ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3a and 3 update information and list of fixes

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  • 27-Jul-2018
  • 04-Oct-2018


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3a
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3


Version Information:

ZENworks 2017 Update 3a and 3

File Path


GUID for Update 3a: 5017030a00fc50000000002018092713
GUID for Update 3:  5017030000fc50000000002018080917

Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 3a (17.3.0a)":  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=boM8NekyjkQ~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 3 (17.3.0) and Update 3a (17.3.0a) ZENworks Diagnostic Center - executable and pattern file":  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=PFTGmB7pjew~
Link to "ZENworks 2017 Update 3 Agent Cleanup Utility":  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=MlbKe3styaw~

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 2017 Update 3 or 3a, check the following versions:

On Primary Servers:

Primary Servers platformLinuxWindows
ZENworks Configuration Management Version

ZENworks Asset Management Version

ZENworks Patch Management Version

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Version

ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version

ZENworks Agent Version

ZENworks Updater Service Version

On Managed Devices:

Managed Devices Platform
Asset Management

Bundle Management



Endpoint Security Management

Full Disk Encryption

Image Management


Inventory Management



Patch Management



Policy Management


Remote Management


User Management



Note:  Aside from the issue described in https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7023380 ZENworks 2017 Update 3 and ZENworks 2017 Update 3a builds are functionally identical. 

ZENworks 2017 Update 3a

Bug 1109692 MSSQL Only - After updating to ZENworks 2017 Update 3 from 2017 or Update 1 only, System variables on bundle or device and folder levels are overwritten with zone system variables

