is collecting the current logged in user and reports login name DAU-<number>
Bug 958195 ZESService crashes Windows 2012 primary on login
Bug 961366 Devices not deleted from database when flagged TobeDeleted - trigger order incorrect
Bug 966381 appliance missing ftp client  
Bug 969181 USB decrypt tool gets copied to device in exclusion list
Bug 969224 duplicate entries for Microsoft Project Professional 2010
Bug 972390 Windows Agent Spoke Install pulls content from Primary and not closest Content Server
Bug 973245 Emergency Repair disk - If PBA is initialized ERD application always shows error PBA Bootstrap not OK
Bug 974002 No Remote Control with HP 355 G2 Laptop with switchabel graphics card
Bug 974814 Inventory Report Rights option for an administrator changes navigation path from Administrators to Configuration
Bug 975167 Refresh does not honor current filters in some locations in the ZCC
Bug 975905 Some parts from System update messages are not translated to German
Bug 977213 randomly devices are getting imported in the wrong folder
Bug 979737 French synchronization text is misleading/ambiguous
Bug 979773 content cleanup not running if cvc was done
Bug 980691 Zenworks 11.4.1 client crashes on PrinterPolicyUserModule
Bug 983397 11.4.x System update cleanup required for 11.3  deprecated LPM packages on Upgraded Linux Primary
Bug 983859 ZISD write operation may fail if System has both GPT and MBR drives
Bug 984207 After May 2016 Imaging Update  During Imaging Process - Screens Blank after 600 seconds
Bug 984385 Subscriptions are downloaded but metadata are not updated in database
Bug 984489 Satellite 11.4.2 they are getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace errors
Bug 984770 ZCC System Update page takes more than 30 min to load
Bug 984804 ZCM 11.4.2 Updater or ZENUpdateWatcher crashing when using pop up messages
Bug 984814 Warning messages in ZCC from disabled JoinProxy module.
Bug 984952 Settings defined in lpm-server.properties file are lost after updating to 11.4.2
Bug 985569 System Update Stuck at Download in ZCC 
Bug 985683 Remote Management agent - nzrWinVncApp.exe crashes while connecting
Bug 985791 heap dump in getEachAssignment threads
Bug 985955 Unable to Authorize/Deploy 11.4.2 Update if 'Post 11SP4 Update Prereq' update is deleted from 11.4.1 zone
Bug 986521 HP USB 3.0 to Gigabit LAN Adapter does not obtain IP Address with May 2016 Imaging Update
Bug 986877 need to fix zac help for linux cdp 
Bug 987658 May imaging update 2016 - Realtek USB nic driver not loaded
Bug 989625 FDEInit Error in GetActiveVolumeSetting (type h27)
Bug 991150 can't view system services on appliance after ftf RPC Communication Error
Bug 991278 UTC and random or pastdue start time may cause bundle to run twice
Bug 992007 Fails login:White Screen if USB device attached during boot
Bug 992645 Local Software Product detection failing if Product Name has copyright symbol 
Bug 993633 zcc unmanaged inventory device details should show guid
Bug 993745 ZDC reports missing indexes in database which are no longer needed
Bug 993823 Zenworks 11.4.x agent does not start when Citrix Desktop is installed in the same device.
Bug 995488 Security XSS and HTML injection vulnerability  in ZENworks Probe
Bug 997182 zeninfo files.html doesn't pick up ZAuthHandler.exe details
Bug 997794 Error restoring image with Tuxera enabled: Could not create linux hard link
Bug 997985 Device in USB Device Access Settings list becomes disabled
Bug 998241 Diagnostics ZENworks Process status incorrect for Java Threads in Critical range
Bug 998638 Local wallpaper does not  get restored since a not existing group policy wallpaper gets detected
Bug 999092 need to eliminate xquartz requirement
Bug 999153 Workstation Group Members by name not sorted in Alphabetical order
Bug 999192 Promethean Whiteboard (Active Pen) stops working after installing ZCM 11.4.2
Bug 1000216 System update fails to complete on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter Edition
Bug 1000913 Screen Rotation is in Incorrect Position on Mobile Devices using Remote Management
Bug 1001449 When using ZENworks Credential Manager the authentication call LCredMgr instead of ZenCredManager
Bug 1001548 Imaging engine has no network connectivity for HP Elite x2 1012 (problem with cdc_ether driver)
Bug 1001949 SLES12 (SP1) with ZENworks agent; /usr/lib/systemd/system/novell-zenupdater.service is marked executable
Bug 1001957 ZeUS quick task 'Reset Device' does not clear locationconfig cache folder
Bug 1002371 Deleting patch should prevent soft-delete cleanup of associated bundles if referenced by patch policy  alert with ZCC warning and also handle auto deleted patches
Bug 1002526 Agent Update 11.4.0 to 11.4.2 upgrade fails because off mismatch fde password
Bug 1002671 Create Directory Action Using the Credential Vault Fails when run using a Quick Task
Bug 1002748 ZCC exception when opening Restricted IP Addresses
Bug 1003001 Login is randomly not working 
Bug 1003177 No Inventory Scan Results with directories with the + symbol  as part of the name
Bug 1003437 ZCM Group Policy Tracking Registry Keys never cleared
Bug 1004036 Exception when ComplianceEngine reconciles products.
