ZENworks 2020 Update 2 - information and list of fixes

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  • 08-Jun-2021
  • 09-Sep-2021


ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 2
ZENworks Asset Management 2020 Update 2
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 2020 Update 2
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 2020 Update 2
ZENworks Patch Management 2020 Update 2


Note: Upgrading Primary Servers to ZENworks 2020 Update 2 must be done with media, not via System Update.

The media is downloadable from Micro Focus Software and License Download (SLD)

The documentation for this release is available at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020-update-2/

Version Information:

File Path

GUID for this update:  5020020000fc50000000002021080115

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2020, check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version20.
ZENworks Asset Management Version20.2.0.99020.2.0.990
ZENworks Patch Management Version20.2.0.99020.2.0.990
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version20.2.0.99020.2.0.990
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version20.2.0.99020.2.0.990
ZENworks Agent Version20.2.0.99020.2.0.990
ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management
Bundle Management
Endpoint Security Management
Full Disk Encryption
Image Management
Inventory Management
Patch Management
Policy Management20.2.0.99020.2.0-
Remote Management20.2.0.99020.2.0-
User Management20.2.0.990--


Bug 34088 After ZENworks 2020 was applied the update ZENworks 2017 UP4 FRU1 got baselined
Bug 42076 ZCM 2020.1 Helper causes many RC issues with 17.4.1 Devices in 17.4.1 Zone
Bug 42097 Errors in audit pruning new install with Oracle
Bug 44084 Windows 10 MDM fails if ipv6 disabled Error while getting the MDM device :: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value can not be null for IPAddress
Bug 48008 Update 1 Custom Patch detection changes is not backward compatible on older agents
Bug 50017 ZCC doesn't show proper status for most disabled patches
Bug 53002 rights of the folder /etc/opt/novell/zenworks are changing during update
Bug 54001 ZDC 20.1 reports multiple mismatches and extra tables on Postgres
Bug 58001 Server Certificate Waiting after Upload
Bug 60001 ZDC Primary Server System Information should include SP info  Appliance and Product details 
Bug 60012 Vertica import after 23 hours still not finished
Bug 62003 Missing Cascade delete on fk_nc_netw_networkdeviceadfoid fails to delete deployable devices in ZCC
Bug 62022 Patch policy rebuild randomly fails due to zpatchpolicysignaturemap_pkey fails to insert duplicate sequence id - Postgres
Bug 62023 ZENworks login fails under Terminal Server /RDS Environment with AD/Edir Realms
Bug 69015 Unable to Install 2020 Appliance on any supported Oracle version using existing user schema
Bug 75008 Windows Collection Satellite missed content replication setting for new SU 20.x content
Bug 75010 Patch device rights to deploy patch remediation for non SA is broken for 2020 or higher
Bug 75011 Appliance migration should enforce case insensitive Zone administrator username  for PostgreSQL
Bug 75012 Unable to remint or renew CA/Server Certs until previous Cert task is not baselined or cleared for pending devices
Bug 83003 Linux bundle Install Directory action , does not process copy if does not exist option correctly
Bug 84012 GroupWise client fails to communicate a password change with a collaboration SSO.
Bug 84238 InvalidOperationException during shutdown not handled well
Bug 84242 No error on Copy Relationships shown to ZCC admin, and no ability to continue on failure - requirement of showing individual failure
Bug 84293 Technician Application > ZENworks Server Properties are not updated
Bug 84314 External Certificates isn't labeled Active Certificate Authority in ZCC - cosmetic only
Bug 84332 iOS Assignments not flowing down to device from ZSD App Store