ZENworks 2017 update 3a and 3

Bug 918260 ZENUpdaterWatcher crashes if {1} is used in PERMISSION_MSG_POSTPONES_REMAINING message
Bug 919367 No way to manage devices where System update was assigned to group and then the group was deleted 
Bug 936335 After SU, device count is mismatched in the status page, if the device is part of dynamic device group.
Bug 952167 System Update start behavior not clear
Bug 966377 authcfg changes every time CasaAuthRealmConfigurator runs even if no changes, causes authsat reconfigure
Bug 975813 auth config reconfigure on every refresh that changes config primary
Bug 990654 Standard memory configuration for a primary server still correct?
Bug 1007317 Linux satellite jetty services hang with the authentication role.
Bug 1015224 bundle launching off schedule due to multiple assignments
Bug 1027338 content errors on satellites
Bug 1030508 After upgrade from 11.4 to ZCM2017 some content on bundles seems unavailable.
Bug 1034082 [Security Vulnerability] Satellite Server SWEET32 on 11.4.3
Bug 1039781 High JAVA Threads on the ZENServer Process due to LDAP Connection
Bug 1040100 Adding users to a group in AD is not immediately being picked up by ZENworks on the bundle assignment.
Bug 1042508 sandbox bundles having no published version don't report content servers
Bug 1043918 Mobile devices showing as Assigned in the Pending System Updates list
Bug 1044749 Cannot Remove Primary Server from Server Hierarchy
Bug 1045039 DAU bundle never runs due to corrupt cross linked cached workset
Bug 1045854 should allow non numeric SubscriberMNC
Bug 1048827 2017 Appliance Online Update RPM conflicts
Bug 1049746 zrs on oracle 12 c ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol
Bug 1049754 ZENworks 2017 Update 1 passes System Requirements and applies to Windows 2008 SP2
Bug 1052108 zeninfo pick up system temp folder patch-smart*.log
Bug 1053868 sort on System update pending devices ""ignored"" fails to sort
Bug 1054060 Unlocking Windows 2012 Server Generates Smart Card Login despite Smart Cards not in use
Bug 1054824 file in use errors / invalid url on collection satellite until agent restart
Bug 1055895 zac cdp does not work for Linux Satellilte with just the imaging role. Works fine on Windows Satellite.
Bug 1056493 [Tuxera] ZENworks imaging (take image) operation is failing using Tuxera driver
Bug 1057444 Bundle Filter “Display Message” of Install and Launch actions for bundles do not work.
Bug 1057843 Better error handling required when mandatory information is null after uploading the DEP token
Bug 1059091 DonotFetchUserGroups configuration option not effective
Bug 1059183 Core happening in /opt/novell/zenworks/lib/helpers/resolve-dependencies on OES 2015 SP1 servers
Bug 1059625 patch caching should fail if payload file can't be downloaded
Bug 1059871 BatchOperationsEnabled setting  to allow ZENloader batching breaks ZCC login
Bug 1060976 Inventory scan inserts invalid xml characters in WIF from USB flash drive serial number
Bug 1061463 Bundle status page shows exception in ZCC
Bug 1061968 ZENIcons on desktop are dormant White and fail to launch
Bug 1062844 Display Message action returns unhelpful error when no user is logged in
Bug 1063055 ZAM Mapping LDAP Fields from AD User Source are not all visible for selection
Bug 1063087 ZAM Inventory Reporting incorrect information when applying ADF Mapping
Bug 1063098 ZDC Report should indicate environment & ZDC version
Bug 1063293 Inventory only server configuration fails after replacing original Primary Server
Bug 1063348 ZENloader crashes due to excessive WOL recurring actions added for bundle deployment with no cleanup mechanism
Bug 1063502 Policy group folder assignments randomly coming down as direct assignments
Bug 1063605 bundle import from ZCC doesn't include icon if upper case extension
Bug 1063902 WOL setting cannot be removed in ZCC when changing to ""No Schedule"" for Bundle assignment
Bug 1063933 Dell OptiPlex 3050 Restore Speed is Very Slow using July 2017 Imaging Update
Bug 1064130 ZISD not properly handled on servers booting from SAN attached storage
Bug 1064182 warning logged for System Update entitlement state (DB) : ACTIVE
Bug 1064747 zeninfocollect is outdated and prompts for old dlls
Bug 1064878 Exception in logs EndUserPinManager An error has occured when trying to merge settings
Bug 1064880 Request header too large - accessing ZCC subscription download filter
Bug 1065320 Rename ZCC Registration Key can render device Unmanaged
Bug 1065462 Bundle System Requirement Check File Version Check Fails for Powershell.exe in Windows 10
Bug 1065511 periodic cleanup of orphaned patchdevicestatus entries necessary
Bug 1065688 Tag in the zmd-messages.log should  [ConnectMan] instead of [TEST]
Bug 1065730 2017 Update 1  Satellite  randomly getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace errors
Bug 1065741 ZCM user authentication broken if AD user is renamed and samaccountname<>cn
Bug 1066070 improper logging can be confusing in system-update-import.log
Bug 1066220 During update from 11.4.2 to 2017 UP1 the CASA.msi failed to update
