Residual Sybase Database Cleanup

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  • 04-Mar-2021
  • 01-Sep-2021


ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Migration
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 System Update
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 1 Migration
ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 Update 1 System Update


Upgrade/Migration from ZCM 2017 with a Sybase database to ZCM 2020 requires a migration of the Sybase database to another database platform before proceeding to ZCM 2020. 
If the db-migration-tool was used, this creates a backup of the embedded/internal Sybase database before migrating the data to the internal/external PostgreSQL. 
This backup process is needed in case there is a need to revert back to Sybase while on ZCM 2017.

Once the database is migrated off Sybase and the zone upgraded to ZCM 2020, there is no need for the Sybase database, directory and backup files that are consuming disk space.


There are scripts available with Tech support that will remove unnecessary Sybase database files.
Contact Micro Focus Technical Support for these files if your zone version is prior to ZCM 2020 Update 2.

ZCM 2020 Update 0 & ZCM 2020 Update 1, call support for these scripts to clean up Sybase database.

ZCM 2020 Update 2 these scripts can be found in the following locations:
Linux/Appliance: /opt/microfocus/zenworks/install/downloads/tools/
Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%/install/downloads/tools/cleanupSybase.ps1 (Do not run from a command prompt run from a Powershell console)

Additional Information

Recommended to be run after the ZCM 2020 Upgrade is stable.
The script does check if the zone is connected to a Sybase database first.
If the zdm.xml file detects a Sybase db connection, the script will stop for investigation.
If the zdm.xml file is not configured for the Sybase db connection, then the script will remove Sybase databases, directory and files.

Note: If there was manual intervention with the Sybase database, directory and files (renamed or moved), a manual delete should be performed.