Bug 84342 Imaging network interface not detected on Dell Latitude 7400 with August 2019 Imaging Update
Bug 84351 Prevent assigning system update to primary server when media upgrade is required
Bug 84352 zman zenserver restore - zsr - restores three zpm files as read-only on Windows primary server. Causes issues during system update cleanup of %zenworks_home%\temp
Bug 84354 ZENworks 2020 schema upgrade fails if the SQL server and Audit database COLLATION does not match
Bug 84368 Booting into PXE corrupts the GPT partition of SLES15 or OES2018 devices
Bug 84369 status 2.0 processing fails with invalid hex
Bug 84371 Dynamic Admin cleanup fails to run without windows login / desktop
Bug 84373 Audit events does not honor DST changes and displays older events 1 hour off
Bug 84378 error deleting CertificateActivatorModule.dll bak files
Bug 84383 Unable to Remote Control Via Join Proxy if >30 AlternateHostName Entries in ZEUS Cache
Bug 84390 ZENworks 2020 - zenloader out of memory
Bug 84394 Bundle Add-on Image files do not get properly deleted
Bug 84395 show progress on mac doesn't pop to foreground
Bug 84397 Unable to upload msi with accompanying install files
Bug 84402 Missing CA certs in zCertificateEx table.
Bug 84403 ZK role migration steps needs to be corrected for adding new primary and removing old
Bug 84406 ZeUS on Linux Primary w/ Wildcard Cert fails to update SU status -  Alt hostname verification fails
Bug 85077 Erroneous Behavior with Pinning to Start Menu
Bug 85208 Randomly ZAPP not starting - no Z-icon or ZAPP window shown
Bug 85254 ZAPP Window not aligned when fully maximised
Bug 85260 SU  status changes to ERROR after Update 4 applied due to recurring download schedule
Bug 85272 Enhancing JDBC url to include Oracle Data Guard
Bug 85296 not able to launch a file from a DFS when DAU and credentials vault are used
Bug 85297 Agent remote management service no recovery
Bug 85318 Unable to Download Newly Created Content in ZCM 11.4.3 Zone
Bug 85326 PRU content gets deleted before the PRU can apply
Bug 85327 Kernel panic with August 2019 imaging driver update
Bug 85351 (Media Release)Cannot Migrate Appliance 2017 to 2020 (2nd Disk issue and license page stuck)
Bug 85364 ZEUS Listens on Port 5000 and is unconfigurable
Bug 85365 SNMP discovery with multiple ranges fails randomly but frequently
Bug 85368 Need to backup CA private key after remint
Bug 85371 Web Usage for Google Chrome not collecting consistently
Bug 85373 ZMAN ZSB Logs password in clear text
Bug 85374 ZMAN ZSM needs the ability to confirm password
Bug 85377 ZMAN in service mode is not providing the correct results
Bug 85378 Appliance migration to ZENworks 2020 fills up appliance OS disk - disk out of space - failed migration
Bug 85382 Group Policy handler crashes on agent start
Bug 85386 Imaging work detected by PXE's NBP, but not later on by WinPE engine
Bug 85390 CertActivator needs to to be able to prevent immediate agent restart
Bug 85392 ZAPP not coming up randomly
Bug 85399 Satellite Inventory collection rollup process intermittently timed out for random files throwing WebException
Bug 85401 EnableTraditionalUpdate reg breaks ZeUS Version and Last Contact status ZCC feature for 20.0 Agent
Bug 85407 Inventory pruning procedure  unable to cleanup NC_SoftwareComp table due to incorrect truncate partitioning function
Bug 85422 Unicode Filename Translation Failure with inventory scan (unicode character)
Bug 85423 Doc changes for Upgrading ZENworks 2017 Appliance OS from SLES 12 SP1 to SLES 12 SP3
Bug 85425 Non-Super Admins unable to Remote Control via DMZ if LDAP Source inaccessible to DMZ
Bug 85426 NCC registration is not used anymore in the backend
Bug 85429 DB migration tool doesn't support ZCM 2020 Update 1
Bug 85534 ZDC Mismatch in table 'baselinegrouppatchsignature' structure
Bug 85586 UseProxyForRoles not honored by Remote Management
Bug 86258 MS Surface Pro 4 - Imaging stops working after upgrade to 17.3
Bug 86266 QuickTask Refresh Device random time method algorithm consistently set high
