ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 12-Sep-2019
  • 16-Mar-2021


ZENworks Configuration Management 2020
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 2020
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 2020
ZENworks Patch Management 2020


Note: Upgrading Primary Servers to ZENworks 2020 must be done with media, not via System Update.

The media is downloadable from

Existing upgrades contact NCC for download and keys:  https://www.novell.com/customercenter/app/home?execution=e1s1

The documentation for this release is available at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020

Version Information:

File Path

GUID for this update:  5020000000fc50000000002019100213

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2020, check the following versions:
On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version20.
ZENworks Asset Management Version20.0.0.313820.0.0.3138
ZENworks Patch Management Version20.0.0.313820.0.0.3138
ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version20.0.0.313820.0.0.3138
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version20.0.0.313820.0.0.3138
ZENworks Agent Version20.0.0.313820.0.0.3138
ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management
Bundle Management
Endpoint Security Management
Full Disk Encryption
Image Management
Inventory Management
Patch Management
Policy Management20.0.0.313820.0.0-
Remote Management20.0.0.313820.0.0-
User Management20.0.0.3138--


Bug 1151710 Random BSOD when device wakes up from standby on new location
Bug 1148790 iOS 13 issues
Bug 1148632 File Explorer Upload limitation prohibits Upload of files larger than 20Mb
Bug 1148240 error in 17.4.1 FRU zdc on Oracle
Bug 1147081 After updating to external Postgres, pre-requiste-checker.jar fails
Bug 1144573 Unable to Expand vastorage partition on ZEN appliance U4
Bug 1144043 Customers getting messages PATCH_INFO_DUP_PATCH after every subscription update
Bug 1143957 Nessus scan of ZENworks appliance reports security concerns
Bug 1142062 After installing FRU1, getting randomly BSOD’s on NetIO.sys
Bug 1141084 PRU System update Replication status misleading for Satellites and throws exceptions while computing status
Bug 1141050 swid for Oracle Java
Bug 1141042 Some VPP apps are unable to be loaded into ZCC
Bug 1140271 After updating to ZENworks 17 Update 4, configured Installation Schedule in ZMM App Bundles revert back to none at random.
Bug 1140083 YaST add on agent install prompts for conflict
Bug 1139951 Cannot delete once created administrator user in ZCC.
Bug 1139665 Patch Policy wording inconsistent
Bug 1139644 WinPE does not have PROXYADDR as an environment variable
Bug 1139634 Microsoft Office Professional/Standard 2016 Components not detected properly
Bug 1139171 WinVNCApp.log Typos
Bug 1138999 zmd-messages Log Typos
Bug 1138765 Primary User Reset functionality broken for Oracle/Sybase due to missing temp tables scripts for 2017 Install zone
Bug 1138436 Certificate Remint fails when spaces in the Common Name
Bug 1137892 Windows 10 1903 is not recognized in ZENworks as 1903, instead windows10-xxxx-pro-gen-x64
Bug 1137529 zman create network environments with grouped server lists broken
Bug 1137289 ZAPP "ShowToolTip" logging results in 100s of entries for each click in ZAPP
Bug 1137168 Run Script -- Script Engine Parameters Behavior changed with 17.4
Bug 1136809 device group search gets NullPointerException (after canceled add)
Bug 1136531 should not allow more than 10 devices enrollment for one user
Bug 1135653 Preboot bundles are not applying or not effective
Bug 1135149 ZCC - Initial search for administrator takes very long
Bug 1134746 Loader-messages.log shows Exception occurred in inserting deleting the rights info
Bug 1134678 SDC AutoPlay/AutoRun can’t be set to "Enabled"
Bug 1134389 Compliance Engine starts running everyday for multiple instances at same time and might be causing intermittent blocking
Bug 1134369 Unable to Manage the Proxy DHCP Service on ZENworks 2017 Update 4
Bug 1133930 When Uploading an IPA-File the following error occurs: "The wizard cannot continue for the following reason(s): Upload a valid IPA file"
Bug 1133849 bin/preboot has wrong dll versions ziswin
Bug 1133427 cleanup zNetworkaddress entries where device is null
Bug 1133413 After ZENworks 2017 UP4, HP scanner (not scan tool) stops working
Bug 1133022 PRU System update Replication status misleading for Satellites and throws exceptions while computing status
