ZENworks 2020 Update 1 - information and list of fixes

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  • 02-Apr-2020
  • 29-Dec-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 1
ZENworks Patch Management 2020 Update 1
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 2020 Update 1
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 2020 Update 1


Version Information:

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GUID for this update:  5020010000fc50000000002020060300

Link to "ZENworks 2020 Update 1 (20.1.0)" Download:  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=GzltT9Fsx8w~
Link to "ZENworks 2020 Update 1 (20.1.0) ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file" Download:  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=BTSaz73-zzk~
Link to "ZENworks 2020 Update 1 Agent Cleanup Utility" Download: https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=f17xXFf9B6I~ 

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2020 Update 1, check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version

ZENworks Asset Management Version20.1.0.341

ZENworks Patch Management Version

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version

ZENworks Agent Version

ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices:

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management

Bundle Management



Endpoint Security Management

Full Disk Encryption

Image Management


Inventory Management



Patch Management



Policy Management


Remote Management


User Management



Bug 1009005 ZECP policy setting to manage Z-Icon Change Password
Bug 1054550 Content replication to satellite or content caching on agent  fails because tmp content file is 1 or 2 bytes larger than expected
Bug 1058275 ZENworks 2017 UP1 was applied to the zone and got in error state - disk space on second download
Bug 1061478 PBA Login Screen too small on Surface Pro. Request to be able to modify resolution.
Bug 1085178 Encryption fails to start with error Crypto complete: error code -1 (progress 0%).
Bug 1094709 Google Chromium GPO /blacklist/ prevent ZAPP from start
Bug 1098723 Encryption fails to start with 6TB drive
Bug 1105698 Android zen app doesn't show version in help/about
Bug 1108591 "Error deleting 1 device" when removing Primary Server from Server Hierarchy
Bug 1109366 CA remint fails on server DNS Name components starting with numbers
Bug 1109715 ZAPP Branding Title Bar Min/Max/Close undetectable with White color settings
Bug 1110178 Network environments are losing configured parameters
Bug 1113359 Localizer exception processing CA cert in zac iac
Bug 1117537 Configure Action to clean Orphaned System Update Contents from DB
Bug 1118176 Seamless login not working in new installs of Windows 10 build 1803
Bug 1120083 If Policy is not enforced because Secure Boot Manager is not the Primary Boot Manager, Policy Status should state this
Bug 1122027 ORA-02291 and 01400 errors in inventory logs
Bug 1123125 Make CaseInsensitiveAdminSearch true by default - so ZCC admin login is case insensitive on PostgreSQL
Bug 1124381 Randomly Tier-2 Content Satellites shows  incorrect size for Content Repo under Agent properties
Bug 1124860 no audit event for SuperAdmin rights given when "Same As I have" used"
Bug 1125642 Bundle registry edit action dialog spinner never stops even though registry export completes
Bug 1126382 Wrong action name shown when open 'Registry Edit' action
Bug 1128414 QT with no expiry option fails to cleanup QT assignments in DB for statuscode < 300
Bug 1128500 iOS An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0xc) was found in the element content of the document (French App)
Bug 1130259 Corrupt/Blank DeploymentResult.xml does not self heal
Bug 1131589 can't link contract to dummy device
Bug 1132149 failure to update parentuid after device move
Bug 1132639 ZAPP as shell does not allow minimize or move of ZAPP window
Bug 1132917 Lumension servlet on diagnostics page
Bug 1132923 zenupdate fails if wmi broken getServiceProcessId
Bug 1133998 Primary workstation showing retired/lost devices instead actual primary workstation for users
Bug 1134280 No logic for processing remaining pending content
Bug 1134370 Lost/retired systems showing as logged in
Bug 1134386 zcc.log files logging configurations not inherited from ZCC > Local Device logging for Primaries
Bug 1134644 no recovery for missing activation files and log is wrong about steps to take
