ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 2a and 2 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 03-Jan-2018
  • 05-Feb-2018


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 2a
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 2


Version Information:

ZENworks 2017 Update 2a

File Path


ZENworks 2017 Update 2

File Path


GUID for update 2a:5017020a00fc50000000002018013116
GUID for update 2:5017020000fc50000000002018012212

Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 2a (17.2.0a)"   https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=SnXy-OKb7yA~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 2a (17.2.0a) ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file"  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=ut-lI0J_JOY~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 2 (17.2.0) ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file"  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=qLKrEhi8Y-Q~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 2 and Update 2a Agent Cleanup Utility"  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=26PwXRY8qIw~

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2017 Update 2a, check the following versions:

On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version

ZENworks Asset Management Version

ZENworks Patch Management Version

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version

ZENworks Agent Version

ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices:

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management

Bundle Management



Endpoint Security Management

Full Disk Encryption

Image Management


Inventory Management



Patch Management



Policy Management


Remote Management


User Management



Bug 1072859No information is sent in header of sync call that is performed after auth or session token renewal
Bug 1072830Changing bundle version numbers with an install action set are not running according to the schedule or running previous versions
Bug 1072650Network card not connected after applying System Update
Bug 1070327Bundle Copy Directory action no longer accepts variable in UNC path for source directory
Bug 106964132bit linux agent tries to install 64bit rmagent-native
Bug 1068936context-menu of some links in system (desktop, explorer) show an additional empty/blank option
Bug 1068890Translation fault in German ZCC
Bug 1068796every zeus refresh is creating /tmp/axis<number>/axis<number>axis2-1.6.2.jar
Bug 1068661Creation of YUM repository of linux patch or group fails - invalid/corrupt package
Bug 1068283German ZCC > SystemUpdate > Pending > device links are broken
Bug 1067440 - HP USB Slim Keyboard not working since ZESM is enabled in the ZENworks zone
Bug 1067384ZDC report for Oracle showing mismatches in the MDM tables
Bug 1067202confusing logging when manual pru running
Bug 1066702Bundle shortcuts from a folder get added to "%userprofile%\appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" on bundle launch
Bug 1066305High JAVA Threads on the ZENServer Process due to TESS Scheduler
Bug 1065968NSURLErrorDomain Code : -999 when enrolling iOS DEP devices.
Bug 1065777ISO overwriting is failed using wimprocessor.exe, if it's already exist in the same location
Bug 1065540no ARP/MSI/Metro inventory on Windows 10
Bug 1065418zac zesm-ref is not documented in the commandline and documentation
Bug 1065356winvncapp doesn't log peer ip address
Bug 1065280zapp.<username>.log is only growing and never been cleaned up
Bug 1065159 - Non admin User with Patch management Zone rights is unable to create the Patch Policy
Bug 1064764ZENserver randomly unresponsive/overhead and dumping memory due to DeviceStatusSearch lastViewState
Bug 1064534After update to ZENworks 2017 during content replication high utilization on the database
Bug 1064312hkcu bundle exported from ZCC when imported makes nullpointer exception when using ZCC to look at details
Bug 1063905copy directory sharename underscores
Bug 1062479Pre-global-actions fails to set consumed status - Invalid object name 'ZSYSTEMUPDATECONFIGURATION'
Bug 1061647AuthSourceCacheEventListener is not enabled by default in DMCache for authoritative-source-services
Bug 1061605zapp is randomly not launched with proper command line arguments as per registry if zecp policy with hideZicon false is present
Bug 1061462The zisd.log it is only growing and never cleaned up
Bug 1059478Product is not showing up in the inventory
Bug 1059344Using cancel or close on standard category dialog are overwritten with the default value
Bug 1059231Patch Deployment fails due to install file action for dauzip/patchconfig action broken with missing content
Bug 1058960NullPointerException on Startup of Catalina services
Bug 1058860Audit Data Prune : Procedure call failed for DA_ZESM_EFFECTIVEPOLICY . Error Code is : -547
Bug 1058792ZEN Appliance Online Update should allow installing interactive patches(kernel) by default
Bug 1058780collection servers should always rollup orphans
Bug 1058772need to log ldaputil or other ldap connections used in ZCC (login, search for users etc) ip address that it's contacting
Bug 1058602Advanced page for Pending devices under SU fails to load if zero devices
Bug 1058487ZAPP delays to load when used as Windows Shell.
Bug 1058185novell-zenjoinproxy.out growing indefinitely to several GB consuming disk space
Bug 1057673Collection Data Form truncates label fields