Bug 1133010 server install requires 32 bit libXtst6-32bit-1.2.2-3.60.x86_64.rpm
Bug 1132932 Patch Policy Post-Enforcement Actions move and remove actions after Rebuild & Publish
Bug 1132875 LDAP Import Task - empty LDAP field
Bug 1132836 Can not configure Wake on Lan on Bundle Distribution Schedule
Bug 1132710 zcm doesn't log smtp email failure sufficently - Log the exception in ERROR OR WARN
Bug 1132467 casa server on windows satellites fails frequently after reboot due to can't find secret - no retry or healing
Bug 1132386 Unable to Allow Public Play Store Access in device control policy when Allow Adding Accounts is set to No
Bug 1132285 Traceroute missing from ZCM Appliance builds
Bug 1132279 ZRS port 9443 Vulnerabilities
Bug 1131879 ZENworks Agent prompts for password change when Novell Client should handle it.
Bug 1131571 ZRS Export dashboard/dashlet error
Bug 1131203 /var/opt/novell/zenworks/tmp/checksumdump growing large
Bug 1131202 SSH service has been disabled for root user
Bug 1130059 Dell 5285 Boots into Grub
Bug 1129985 Never disable superseded patches in policy - Setting not honored causing older monthly updates to disable
Bug 1129935 PXE UEFI imaging Randomly fails [Kernel Errors]
Bug 1129793 zman db to backup zenworks / audit database on embedded Postgres hangs if successively run on same target folder
Bug 1129641 External (System Update and PRU) content gets orphaned and never cleaned up from Satellite Servers
Bug 1129456 QuickTask Inventory Scan from ZCC goes to STOPPED status
Bug 1129447 Wrong translation in German for "To" in Email Notification for PRU Schedule (ZCC).
Bug 1129314 error in RightsPreComputationForEQHandler sets failure on queue job
Bug 1129133 HP ProDesk 600 G3 - Restore Image - Error: Error writing to archive
Bug 1129126 Windows 1709 Desktop Locks immediately after Remote Control Session Initiated. (Random)
Bug 1128998 Updating Strawberry Perl version on Windows Primary to address CVEs vulnerabilities reported
Bug 1128771 WorkTODo.exe fails to find assigned work if network initializes too slowly
Bug 1128568 Effective Assignment Computation Q Task failing for devices intermittently due to deletion
Bug 1128412 ZCC slow when loading large Device groups for non SA users
Bug 1128409 imaging satellite server fails after promote - non standard http and https ports
Bug 1128361 File path for a Copy File bundle is being changed by ZCM
Bug 1128205 WinPE restore Imaging Significantly Slower than Linux Based Imaging
Bug 1127728 NullPointerException when saving changes in Patch Policy Pre-Install Behavior page in ZCC.
Bug 1127606 New Devices are failing to get a DAU Assignment
Bug 1126905 zman sss and ssts fail on appliance 2017.x with patches
Bug 1126046 VPP Bundle requirements are not the same as stated on the apple itunes page
Bug 1125817 Error 'Failed to alloc mem for rom' on Lenovo MIIX 320-10ICR
Bug 1125622 Missing logger-zmd-conf.xml should self-heal on refresh or at least agent start
Bug 1125484 ZENworks U4 Appliance fails to boot due to dependency fails to mount /sysroot and requires fsck
Bug 1125285 Adding RPM-MD repository fails - invalid value for URL - org.xml.sax.SAXParseException
Bug 1124712 Clean up tool not removing services
Bug 1124699 setup.sh -c fails on openSUSE Leap 15.0
Bug 1124389 zcc log not helpful when CA mismatch on server cert uploaded
Bug 1124202 Bundle System Requirements Filter on File Version not working in Windows 10.
Bug 1124036 error when include/exclude content to satellite - long bundle names
Bug 1123962 Zone subscription switching between https and http
Bug 1123416 xplat zeninfo doesn't keep original file dates mac and linux
Bug 1123184 xplat preagent package uses --force and backrevs third party installed RPMs
Bug 1123128 Display ZCC certificate nag about expiring APNS certificate
Bug 1123127 Informational message about APNS address block to whitelist is incorrect in ZCC
Bug 1122691 SQLException running inventory report: Devices By Machine / Login Name
Bug 1122323 Deleting Contract from Asset Management only deletes Contract Data
Bug 1122056 No NMAP on ZCM Appliance
Bug 1122017 Patch policy email failure when no applicable patches assigned to policy for device
Bug 1121888 misleading nag for OTA Identity certs
Bug 1121873 Satellite Join Proxy role on Red Hat 7.2 - out of file descriptors (Too many files open) - join proxy stops working
Bug 1120903 Uploaded WIM file stays in temp location - content not imported and not available in tftp/mdt folder
Bug 1120822 need a sysvar to stop converting baselines to policies