Bug 86283 Bundle export with zman misreads quotes in Run Script action and wrongly exports to export xml
Bug 86301 New Win 10 Devices Showing Enrollment Pending
Bug 86319 Valve logging doc step needs to consider asyncSupported parameter
Bug 86328 For Mobile Quick Tasks, quick task queue handler should not fallback to Non-MDM server if MDM servers are not reachable.
Bug 86342 After a failed upgrade to 2020, restarting the upgrade references version 11.1
Bug 86344 zac retr causes status with invalid user guid ('last full refresh' not actual in ZCC)
Bug 86349 Unable to control device via Intel AMT
Bug 86366 SU status page shows Error on FTF Rollup 1 Updated failed missing pre-requisite, and prepare could not be done
Bug 86368 Bundle and group deletes taking way too long in ZCC
Bug 86374 JoinProxyID value is not Cleared from ZDEVICE when device does not have JoinProxy
Bug 86376 Change in DHCP Discover Packet causes MS DHCP Server to fail in reconsiling the dhcp request.
Bug 86377 NCC registration fails with "Connection reset"
Bug 86387 launch exe bundle action wait for xx seconds does not wait
Bug 86388 Install Network MSI bundle action does not work over authenticated network share  using  dynamic administrator
Bug 86389 2020 Agent Status Indicator takes longer to load than 2017 due to ZeUS status QT combined
Bug 86394 Location response cannot be processed if shared NE exists between more than one assigned locations
Bug 86397 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Continuous Release Version  2020.009.20063 not recognized
Bug 86415 Unable to configure or add or remove Kafka broker for External CA zone and command  hangs
Bug 86533 Customers need clear doc on vendor applications and platform specific URLs under firewall requirements
Bug 87132 CA remint system update premature baseline
Bug 87247 ZCC admin missing rights to manage groups or devices moved to different folder by another user
Bug 87286 WOL fails when sent to large group of devices
Bug 87302 Mouse pointer disappears when Change Password form appears at agent login.
Bug 87321 Not able to search in the ZCC in the system messages
Bug 87331 Multiple Postgres DB migration issues while using db-migration-tool 1.0
Bug 87332 Imaging through Dell WD19 docking station fails
Bug 87335 Add Server to Large Device Group Slower if ZCC is set to View 1000 Devices instead of 10
Bug 87340 ZEN 2020 Appliance Migration fails  on checkUnsupportedDevices MS-SQL query for MAC devices
Bug 87358 Microsoft Project 2016 and 2019 reporting as Microsoft Project 2002 Unknown in inventory
Bug 87363 ZMAN betf is not exporting system variables
Bug 87365 DAU User Profiles do not get cleaned up if they contain the workstation name
Bug 87376 frequent loss of localstore in zeninfo due to exception in another log folder
Bug 87377 critically high utilization and excessive connections on cert remint in scaled environment
Bug 87383 invalid audit event from copy relationships "Delete all existing group memberships of the target devices." shows add not remove
Bug 87388 Primary servers w/IPv6 enabled are unable to update certs
Bug 87389 POLICYHANDLERS.PrinterPolicy.UserDeamonNotFound Unable to get the user deamon while enforcing printer policy. Printer Policy may only be partially enforced
Bug 87391 UDP forwarder payload needs to include Zen Object Names for System Messages
Bug 87392 system update error in CreateOrUpdateOpaqueDataConfigureAction
Bug 87393 Windows 10 Virtual Desktop not identified for registration after externalizing ostargets.
Bug 87394 Adding/Removing New Primary Servers for Zone Content Replication fails to include/exclude  all ACOs
Bug 87395 2020 upgrade : Installation of novell-zenworks-primary-agent- failed
Bug 87397 ZAC not able to check privileges given to Linux ldap based user
Bug 87400 Incorrect Warning when Creating Location in the ZCC without an Authentication Server
Bug 87402 New Primary server install should stop right away if user source user is used for Administrator
