ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 - update information and list of fixes

  • 7018200
  • 27-Oct-2016
  • 25-Oct-2019


Micro Focus ZENworks Asset Management 2017
Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management 2017
Micro Focus ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 2017
Micro Focus ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 2017
Micro Focus ZENworks Mobile Management 2017
Micro Focus ZENworks Patch Management 2017


Note: Upgrading Primary Servers to ZENworks 2017 must be done with media, not via System Update.

The media is downloadable from

Existing upgrades contact NCC for download and keys:  https://www.novell.com/customercenter/app/home?execution=e1s1

The documentation for this release is available at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks2017/ .

Version Information:

File Path

GUID for this update:

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2017, check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version17.
ZENworks Asset Management Version17.0.0.118717.0.0.1187
ZENworks Patch Management Version17.0.0.73717.0.0.737
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version17.0.0.118717.0.0.1187
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version17.0.0.118717.0.0.1187
ZENworks Agent Version17.0.0.125217.0.0.1252
ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management
Bundle Management
Endpoint Security Management
Full Disk Encryption
Image Management
Inventory Management
Patch Management
Policy Management17.0.0.118217.0.0-
Remote Management17.0.0.118717.0.0-
User Management17.0.0.1187--


Bug 875049 Demographic Over/Under Allocation reports are not useful
Bug 880584 Bundle status doesn't help for mix of sandbox and published including Patch Policies
Bug 913367 Online document misses details on MS SQL Edition support
Bug 924116 ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded during deletePendingRecordsFromPatchDeviceStatus
Bug 940016 Need to document unmanaged inventory changes if primary is renamed or change address
Bug 952678 ZCM 11.4 Update does not re-apply to Managed Device if Agent Gets Downgraded due to re-imaging or other means
Bug 958775 Randomly user is not logged in in combination with Imprivata
Bug 962801 In a MacBook Pro OS X EL Zen Agent (icon) requires high performance GPU (Graphic Processor Unit).
Bug 963509 Jasper 56 appliance can't enable ssh
Bug 966779 Search Function fails on ZCM 11.4.1 if too many Groups in an AD OU
Bug 970068 Not able to get any object from parent zone
Bug 970428 ZCM 11.4 appliance updates not working through a proxy
Bug 970599 StaleStateExceptions and ConstraintViolationException: ORA-00001 during Licensed Product Compliance Calculation or Update
Bug 973289 Recommendations regarding ZENworks database
Bug 975905 Some parts from System update messages are not translated to German
Bug 976291 heap dump in getEachAssignment threads
Bug 979780 log errors for patch policy auto publish
Bug 980417 ZENworks Install Logs don't view in browser for Windows primary
Bug 980772 ZPM agent never prompts for reboot nor force reboot on OSX agent
Bug 983841 standalone system update for 11.4.2 fails on Standard Windows primary install
Bug 989089 "Manage Security Policies" help missing for policy rights
Bug 990090 Only the last page of the devices are assigned to bundle when there are multiple pages.
Bug 990410 Login is randomly not working
Bug 991235 Various issues with multizone subscription when publisher is behind NAT or having private IP addresses
Bug 991587 Loader throws null pointer error when processing location and effective security policy audit events
Bug 991958 Wrong German Translation in ZAM Report Date Details in ZCC
Bug 992067 Email Policy - In page help can be enhanced
Bug 994353 System Update: DE: Syntax error: word 'Aktusalisierung' should be 'Aktualisierung'
Bug 995500 Firewall & Port requirements need to be mentioned on APNS & GCM Configuration Pages
Bug 995519 On Chrome browser, Importing an iOS Bundle through ZCC fails
Bug 995745 uploading WinPE files 32/64 bit the file /srv/tftp/pxemenu.txt gets removed
Bug 997058 Document zcc helper support for multiple user install on terminal devices
Bug 997567 Adding a second primary to a new ZCM installation with external CA fails with certificate error
Bug 997570 Need shorthand to ZCC rights UI as well as rights help
Bug 998048 OCZ and Kingston Drives not showing in hardware information inventory
Bug 1001458 MS SQL High utilization
Bug 1002509 bundle status doesn't help for mix of sandbox and published including Patch Policies
Bug 1003087 Documentation needs to be updated with steps to update SLES 12 to SLES 12 SP1
Bug 1003191 Inventory Scan case sensitive with French install
Bug 1003949 Install Directory - Must contain at least one file content
Bug 1004590 selection of postgres during install/setup does not warn about experimental support
Bug 1004595 cifs-utils rpm missing on 2017 but is there on 11.4 appliance
Bug 1004597 can't view services in appliance console admin error 500
Bug 1004599 novell-zenworks-configure does not start zenworks service
Bug 1004908 readme for PRU should have version
Bug 1005631 Thin Client bundle action has no option to set user domain name
Bug 1005922 zdc_verifyDB does not work
Bug 1006337 Failed ZENworks 11 SP4 Upgrade to ZENworks 2017
Bug 1006434 ZAPP Icons not sorted
Bug 1007260 PostgreSQL ERROR: out of shared memory
Bug 1008072 Start bar icon not showing proper menu items
Bug 1008566 problems online doc what's new
Bug 1009507 EUP Login failing with java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParser
Bug 1010860 ZENUpdater crashes while upgrading ZENworks Server via system update
Bug 1010913 Some documentation strings need to be updated for ZENworks 2017 release
Bug 1011437 Portable Client generated with duplicated alias.kb
Bug 1011677 Appliance update, ZENworks License ‘You must provide the license key for ZAM because the license state of ZAM is Active in the zone’
Bug 1011898 ZAPP.exe does not have an FileVersion
Bug 1011923 German Translation error in Mobile Device Control Policy
Bug 1011930 wrong German translation Enrollment Policy Un-enrollment Settings > “Ausgewähltes Gerät “
Bug 1012004 During an update, in the ZENworks License screen there is no possibility to enter ZENWorks Suite license
Bug 1012058 New Active sync server no user source, Test Authentication always successful
Bug 1012528 Update Permission Prompt has mixed German and English text and English buttons
Bug 1012577 Bundle Import with ZCC fails.
Bug 1012578 App language in iOS bundle summary page has keys instead of values
Bug 1012583 Bundle import via ZCC fails
Bug 1012660 ZENworks Desktop and ZAPP Icons no long appear different installed vs not installed
Bug 1013022 Java installed with zenworks agent will not be used to launch ZCC Helper
Bug 1013338 GCM configuration fails with newer firebase key due to 64 character length restriction
Bug 1013601 Assignment Optimization is not working with new devices in the zone
Bug 1013696 DLU does not remove Role from a group
Bug 1014130 Android app installation is failed with error 505 on Samsung G900F
Bug 1014156 OCZ and Kingston hard Drive manufacture information is not being shown in the inventory report
Bug 1014193 CPU details are inconsistent with AMD processor
Bug 1014319 Randomly, after the ZCM Agent update there is one more reboot