Bug 1120401 Enterprise zone security policy errors after certificate remint
Bug 1120198 zman bc is not providing an option to change the Display Name during creation of the bundle
Bug 1119993 Deleting cached patches are re-caching contents apart from metadata on the next subscription run
Bug 1119900 September Imaging Update does not properly restart Imaging Services on 17.3 Appliance due to call to deprecated init.d
Bug 1119615 non active (bound) nic not used for lan address
Bug 1119604 Unable to transfer devices across Zones due to ServerVersionsMismatch message but allowed with quiet switch
Bug 1119389 Ignored installations are not obeyed and license counts reset back to the status before ignore.
Bug 1119175 first run of UpdateZMANGlobalOptionsConfigureAction appends port number if global.txt already set - Windows
Bug 1118995 Duplicate entries in application control policy
Bug 1118704 Promoting Win Agent to Collection Satellite with zman ssc does not update collection schedule to satellites locally
Bug 1118654 Appliance update reg allow data send optional not selectable
Bug 1118465 Cosmetic ZDC errors running on appliance
Bug 1118412 ZCC search not consistent to search for Satellites under Workstations folder unlike Servers
Bug 1118299 Collection of Monitor Serial nr fails on Chinese devices
Bug 1117985 ZENINFO missing some important data files for analyzing device issues
Bug 1117604 ZAPP-Launcher has a timeout for 5min when shell is not the exeplorer.exe
Bug 1117560 Device Search under SYSTEM Update fails when using Wildcards
Bug 1117399 schema update takes a long time without showing progress
Bug 1117380 ZDC shows Mismatch in Procedure when it only differs in white space
Bug 1117292 Bundle exception when importing an Bundle through the ZCC
Bug 1117103 Mobile device left menu inventory scan option not available
Bug 1116976 High DB activity and ZENloader overhead due to Asset Inventory SW Compliance refresh queries in Oracle DB
Bug 1116958 deployment summary page confusing for reboot
Bug 1116786 "C:\ $GetCurrent" folder should be excluded by default in ZENworks inventory scan
Bug 1115504 casa server on windows satellites fails frequently after reboot due to can't find secret - no retry or healing
Bug 1114782 Administrator report rights pages default to view 20 items regardless of configuration
Bug 1114528 patch policy shows "has sandbox" as yes for some time when it should be no after publishing
Bug 1114346 Edit Primary user toggles back to "Automatically select primary user" after selecting "Manually select primary user:"
Bug 1114227 Administrator Group Administrator Link broken for navigation in ZCC
Bug 1114006 Full Name of AD based administrator does not get updated after change in AD
Bug 1112938 VIA Go will fail and cause the nzrWinVNCapp.exe to hang PC on Surface Book
Bug 1112807 wol email for error doesn't resolve device name
Bug 1112579 Inventoried Device Rights do not allow searching an inventoried device.
Bug 1112099 Windows 10 Event Id 636 and 640 are getting logged when the GPO’s are getting applied
Bug 1111715 NullPointerException in loader log when caching a patch
Bug 1111620 Android subscription fails
Bug 1111456 Unable to RM devices if locked by the User, thus waiting for user permission or take an action
Bug 1111452 errors thrown when deleting old patch policy versions
Bug 1111035 Update 3 - Pre-global-actions fails on migration-vpp-appinfo.sql
Bug 1110937 Prompt for zenworks password in Appliance terminal for zac command
Bug 1110145 Sudo on appliance compiled with insults option and not disabled in config file
Bug 1109929 no "Do not compress or encrypt uploaded content" option on mac or linux bundles
Bug 1109898 Cosmetic Only - ZRS 6.4.3 Install Log has mispelled words
Bug 1109423 Model Information is truncated. Need to bring uniformity accross tables for System model field.
Bug 1108579 Appliance: Eth2 configuration cannot be saved
Bug 1108384 ZENworks 2017 install on Linux failed to create logs , permissions missing on log folder , needs permission script changes
Bug 1107170 zdc false error when kerberos is enabled
Bug 1107168 zdc system file errors after updates
Bug 1106639 error IsInternalCertificate in logs
Bug 1106620 Unable to Uninstall the ZCM Agent on a VDI MasterImage
Bug 1106290 ZCC Workstation removal from ws group not Audited
Bug 1105258 Re-running failed 2017 Upgrade does not handle isFirstPrimaryStatus check correctly requiring manual cleanup