Bug 1134923 ZCC slow when loading DeviceList  and WorkstationList pages
Bug 1135240 CA Remint Tool won't finish on device, retries on SU service after Certificate Update got baselined
Bug 1135511 Need to Update Default GPO Reapply Settings
Bug 1136779 Quick Tasks are not expiring in their intended time frame
Bug 1137969 Setting Requirements filter in DLU policy throws error when using ZCC in German
Bug 1138493 Multiple zenrequestvalve logs are created under tomcat logs without any configuration done
Bug 1138844 zman setf --effective does not export inherited variables
Bug 1138912 Policy status is not updated after it failed the system requirement first time
Bug 1139173 ZAPP log Timestamp doesn't have zero padding
Bug 1139199 Server Upgrade Notification Window small
Bug 1139663 ZDC displays External Database when actually internal database
Bug 1139745 Mouse and Keyboard not working during PBA for HP Spectre Pro X360 G2
Bug 1139779 Inconsistent search options in ZCC, no wildcard support within group search
Bug 1139979 Certificate verification fails as the Server Cert Subject does not verify against ZEN Server Alt DNS names
Bug 1140917 JoinProxy consuming connections and threads beyond limit leading to crash
Bug 1141109 Inventory Only FilesList_C.txt grows until disk is full
Bug 1141542 some ZCC message pages wrap date values
Bug 1141906 patches showing for OES servers base OS
Bug 1142519 Support for distributing B2B Custom Apps in ZENworks 2017
Bug 1142923 Bundles with credential vault actions or Location requirements fail to replicate between zones
Bug 1143470 Setting Storage Device Control CD/DVD access to Read Only disables Kingston Authentication Prompt
Bug 1143874 confusing screen for patch email setup
Bug 1144098 when zmessageparam contains 'Hidden string' the message is not seen for some errors
Bug 1144381 Device Registration Failure - IP Range Classes are different, hence can't search
Bug 1144727 Only debug mode launches the GUI PBA
Bug 1144730 zeninfo on linux should pick up relevant /etc/*release files
Bug 1145954 xplat agent MAC preinstall dialog displays for 2 hours instead of defined from settings
Bug 1145968 Appliance UI should allow configuring NIO port maxConnections parameter under ZENworks Configuration > Basic tab
Bug 1146226 Import registry - String index out of range: -1
Bug 1146331 Imported bundle uses "Display Name" as its name
Bug 1146342 Imported bundle corrupts accented characters in the "ZENworks Explorer Folder Path" field"
Bug 1146437 Detailed Inventory device report still taking too long to load
Bug 1148349 Zone subscription switching between https and http
Bug 1148790 iOS 13 issues
Bug 1148875 Image Explorer corrupts date and contents of some files from WinPE made zmg image
Bug 1149022 zeus available DNS name url list wrong port for alt port primary
Bug 1149614 Not able to rebuild Patch Policy with more than a certain limit of patches
Bug 1149851 can't delete a custom patch
Bug 1149852 Deleting a subscription feed patch whose bundle has >1 version leaves @Version bundles in ZCC
Bug 1150358 DHCP option 82 is not handled in the PDHCP server
Bug 1150731 Exceptions when storing collector products
Bug 1150784 All ZCM 17.4.1 Explorer Configuration Policies generate errors on all 17.3 devices
Bug 1150889 Event ID 57405 is flooding the Operational  event view
Bug 1151513 Unable to import ACL's from another FW Policy
Bug 1151734 Scheduled reports can't control which primary runs them
Bug 1151962 queue action license.info.storer.id marked as failed
Bug 1152151 Operating System search in ZCC missing latest iOS versions
Bug 1152164 loader-messages.log showing stack trace in Loader.Zone Enabled Components
Bug 1152455 Error parsing HTTP request header - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in method name
Bug 1152541 Inventory duplicate serial number reports should not say windows only
Bug 1152733 Administrator random loss of Frequently used shortcuts prior to 5 day expiration
Bug 1152832 DoConnectionRoundRobin causes ZCC to use incorrect LDAP Servers
Bug 1153339 Random BSOD when device wakes up from standby on new location
Bug 1153369 'Device is Retired' inventory report field is inaccurately named
Bug 1153776 xplat agent MAC preinstall dialog runs both on distribute and install
Bug 1154097 Could not parse certificate validity when using 10 year server cert during install
Bug 1154245 patch subscription page shows incorrect Subscription Host