Bug 87403 Bundle fails to run when device is disconnected from Internet.
Bug 87404 initial-web-service refresh doesn't use first config primary from rule
Bug 87420 ZCC helper unable to upload exe file under Install executable bundle action if using upper EXE
Bug 87426 Unable to deploy additional certificate to Android device
Bug 87428 Unable to enable SSL for 20.1  Linux Collection Satellite 
Bug 87430 Tech App on Sat doesn't display Collection Port used to show SSL/non-SSL setting like other roles.(Windows Agents)
Bug 87450 MSI action with "Include all files in and below the directory of this file" is not working on Windows primary server with ZENworks 2020 UP1
Bug 87454 BSOD on 2012 R2 Primary Server caused by ZESService.exe due to conflict with Trend Micro DSA
Bug 87522 ZCC PatchManagement shows incorrect headings in the Dashboard
Bug 87531 Patch policy Patches tab should explain the default patched count restricted 500 devices under Relationship
Bug 87547 ZEN Patch management statement on Windows 7 Extended Support patches from Microsoft
Bug 87561 Tech App on Sat doesn't display Collection Port used to show SSL/non-SSL setting like other roles.
Bug 87601 drill into device hotlist complinace link gives error in ZCC, can't follow link
Bug 88175 Unable to configure Kafka broker using srkab  due to kafka store/zookeeper data corruption
Bug 88177 zman srvcc command  to configure vertica cluster fails and not re-runnable to perform cluster install action
Bug 88194 Confusing version information in loader logs when entering system update license
Bug 88203 ActiveSync enrollment fails when using Nine Work e-mail app
Bug 88204 Disabled Action fails Bundle
Bug 88255 error in ZDC cleaninvalidinventory for MSSQL after LH to U1
Bug 88273 FDE and ZESM are not updated on 2020
Bug 89316 Passive mode login fails with Shared Secret
Bug 90187 Vertica DB Migration runs forever for Cluster configured on low resources and does not finish gracefully
Bug 90274 Cannot use quicktask to unlock iOS13 devices
Bug 90279 no remote control option for zenworks preagent installer -b
Bug 91161 Unable to add VPP token when previous token with NULL location exists in the database
Bug 91191 zman dgcs fails on additional Primaries for embedded PG database -  FileNotFoundException
Bug 92069 Scientific Linux 7.7 and later support
Bug 92084 FDE agent events are not recorded in Audit
Bug 92098 readme has invalid info for joinproxy
Bug 92134 Can't view scheduled reports results when admin who created them is deleted - but they remain in the database
Bug 92140 ZCM ZooKeeper Vulnerability  38780
Bug 92153 pg_dump: error while loading shared libraries: libpq.so.5
Bug 92154 Takes very long to remove a device assignment close to the top level
Bug 92167 Patch device rights to deploy patch remediation for non SA (ZENworks 2020 or higher) additionally need Device Rights for Target Device Folder
Bug 93018 zdc ZenDatabase Extra Information with mssql
Bug 93023 inventory report full rights don't allow admin to view scheduled reports
Bug 93062 Unable to create APNS CSR - ZCC should throw Valid Error message , and document unsupported Characters
Bug 94008 Bundle names containing comma are not displayed correctly in a bundle group member list.
Bug 94027 ZENPreagent is crashing randomly during installation
Bug 94035 doc references to pg_dump need to document export ld_library_path
Bug 98121 Log novell-zenworks-xplatzmd.out on satellite grows to huge sizes after 20.1 upgrade
Bug 98134 Error message on user screen during refresh: Unable to uninstall bundle <bundlename>. Uninstall is not enabled for this bundle
Bug 98162 Bootstrap entries failing on 17.3 to 20.1 upgrade on Latitude 5500 and Latitude 7400 machines
Bug 98180 Qualsys ID 11827 - HTTP Security Header Not detected on port 7444
Bug 99077 ConstraintViolationException on Workstation Object when running zman wret (workstation-retire)
Bug 101082 Excessive System messages from ZENloader into /var/log/messages should be controlled