Bug 1105112 No such bundle for vc packages when executing "novell-zenworks-configure -c CreateExtractorPacks -Z"
Bug 1104109 xls Excel download of report generates error in Excel
Bug 1103703 GPO unenforce error for one device logged in ZCC daily - POLICYHANDLERS.WinGPPolicy.UnenforceFailure
Bug 1102892 random the ZENworksWindowsService gets in high utilization
Bug 1101518 no Ability to remint Appliance 9443 cert for external CA - ZRS
Bug 1101278 Upgrade was unable to connect to DB using named instance with dynamic ports
Bug 1100033 Unable to upload files over 50MB in ZRS appliance console File Explorer Wizard
Bug 1099941 Problems with administrators logging into ZCC after changes in AD
Bug 1099763 no ability to force starttls to TLSv1.2 for email
Bug 1099566 ZCC Helper MSI should support Per Device and Per User Installs
Bug 1098875 slow Adding device to large groups. The larger the group the longer the delay in adding a device to it.
Bug 1092422 smtp email doesn't use defined non standard port - inventory
Bug 1092389 Packets missing from YUM repository
Bug 1091715 DeviceCertAuthRole is not assigned to the correct primary server when the server not running the CA is updated first
Bug 1090613 /etc/ZENworks-release shows ZENworks 2016 Preview Appliance
Bug 1090135 ZEN imaging cannot detect SSD drive on Dell Optiplex 5050
Bug 1090017 Printer Policy Exception errors in ZCC
Bug 1088947 Inconsistent LoginName for eDirectory based administrator after rename in eDirectory
Bug 1087987 Install/ Upgrade process should allow special characters (%) for DB user password, supported from MS SQL
Bug 1087539 need ability to bypass signature cache on demand
Bug 1087184 Patches marked quarantine should be retried after reboot required patches applies from policy
Bug 1086765 Unable to Upload Files Size more than 4GB from Appliance File Explorer Wizard
Bug 1085180 Tomcat's temp folder doesn't fully clean up (bundle packaging)
Bug 1082920 Users permitted to Cancel ZCM Update regardless of System Agent Update Settings on Windows 10
Bug 1081889 zac command to re-report system update status
Bug 1080425 Effective Assignment Computation failing for devices and needs optimization as taking quite long to compute
Bug 1078800 ZENworks icons disappear from device Start Menu after a manual refresh when roaming profile with folder redirection (UNC path) is used.
Bug 1074027 no notification sent when "Failed to download subscription" and no audit event for same
Bug 1072508 linux img gets segmentation fault on Optiplex 7450 AIO
Bug 1072340 Within an RDP session printer policy are applying with error
Bug 1071360 beta links in ZCResources.properties
Bug 1070627 ZDC Some files are inconsistent after updating a migrated appliance to ZENworks 2017 Update 1
Bug 1069953 Last Full Refresh time not updated in ZCC if handler errors 
Bug 1068362 system update failure can't recover without assistance
Bug 1066231 media system update causes problems on retry after exception in import content
Bug 1064095 ZESService.exe causes high memory utilization with VMware Horizon
Bug 1061736 ZEUS PastLocationEffectiveSettingsAndCsrs.xml corrupted
Bug 1058577 VAStorage Expand from admin console corrupted drive
Bug 1054140 Appliance migration fails due to security folder files missing on second run
Bug 1044726 Tasks halt if "In Process" and servers are decommissioned
Bug 1044324 Appliance Migration should give warning and prevent migration if not enough disk space available
Bug 1043490 Licensing during upgrade not flexible between Product and Suite Licensing
Bug 1042027 core-permissions.sh broken on appliance
Bug 1032877 ZCM Installer cannot connect to existing external MS SQL database with named instance
Bug 1030157 ZCM2017 Appliance generates CSR in SHA1 instead of SHA256.
Bug 1026564 using zman sui on 2017 install for zone change has bad behavior when applying to first device
Bug 1025154 Cannot resume Appliance migration on First Primary after Pre Global / SU import action fails and fills /tmp/err.log
Bug 1025118 ZCM 2017 Zone Install Fails using ZCM appliance when using chained Wildcard Certificate
Bug 1023326 Inconsistency loading ZPM pages due to duplicate jar versions after Appliance Upgrade
Bug 991821 ZRS - on mssql patch device 11.4.2 report has empty last inventory scan
Bug 991170 uninstall ftf breaks appliance console rcvabase-datamodel can't start
Bug 957384 System Update should not change permission of directory to default
Bug 955613 ZRS Not able to set permission by role
Bug 950100 11.4 upgrade does not check for retired Primaries/devices.