Bug 1004072 frequent hang/crash connection issues since 11.4.2 on workstations that use location proxy
Bug 1004336 Tuxera driver doesn't load when booting from bootcd in 64bit mode
Bug 1004379 Policy merging - Policy applied to folder is higher priority than policy applied to device
Bug 1004607 some patch module is writing to /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/tmp
Bug 1006050 Problems searching audit events with space character in the search string.
Bug 1006083 PPP adapter is not recognized for location awareness
Bug 1006099 On device network configuration change it takes at least 10 minutes before JoinProxy connection is reestablished
Bug 1007136 Samsung CJNB4R eMMC Drive on HP G3 not recognized with May 2016 Imaging Update
Bug 1007141 ZCC admin missing rights to manage groups or devices moved to different folder by another user
Bug 1007301 Imaging not working on Lenovo x260 NVME SSD
Bug 1007865 ISDTool.exe does not work in WinPE.
Bug 1008344 crashes in file transfer
Bug 1008579 Inaccurate Usage Data in Asset Management
Bug 1009133 NZRWinVNCApp crashing on startup  port not listening due to IpAccessControl in registry
Bug 1009295 nzrWinVNCApp.exe crashes on remote connection try
Bug 1009450 Help page modification for inventory only devices page to add GUID information
Bug 1009721 ZESService.exe causes high memory utilization
Bug 1009737 Appliance Online Update NCC registration fails with Status Code : 500 due to RPC Communication Error
Bug 1009799 Bundle Show Activity on User Login Event Fails to display
Bug 1009857 ZRS Inventory report returns bad data for CPU Count if cross tab not used
Bug 1010534 crash in CertificateActivator on agent
Bug 1010566 database blocking and bad performance since fix to bug 978304
Bug 1011141 Inventoried Device Listing Report shows no results
Bug 1011434 In Firefox browser  inactive ZCC buttons show active after hovering
Bug 1012676 Missing and Incorrect French Translation for ZRS
Bug 1012705 Softdelete fails to purge objects in MSSQL database (related to PATCH bundle dependencies)
Bug 1012953 importing a Linux bundle with zman bc fails when using full path
Bug 1013307 ZAPP NAL Window Auto Launches after Login after Device Boot
Bug 1013661 HP monitor (L1760) is not recognized by full inventory scan.
Bug 1013735 Full inventory scan does not recognize NVIDIA graphic card.
Bug 1013787 can't remove joinproxy role from primary
Bug 1014352 SLES 12 patch download getting 404 on SLES 12 SCC URL
Bug 1014449 User session goes unauthenticated after Windows returned a user session ID of 0
Bug 1015204 Img seg faults on Dell OptiPlex 5040
Bug 1015816 PBA authentication  then device goes into boot loop on HP 600
Bug 1015849 2017.1: SQLException  Only dates between January 1  1753 and December 31  9999 are accepted
Bug 1016300 TFTP replication not working on non-detectable Primary Server IP address
Bug 1016490 YUM repo created from SLES 11 SP4 Pool Bundle does not work if hosted on Windows Primary server
Bug 1016623 Obsolete cipher suite issue - clone for ZRS
Bug 1016677 3rd party imaging fails on reading ZISD
Bug 1017024 ZCC error when trying to include content to satellite for replication
Bug 1017125 Adding ZENworks 11.4 Appliance is failing with certificate error
Bug 1017417 Check for System Update throws 401 Unauthorized error
Bug 1017465 error in getAppDetails for one bundle should not prevent other bundles from showing in device assignments
Bug 1017842 MDM access control does not block URL which misses trailing slash
Bug 1017966 Join Proxy role is removed for primary server
Bug 1018319 Technician Application is grayed out when Policy Management is not installed
Bug 1018388 Segmentation fault after entering imaging server IP and when running img command on HP Stream G3 Laptop
Bug 1018563 Knowledge Base Files (Unmanaged Linux) are not getting assign to SLED 11 SP4 devices
Bug 1019301 registry key SetIconOnDesktop is notworking for Windows 10
Bug 1019421 zpa_iface crash
Bug 1019422 ZCM 11.4.2 Agent Becomes Mostly Comatose after a period of time.