Bug 1154588 When reminting server cert, ZCC Certificate page gets stuck with a spinning wheel
Bug 1154904 Copy Relationship Wizard allows Server Objects to be added to Device Workstation Groups
Bug 1155111 Deploy remediation - custom text used as -prompt before install- not displayed after snooze period ended
Bug 1155471 Deployment wizard has option to prompt before download
Bug 1155495 Caching patch fails for patch names > 100 characters long when signature cache is missing the pls
Bug 1155603 sysreq status not being processed and not being deleted from status 2.0
Bug 1155967 Lenovo T480 not encrypting-System.ArgumentException
Bug 1156066 Network environment created with DNS Resolution using "Any IP address" fails to load in Oracle
Bug 1156229 modify folder is automatically added when device rights create/delete is set
Bug 1156314 Not able to apply 2017 UP4 FRU1 with shared content repo
Bug 1156664 Lenovo Laptop random blackscreen after being locked for a long time
Bug 1156682 Several Patches in "Queued"  Cached status cannot be processed since  patches marked as disabled superseded
Bug 1156702 Inventory Report with Postgres exception storing report
Bug 1156822 Mismatches in ZESM_CertInformation  and tg_zDEPDevice_del after 2020 upgrade MS SQL
Bug 1156909 External Services Policy appends '/suse/setup/descr/directory.yast' to URL
Bug 1157165 ZENworksWindowsService.exe crashes on Laptop Undock
Bug 1157398 Can't get license when proxy is set with authentication
Bug 1157399 ZCC In Folder path for Devices  Bundles or Groups is broken and shows additional "~" characters
Bug 1157489 Windows 10 1903 - Inaccessible Boot Device Due to ZESDAC Registry Key after ZCM 2020 Agent upgrade
Bug 1157669 after applying ftf from bug 1143470 Read or Write for CD/DVD are not working
Bug 1157742 zDB_Error_Log growing significantly and consuming very large amount of space in DB
Bug 1158847 sysreq fails when using fix to bug 1137969 and applying on US English workstations
Bug 1159298 German ZCC restricted user can't remote control when  more devices associated to a user
Bug 1159493 MSSQL constraint violation when deleting a FW policy with location definition
Bug 1159586 DeviceHealthQThandler ZeUS QT  logging is incorrect, missing device guid logging
Bug 1159593 2020 Agent Status shows disconnected status in ZCC if ZeUS QT fails due to bad IPToPortMapping file
Bug 1159763 NullPointerExcetion when ZESM Effective Policy audit events enabled in ZCC, ZENworks 2020
Bug 1159865 Orphan content cleanup not working for aliased contents: Generating errors  on failed to replicate content
Bug 1160327 Unable to create CVE subscription if only ZPM is active
Bug 1161011 getAppDetails exception doesn't log bundle id or name
Bug 1161108 Exception occured while validating DEP Token. Null
Bug 1161535 Unparseable date exception while binding the expiry date in the DEP Server Configuration Page
Bug 1162056 MSSQL constraint violation when deleting a FW policy with location definition
Bug 1162876 zen-info pretty name not correct after install and update
Bug 1163169 Excessive logging on VerticaDataModelSession from  service store in non-vertica zone appears misleading
Bug 1163308 Image Explorer crashes when extracting some files from ZENworks WinPE zmg image
Bug 1163445 Deleting Patches from ZCC doesn't remove the corresponding entry in the Database Tables
Bug 1163535 Post 2020 Upgrade, System Update Check for Updates fails with Error 403 or failure connecting to NCC
Bug 1164213 iOS DEP devices first login to MDM fail with message Invalid Profile
Bug 1165200 "Key is not valid." error when entering license key from getting started page
Bug 1165499 Error when trying to install a modified Linux file install bundle: 'no such file or directory'
Bug 1166524 ZDC on 2020  creates extraneous file migration/zdc_results.json under logs folder
Bug 1166701 SoftDeleteInventory stopped processing after DB issue during Cert Re-Mint
Bug 1167581 unknown ca remote control after remint CA prior to activate
Bug 1167648 - Initialization of encryption for the session failed error for LENOVO V330 
Bug 1168097 user assigned bundle content doesn't throttle and content manager defaults to true for exception in shouldIgnoreThrottle
Bug 1169157 Incorrect LDAP Certificate Expiration Warning
Bug 1169250 Unable to Remote Control Surface Pro 7 
Bug 1171580 Firebase cloud messaging config changed , push notification not working on manual sync
Bug 1171965 Locations do not work on Windows Server Class OS due to unable to find path