2020 System Update may baseline existing 2017 Update 4 FRU1 (17.4.1) update

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  • 25-Oct-2019
  • 05-Nov-2019


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In some cases having ZENworks 2017 Update 4 FRU1 (17.4.1) assigned to devices, then upgrading primary servers to 2020 will cause the 2017 Update 4 FRU1 (17.4.1) update to be automatically assigned to all devices in the zone and baselined.  This will cause all of the devices in the zone that had not already updated to FRU1 to apply FRU1 immediately.

NOTE:  This does not apply to any other versions, only 2017 Update 4 FRU1 (17.4.1).   The problem may not be seen right away, but can happen as devices re-report status.


This is fixed in the ZENworks 2020 downloads as of Friday November 1, 2019.   

For downloads as of that date, iso was changed, or for appliance, the prerequisite zip was changed.  There is only a single change which is to automatically set the zopaquedata during preglobal actions (iso) or prerequisite script (appliance).

If your zone was already updated to 2020 using the download released prior to above date, and 2017 Update 4 FRU1 (17.4.1) was not yet baselined, run the following command from any primary.  This will create a setting in the ZENworks database to prevent premature baseline.  NOTE:  if the primary is not at 17.4.1 or later, this command may fail.  The command is all one line:

novell-zenworks-configure -c UpdateOpaqueDataConfigureAction -DConfigureAction.SU_STAGE=true -DConfigureAction.MIGRATE_OPERATION_TYPE=roleBased.update.check.disabled

Additional Information

The novell-zenworks-configure action will show this on success:

[2019.10.29-12:04:15] FINER: DatabaseUpgradeConfigureAction: getConnection
Attempting to update the stage.

Setting the status to : true

Set the status to : true successfully

[2019.10.29-12:04:22] INFO: UpdateOpaqueDataConfigureAction complete!

UpdateOpaqueDataConfigureAction complete!