Bug 1066292 SLED 12 (SP2)  missing rpm-python by default , fails to scan for applicable patches
Bug 1066440 Tunnel network interface not recognized by ZENworks agent
Bug 1066459 setting ignore throttle in ZCC does not prompt to rev bundle
Bug 1066483 Email address fields across ZCC does not accept email containing apostrophe and other valid special characters
Bug 1066508 random failure to distribute content change to content in existing bundle cacheditemerror due to contentinfover not updated in zAssignableConentObject
Bug 1066702 Bundle shortcuts from a folder get added to ""%userprofile%ï¼¼appdataï¼¼Roamingï¼¼Microsoftï¼¼Windowsï¼¼Start Menuï¼¼Programs"" on bundle launch
Bug 1066725 minor typeo in content import error
Bug 1067002 self healing initial-web-service file not rebuilt with registration key
Bug 1067029 Options in zIcon grayed out
Bug 1067192 Servers on diagnostics page intermittently not reachable
Bug 1067539 CA Won't Remint: NullPointerException while creating Certificate Remint Tool
Bug 1067555 SU Webapp  truncates long Primary Server names with FF browser during deployment
Bug 1067864 ZAPP is auto launching when login - ZAM only
Bug 1067920 Error Messages in ZCC for JoinProxySatellite.ErrorUpdateJoinProxyConf
Bug 1067944 edit text option to search and replace if found touches original file to add cr/lf
Bug 1068438 Helpdesk Administrators are not able to login through Zenworks-OpenID - Getting Java error
Bug 1069497 EnableTraditionalCasa fails on 2017 update 1
Bug 1069676 Collector picks up the organisation name for <loginname> in device summary
Bug 1070157 Bundle fails to launch default application
Bug 1070184 Value of column SystemProduct is empty in NC_Worstation which is causing MFSD (Service Desk) declaring those devices as unknown Item Type.
Bug 1070283 Remote Management Rights Authentication Fails when Server Certificate Subject Name Exceeds 39 Characters
Bug 1070327 Bundle Copy Directory action no longer accepts variable in UNC path for source directory
Bug 1070380 Copy file action using name of a machine gives Invalid Source file error
Bug 1070410 permission.sh script should escape <space> in folder/file name
Bug 1070841 some patch module is writing to /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/tmp
Bug 1070963 Failed to download content as the content checksum is corrupt.Checksum is not valid for content guid
Bug 1070994 Not able to create a Bundle MSI when the MSI properties have Unicode characters
Bug 1071127 ChangePassword fails on first passive login due to history not populated
Bug 1071372 LDAP import - empty user source field data is not deleted from zcm db
Bug 1071683 double lines are shown in the context menu
Bug 1071692 CertificatorActivator.xml <AltHostnames> are only updated once
Bug 1072857 Enrollment mode remains unknown if device object in zcc is retired and unretired without device actually getting wiped
Bug 1072862 No alert is provided to Administrator if the json file uploaded as part of FCM configuration is incorrect
Bug 1073499 Bundle icon (.ico) show up as default ZEnworks icon in devices.
Bug 1073752 sqlgrammarexception on postgres in deletePendingRecordsFromPatchDeviceStatus and disablePatchesWithNoPackages
Bug 1074019 Zac cds command providing incorrect throttle rate info (Kb/sec instead of KB/sec)
Bug 1074098 Not able to remove start zenworks shortcut in the windows quick launch task-bar
Bug 1074101 zmd-messages.log Bundle Manager message misspelled - evaulation - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074102 zmd-messages.log Bundle Manager message misspelled - Successfull - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074103 zmd-messages.log Bundle Manager message misspelled - processiong - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074104 ZenCredentialProvider-0002.LOG Credential Provider message misspelled - Diabled - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074105 Java FileNotFoundException errors in console - Cosmetic Only
Bug 1074106 WinVNC in debug LOG misspelled - AuidtEndTime - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074107 loader-messages.log License Manager message misspelled - baceause - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074108 Novell-ZISDService.log  message misspelled - setDevicerebootFalg - Cosmetic only
Bug 1074110 ZMAN bfc Scripting syntax different than manual CLI
Bug 1074164 SLES 12 SP1 without X environment, not able to update to 17.1
Bug 1074204 ZMAN fpi help Usage strings not clear
Bug 1074404 ZCC shortcuts objects randomly missing for the admin user after few days before expiry time.
Bug 1074588 Crash happening in zenupdater / zenupdatewatcher applying 2017 update 1
Bug 1074850 Export of bundle with big content (~4GB) from ZCC does not work.
Bug 1074884 French translation of Agent Names under zenworks-setup is wrong
Bug 1075256 Pre Configured GCM Settings for Push Notification not cleared from ZCC after removing via zman command
Bug 1075430 Inventory Only ZENCollector fails when file scan not enabled