Bug 1057484How to sort order the Collection Data Form Display
Bug 1057470RunFAProblemUnexpectedException and RunScan returned False
Bug 1057447Right click menu of a bundle stays in the ZAPP tray after ZAPP refresh is started
Bug 1057440since 2017 update 1 zpm subscription download taking > 10 hours to complete
Bug 1056962constant error trying to migrate baseline when group no longer exists
Bug 1056737Deleting bundle versions --all option is broken with zman bdv
Bug 1056481catalina.out grows too big
Bug 1056321WinPE based imaging fails if first hard disk sectors are occupied by GRUB
Bug 1055629Online Inventory Pruning should randomize devices picked for inventory records cleanup
Bug 1055119Imaging engine from March 2017 Imaging Update fails to load on HP 440 G3
Bug 1054804WIFs from random Windows devices fail to process.
Bug 1054428Catalina.out fills server with prebootlookup entries
Bug 1054217Extra logon screen with “Other User” after updating to 2017 Update 1
Bug 1053047zman database-backup for embedded database should be supported for Postgres
Bug 1053035ZAPP (2017Update1) causing Windows Explorer to crash in trying to complete refresh.
Bug 1052947Older versions of edited bundle are broken in content replication
Bug 1052629Unable to Logon Automatically over RDP when the ZCM 2017 Upd 1 Credential Provider is Enabled
Bug 1052538User source has no connection if DNS name used
Bug 1052339xplat zeninfo doesn't collect /var/opt/novell/zenworks/logs
Bug 1052051Installing SSL iPrinters through ZENworks the iPrint authentication dialog will come up
Bug 1051897Imaging: Nic for HP EliteDesk 800 G3 SFF does not seem to be recognized.
Bug 10517582017 Update1 Prerequisite check fails on Scientific Linux device
Bug 1051402ZENworks 2017 Update 1 Android App (v 17.1.0) Crash on processing push notification
Bug 1051073Imaging engine fails to load on HP Elitedesk 800 G3 in UEFI mode
Bug 1051067"No Group Policy file found to upload" error in 2017 Update 1 if %TMP% and %TEMP% do not match
Bug 1050981Windows Agent service is crashing at Macbook USB-C hardware
Bug 1050079ZENworks 2017 Update 1 Android App (v 17.1.0) Crash on processing push notification
Bug 1049964content cleanup fails when > 2100 superfluous contents
Bug 1049789Orphaned contents after bundle deletion continue to have PENDING/UNAVAILABLE syncstate entries for satellite servers, causing content replication errors
Bug 1049357ZAPP progress window doesn’t show progress when there is no shortcut location stated
Bug 1049054Inconsistency loading ZPM/ZCC pages due to duplicate jars after Appliance Upgrade
Bug 1048895WIFs from random Windows devices fail to process.
Bug 1048844typeo in system update apply warning =After this update is downloaded to the Management Zone
Bug 1048819Agent fails to roll up status if mdstatus DB is corrupted , Self healing required to avoid intermittent failures
Bug 1047851oracle db table mismatches on new install
Bug 1047850ZDC doesn't check for disabled indexes
Bug 1046937ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'ZENADMIN.TG_ZZENEFFASSIGNMENT_INS' seen during DUT on Oracle 12c release 2 db.
Bug 1046921zac zeninfo help on Linux missing usage syntax related resource info
Bug 1046917Remint certificate GUID date parameter not correct
Bug 1046753ZCC helper on Appliance always reports to install new version due to bad ZenServerVersion.xml
Bug 1045423ca remint never cleans up after base line exception
Bug 1045419Imaging engine from March 2017 Imaging Update fails to load on HP 440 G4
Bug 1045354ISDTool error “Run the command in administrator mode”
Bug 1045145Created report with Primary user in French gives String index out of range: -1
Bug 1045107German ZENworks 2017 “ Bereitstellen und Konfigurieren der ZENworks 2017 -Appliance” incorrect translated
Bug 1044469Bundle imported with ZCC changes disabled actions into enabled.
Bug 1044108Directly clicking on minimize with ZAPP makes minimize stay on the screen.
Bug 1043686improper wording on email only enrollment page assumes exchange
Bug 1043621Disabling TLS1.0 on OS breaks ZENworks agent communication
Bug 1043102Opening ZENworks Configuration page gives an error message stating to redeploy appliance
Bug 1042871Old zcchelper msi version on download link
Bug 1042776ActiveSync policy causes Blackberry to reset on every reboot.
Bug 1042537import bundle status shows 0% forever even after it failed
Bug 1042311Missing ZENworks Icon in System Tray after updating Windows 10 devices
Bug 1042084Can't import bundle from ZCC for install directory type upload all files within the source directory as a single package Content never imports, bundle not created
Bug 1040748Lenovo Miix 510 attached to docking station is not getting an ip address
Bug 1040192Do not use ZENworks server as email proxy server setting changes username format to full email address
Bug 1039650Inifinite patch install reminder
Bug 1038726VMWare Tools install script does not work and is not needed.
Bug 1038134Floating Point Exception restoring image on HP EliteDesk 800 G1
Bug 1038088Windows 10 devices enrolled as Mail-Only mobile devices do not properly enforce security policies
Bug 1037989Once SU is Postponed, the "resume update" option in update-watcher is not localized
Bug 1037303Bootcd from March 2017 Imaging Update cannot boot on Panasonic Toughbook 54
Bug 1036526Agent stop working after SLES12 updates
Bug 1036201Registration fails on a device with SED feature