Bug 101120 zman command executed as non-root user throws Java Exceptions in 20.1.
Bug 101139 Deleting a Bundle from the ZCC getting the following exception ORA-04091: table ZENADMIN.ZPATCHPOLICYSIGNATUREMAP is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
Bug 101154 DB migration Tool - Oracle to Ext Postgres fails on 20.1 due to incorrect target DB Location
Bug 102007 Incorrect bundle behavior with Install Directory action when folders with special Hungarian chars, uploaded without Compression and Encryption
Bug 102045 When entering a non-existing path for zman db  it will never finish and creates messages in a loop
Bug 103035 Numerous db discrepancies with ZDC 20.1 and MS SQL
Bug 103037 Can't get license expiration date from ZCC or zman for ZCM licenses
Bug 103050 ZPM Vulnerability schedule for new devices set "on device refresh" while zone setting has custom Vulnerability schedule
Bug 104046 ZCC shows older installed packages for Windows server
Bug 104065 Post-2020.1: 2 ZCC Servers are maxed on CPU/Memory when issues reported by Admins due to LDAP Prefetch
Bug 104076 Error while attempting to find the existing baselines for the group -- java.math.BigInteger cannot be cast to java.math.BigDecimal
Bug 105016 file separator wrong in satellite content cleanup debug logging
Bug 105042 Appliance WebConsole Start/Stop services doesn't include Join Proxy
Bug 105061 Appliance migration fails if second appliance doesn't resolve first appliance shortname
Bug 105065 Allow configurable delay for patch scan on device startup if snoozelist has Analyze pending
Bug 107015 Location based awareness to enable and disable the WIFI not working
Bug 107026 Logrotate not functioning properly
Bug 109003 ZDC needs to check /usr/share/java to report  any missing or inconsistent files for CASA and identity-abstraction libraries
Bug 115005 ZCC Diagnostics Zookeeper is showing that the cluster is down
Bug 115032 Fix for Bug 1149378  caused scroll bars to become present in some dialog boxes unintentionally
Bug 115033 20.1 ZDC report strawberry perl missing files on Windows Server Primary
Bug 115068 tomcat.temp.cleanup doesn't run on all Windows primaries
Bug 117043 soft delete stuck in I status after service restart, never completes
Bug 117063 Qualys network scan causes Preboot service (pbserv) to crash
Bug 118036 MDM Access Control List not working
Bug 120025 2020 upgrade doc has bad syntax for chmod
Bug 120027 ZEN imaging issues with blank AssetTag
Bug 120044 After removing Vertica cluster , ZK service fails to startup due to  NullPointerException fetching Roles Data
Bug 121064 novell-zenworks-configure StartService persists -Z and system update may apply force when not expected
Bug 121094 ReportAnalyzeModule uploads collection files to parent Primary Server instead of Collection Server of the device
Bug 122012 logrotate not working for /var/log/messsages filling up disk on Appliance server
Bug 122030 Configure the timeout for checking if the ZCC helper is installed
Bug 123004 Applying the userbranding policy throwing an error
Bug 124007 Not able to run from multiple desktop sessions, Remote Control sessions
Bug 126005 Status messages throwing an error “ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000”
Bug 130011 Consolidated FTF for OCTCR40D122012,OCTCR40D101082 and OCTCR40D107026
Bug 130013 MDM not able to import the google-services.json file
Bug 131010 Unable to Specify Proper Powershell.exe path for Local Powershell Scripts
Bug 133003 Owner Name being used for Login name instead logged in user
Bug 134007 When the device is creating a new guid information is log logged correctly
Bug 134010 zdc mismatches on Oracle 2020.1
Bug 134073 ZEService is crashing randomly
Bug 134099 check for cpu speed Invalid processor Warning during system update (vm) misleading
Bug 137019 Appliance SuSE-Firewall was not properly updated
Bug 137064 randomly json files in the compliance folder are not processed
Bug 137107 ZCM 17.4.1a | PostgreSQL DB -> Error when renewing a contract
Bug 138098 Residual Sybase DB Removal