Bug 1019835 Unable to login to ZENagent - invalid characters in last name
Bug 1019997 2017 Appliance Online Update Service : Unable to Register with Micro Focus Customer Center
Bug 1020175 ZENworks Diagnostic presenting execstack warning
Bug 1020316 Usage reports are empty when there is atleast one served usage data
Bug 1020384 zencollector scans mapped drives
Bug 1020572 Randomly after setting up devices they are getting the error 'ApplyFDEPolicy failed - PBAUsers -> ExecutePbaScript pba.pba  error: 0xffffffe7
Bug 1020700 inventory report search product fails to search auto-fill
Bug 1021218 ZESService.exe Memory Leak with Antex Electronics DMX-4 USB Mixer
Bug 1021509 Content on vertical screen is not shown correctly via remote connection
Bug 1021513 ZENworks 2017 Appliance ZCC hangs after a random period of time
Bug 1021903 MSI Properties in the Install MSI action are disappearing
Bug 1021911 Audit data purge failed for DA_ZESM_EFFECTIVEPOLICY
Bug 1022183 11.4.3 DB Migration from Sybase to Oracle fails due to  zZENObjectDelete_log table
Bug 1022291 Imaging not working Failed to connect to ZCM server at port 443. Error code: 12. Certificate doesn't verify
Bug 1022381 scientific linux doesn't automatically register when new subversion comes out
Bug 1022671 New device GUID not used and not stored in registry after regenerating GUID on IOA
Bug 1022731 'AssignmentService.GENERAL_EXCEPTION' are seen in services-messages.log when a user with invalid chars in lastname is logged in
Bug 1022812 Missing table 'zStageFolder'
Bug 1022854 no file upload helper for Mac
Bug 1023428 Folders created under Purchase Records are not sorted when 'Sort by PO' is used
Bug 1023578 500 error registering for online update due to missing clock file
Bug 1024089 Remote Management - degraded performance on dual screen environment after 11.4.X
Bug 1024144 zdc 2017 readme points to 11.3 doc
Bug 1024336 Applying Wrong imaging Driver updates
Bug 1024478 Catalina.out fills server due to CASA authtoken Timestamp expired
Bug 1024675 Only one DLU or other singular policy received by agent
Bug 1025103 Unable to save the system settings into local cache
Bug 1025504 Inventory created unwanted directory on Windows primary server
Bug 1025799 SU Stage Timeouts Error creates NullPointerException
Bug 1026547 ZCM Agent Loses Contact with Zone and does not even recover with System Updates
Bug 1026651 ZCC > Patch Management > Patch Policy are not all Patch Polices showing up
Bug 1027091 Deployment report for some bundle is not working
Bug 1027133 can't search on message string KB validation failed  inventory scan can't be started in any language
Bug 1027320 ZCC helper only works with FQN for file uploads  Remote Management  IconExtractor  GroupPolicy & Imaging
Bug 1027323 SWEET32 on 11.4.3
Bug 1027357 DB Restore script ZenworksLinuxDBRestore.sh broken for SLE 12 and missing  Audit steps
Bug 1027417 Dell BIOS information is incorrect with ZENCollector
Bug 1027861 After updating to 11.4.3 randomly Could not find item matching id GUID
Bug 1027871 MSI Properties in the Install Network MSI action are disappearing
Bug 1027912 include all files... option in MSI action does not take subfolder structure into account
Bug 1028095 Content replicates for the deleted bundle till content cleanup is triggered
Bug 1028334 Need assistance to modify a query to included Last contact time and Chassis type in complex sql query
Bug 1028512 Inventory Report feature does not work in ZCC
Bug 1028775 Errors processing Soft Deletes ORA-04091 ORA-06502 PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
Bug 1028851 Primary Server object fails to delete on Sybase database
Bug 1028915 End Process install action does not show progess in ZAPP
Bug 1029355 Imaging does not detect asset tag correctly
Bug 1030083 Registry Key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/NetWare/NAL/1.0/LastFolderName not implemented in ZENworks 2017
Bug 1030774 Inventory Only Agent throws Interactive Services Detection popup
Bug 1030942 Documentation :Deleting patch should prevent soft-delete cleanup of associated bundles if referenced by patch policy  alert with ZCC warning
Bug 1031153 Android devices cannot enroll to ZCM with an Internal-only DNS set up with an External alias DNS
Bug 1032396 resetting inventory import to no schedule still runs inventory import
Bug 1034781 content errors on satellites fix does not catch ZenCachePostponedException
Bug 1035089 ZPM DAU or Patch Agent bundle content not properly imported due to unique constraint in zContentSyncState
Bug 1036428 auto-generated baseline patch polices cannot be removed
Bug 1036500 Content replication issues due to soft delete failures
Bug 1036508 Content import/replication issues and apparently related to surplus content items
Bug 1037261 High CPU during Soft delete processing on MS SQL due to zDeviceWorkToDoInfo deadlock
Bug 1038145 zpm content server returns with limited contents to replicate to satellite with content type schedule