Bug 1035830After restoring ZEN image on Intel DQ77MK mobo, Windwos 10 can't boot: "a bootable device has not been detected."
Bug 1035679zac dup fails for SLES12 SP1 to SLES 12 SP2 upgrade
Bug 1034148zman bdl/bel is not honoring the rights from roles
Bug 1033369StaleObjectStateException for some devices during inventory scan processing
Bug 1032603Patch Subscription Crashing ZENLoader during native jppxlib JNI Call for random patches
Bug 1032200March 2017 Imaging engine doesn't load on HP ProDesk 600 G3
Bug 1031851GPO with configured UAC settings are randomly not effective
Bug 1030957ZCC Asset Inventory search column for primary user shows zdevice.primaryuser which is a guid
Bug 1030760ZEN 'img' GUI distorted on Lenovo ThinkPad X1
Bug 1029414Performance : Loading Policy Status for assigned LDAP users in ZCC takes several minutes, bundle status much faster
Bug 1029154UseProxyForRoles registry setting not implemented on osx nor linux xplat agent
Bug 1028691zac agp returns no component information
Bug 1028579zeus agent does not honor UseProxyForRoles registry setting
Bug 1028522zeninfo does not pick up files.html for zeus files
Bug 1028477Component Manager keeps throwing remote management related error on SLES 12 SP2 device
Bug 1028211msiexec errors cause corruption, then system update can't be rerun
Bug 1027146base policy errors are not searchable in zcc
Bug 1027141can't search on error Failed to replicate content in zcc
Bug 1027138can't search on status message Exception While updating joinproxy_config properties.
Bug 1027136can't search on Error: no Parent server available for collection upload
Bug 1026742Change CA process marks a chained cert as invalid because the chain is in the wrong order
Bug 1026553error in system-update.log HOME not set
Bug 1026343derby.log created on root drive of mac
Bug 1026262IOA support for Mac 10.12
Bug 1025453Bundle launching outside availability schedule
Bug 1023874Bundle fails randomly due to Resumed Workset
Bug 1023030ZCC > Device > Relationships The Status data might be inaccurate as the migration is in progress."
Bug 1022812Missing table 'zStageFolder'
Bug 1022388Imaging will not work with satellite server when primary server is installed with a non default port
Bug 1021709Excessive quicktasks with a lower notification time causes loader to crash
Bug 1021006Imaging engine (November 2016 imaging update) is unable to load on HP Z240 in UEFI mode
Bug 1020549sysreq for mac distribution always fails due to missing ostargets.xml after zac cc
Bug 1018165Satellite server replicates old package instead of slipstreamed package
Bug 1017997server remint dialog indicates "all devices"
Bug 1016120Software duplicated in WIF file and in ZCC inventory reports
Bug 1015942CA certificate remint triggers uncontrolled agent restart
Bug 1015263Hyperlink in a bundle action "Prompt User" doesn't work
Bug 1014970Default System Update Behavior: "Prompt User to Reboot when update finishes applying" has changed.
Bug 1014557remint new CA with same name as old breaks Remote Management rights verify during pending activation
Bug 1011759zeus doesn't honor system.update.report.interval
Bug 1010788user search with null result shows counts from previous search
Bug 1007548patch policy distributes content for not applicable patches on xplat agents
Bug 1007367zac zeninfo on xplat (linux and mac) does not pick up zpm folder files
Bug 1004775zman betf / petf fails to export bundle or policy if Satellites associated to Replication Settings are promoted / demoted
Bug 1004388timeout for bundle StartStopServiceActionHandler uses wait time from global Windows setting
Bug 1003888ESXi host crashing when pxe imaging is executed
Bug 1003440ZCM Software Restriction Policies do not reliably apply unless Explorer.exe is Restarted or GPupdate is executed manually.
Bug 997963Older FDE Policy display failure status inspite of successful
Bug 994970zeninfo doesn't pick up new zpm files that are helpful for troubleshooting *.xml
Bug 993634zcc allows you to assign bundle to unmanaged inventory only device
Bug 992918MS Surface 4 Pro can no longer boot from bootcd after latest Windows Updates were applied
Bug 991587Loader throws null pointer error when processing location and effective security policy audit events
Bug 990021zman bc does not persist guid when importing XML created using zman betf
Bug 988828DLU Inhertance Results are indeterminate with Multiple Group Assignments
Bug 987205debug logging causes slow login
Bug 984770ZCC System Update page takes more than 30 min to load
Bug 979737French synchronization text is misleading/ambiguous
Bug 972822UDP Forwarder sends messages with wrong version
Bug 969194SUSE subscription : Replication fails with catalog not found on remote server
Bug 966598Satellite fails to rollup collection files if CollectionStats DB gets corrupted, needs self healing & resume processing 
Bug 966295ZCC Diagnostics does not recognize or notify if ZENserver fails to initialize using 443/80 Connectors
Bug 954619Localization - Incorrect German translation in Patch Management of the description going with option "Enable not applicable patches"
Bug 954495zman zenserver-backup fails with permission error on Appliance
Bug 942375Bundle install fails while patch policy is applying
Bug 861421Device, Group assignment details do not apply when folder assignment is made on dup assignment
Bug 724162QuickTask Status does not gets updated correctly when proxy is used.