Bug 142029 Zenworks 2020 Appliance last SP: Exception Apple and ZENLib...
Bug 143036 NCC registration is not used anymore in the backend
Bug 143059 Patch dashboard rights lost when defined as role with other rights defined and assigned to administrator group
Bug 144003 Unable to enroll Samsung A51 devices
Bug 144004 err.log has zone administrator password in cleartext
Bug 144030 when rotating zman log files the file rights and owner are changed
Bug 144042 Copy if Different Option for Install File or Copy File action always appear to replace the file
Bug 170020 2020 New Feature of "Show Meaningful Activity for a Bundle on a Device" causing unwanted attention
Bug 171035 ZCC Bundle System requirements for custom ostargets Big Sur revert to Leopard
Bug 172092 Status 2.0 NullPointerException processing status 2.0 files - last Full Refresh not updated
Bug 176082 ZAPP 20.1 agent doesn't display verify dialog during bundle repair. This is a change from 17.4 agent.
Bug 178059 Cosmetic: Code text mispelled "Inisde"
Bug 178090 Deleting User Disabled Superceded cached patch shows as enabled on subscription Update
Bug 178164 zeninfo xplat doesn't collect zicon.out, zicon.err or zenicon.log
Bug 178188 USB Not Blocking on 17.4.1 FRU
Bug 180052 ZCC Error Screen Gives 404 Error Msg to check ZCC.LOG if ZEN Server cannot connect to Main or Audit DB but ZCC.log lacks details on error
Bug 180072 Frequent Blocking in Oracle during Inventory Processing for Certain SW products
Bug 180087 Linux imaging 'img' incorrectly detects nvme drive size on Dell Latitude 5310
Bug 181027 Filter “Device-ZeUS Last Contact Time” from Group Membership in Dynamic Workstation Group does not list devices devices.
Bug 183001 Enhance appliance SSH key strength
Bug 184036 PSV in Endpoint Security
Bug 186020 Authentication with Kerberos not handling changed passwords off network
Bug 187101 Linux imaging can't restore Windows 10 20H2 image on smaller drive
Bug 187107 BSOD after updating to ZENworks 2020 UP1
Bug 187169 status 2.0 scale issue, not processing files quickly
Bug 187209 00696271-ORA-12899: value too large for column "ZCM_PROD_DBZENWORKS_CORE"."NC_SERIALPORT"."LOGICALNAME" (actual: 5, maximum: 4)
Bug 188025 No ability to disable automatic cached zenlogin when windows login was cached AD
Bug 188095 Quick Task - Change Hostname breaks Domain Joined PCs
Bug 188150 Machine fails to boot to windows after chkdsk with FDE installed (win10 20h2)
Bug 188221 Subscribe and Share Reference documentation missing details on expected behavior for Option Settings
Bug 189040 ZENworks 2020 U1 | Contract notification sends email after 10min instead after every month
Bug 189059 status 2.0 ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 processing zPatchStatusParams
Bug 189084 Windows 10 MDM Enrollment does not honor CUSTOM_OS TARGETS
Bug 189137 Not able to renew the APNS certificate
Bug 189164 Failed device.assignments.status Queue tasks on Bundle/patch status procedures due to missing devices
Bug 189170 QuickTask Refresh Device random time method algorithm consistently set high
Bug 189171 Reminting Expired Primary Server Cert  SSL configure action fails with several errors
Bug 191035 PSV in Configuration Management
Bug 191073 need to document joinproxy Remote Control in DMZ
Bug 215045 need to document how to tell if a patch is quarantined
Bug 215049 Documentation: Limited Administrators unable to Remote Control Devices through the Join Proxy
Bug 218005 ZENloader status processing fails for PatchStatusRetriever due to Objectguids query params exceeding  2100 count on MS SQL
Bug 220038 AD GPO deployed through ZENworks reports event ID 1085 in system event viewer
Bug 220039 add ignored differences for ZDC

Additional Information

2020.2 version of ZRS (ZENworks Reporting Service 7.8 update will be delivered as part of the appliance online updates.  For more information see https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020-update-2/zen_zr_appliance/data/t4gd2zbi7o4j.html