Bug 1075596 Update ehcache jar from 1.2.4 to 1.3.0
Bug 1075865 ZEN imaging engine from November 2017 Imaging Update fails to load on HP ProDesk 400 G4 SFF
Bug 1076041 ZENworks login results window cuts of charactes in German
Bug 1076221 Monitor not detect by ZENworks 2017 zencollector
Bug 1076281 Stale  jetty- directories under /tmp needs cleanup
Bug 1077506 ZCC Performance Control  : Case 1 - Device List ,Workstation List , Server list ,Bundle List , Policy List ,bundleDetails pages are slow
Bug 1077507 ZCC Performance Control : Case 2 -  Workstation Relationships pages are slow
Bug 1077508 ZCC Performance Control : Case 3 - Copy Relationship Wizard pages are slow
Bug 1077509 ZCC Performance Control : Case 4 - Workstation group details pages are slow
Bug 1077832 displayWarningWhenReconciliationNotPossible should log always
Bug 1078084 Files or Logs downloaded from Appliance Console should be customizable than appliance_downloaded format
Bug 1078179 zeninfo does not capture services status info on SLES 12 or Appliance correctly
Bug 1078249 Bundles assignment are lost after a partial refresh
Bug 1078406 Bundle icon (.ico) show up as default ZEnworks icon in devices
Bug 1078537 Alert is not proper to Administrator if the json file uploaded as part of FCM configuration is incorrect
Bug 1078610 [Failed to get Services] seems like unhelpful log entry
Bug 1079229 ZCC helper unable to perform Remote Control when using L4 URL to access ZCC
Bug 1079297 After update to 2017 UP1, randomly remote management is not working
Bug 1079433 OSGI debug console port 1234 is open on Satellites with Authentication role
Bug 1079766 Proxy server settings are not used by MDM server when retrieving images in an iOS bundle.
Bug 1079903 Bundle ""Show Activity"" on User Login Event Fails to display
Bug 1079909 Excessive logging for Contents on Servers during Superfluous content checks from Satellites misleading
Bug 1080286 ConfigureCASAForL4 fails with null pointer exception when zone is having only IPv4 enabled.
Bug 1080441 Content cleanup event not removing orphan contents from Primaries - zman ctc
Bug 1080658 Drag and Drop shortcut from ""ZENworks Agent"" window disappears upon refresh
Bug 1080876 bad wif inventory and CDF fail to process due to invalid xml in VIFileVersion
Bug 1081048 scp worker thread throws cdp exception
Bug 1081080 patch policy and non patch bundle schedule running pastdue on Windows 10 when pastdue is false
Bug 1081082 zmd-messages.log - misspelled persistance - Cosmetic only
Bug 1081084 zmd-messages.log - misspelled succceed - Cosmetic only
Bug 1081085 zmd-messages.log - misspelled Truncate'd - Cosmetic only
Bug 1081086 zmd-messages.log - misspelled Threshhold - Cosmetic only
Bug 1081089 Logging Message misspelled sanbox - Cosmetic only
Bug 1081368 ZAPP delays to load when configured as Windows Shell using Group Policy
Bug 1081393 zman - User source has no connection if DNS name used
Bug 1081860 Collection Satellite fails roll-up and unable to persist received file into SQlite database due to ""Error in the application""
Bug 1081885 Satellites fails to resume collection rollup processing after ServerConnectionMgr marked PrefferedRollUpServer or parent Primary as BAD
Bug 1082043 Edit copy file action using variable in UNC source path  gives Invalid Source file error
Bug 1082421 system update overwrites joinproxy.properties
Bug 1082629 Inventory Operating System field (OSProduct) missing OS architecture information
Bug 1082918 ""install file"" actions truncate destination file on xplat agent
Bug 1082925 branding policy applies to xplat and throws error for handler not found
Bug 1082948 passwoord misspelled in email invite template visible to users
Bug 1083024 At user login, the user profile gets deleted when username starts with DAU
Bug 1083131 Device summary page does not show Build number of Windows installation
Bug 1083535 ZAPP does not support function key F5 for refresh
Bug 1083758 Remote control on Linux requests newer version of novell-zenworks-zcc-helper
Bug 1083781 zpm patch policy or install always action bundle with Daily schedule with pastdue true does not run after skipped days
Bug 1083983 Unnecessary Content replication to Satellites due to UNAVAILABLE status for excluded Contents in zContentSynctState
Bug 1084092 Remote Management switching to second screen does not refresh the window
Bug 1084109 Effective Assignment Computation queue action exits in case of any failure. Does not store assignments for unaffected devices.
Bug 1084176 nzrWinVNCApp crashes at service start
Bug 1085206 ZAPP launched through policy handler, no control over how to launch ZAPP
Bug 1085495 Pushing out bb hub+ as an Android Enterprise Subscription bundle it does not send the “untrusted connection” parameter
Bug 1085499 Initial device setup should complete without waiting for multiple device refreshes to occur
Bug 1085503 Mobile Device Sync schedule should be allowed to be set lower than 60 minutes
Bug 1085540 Frequent DB blockings from Primaries during Bundle/packaging or other operations in ZCC
Bug 1085541 ZENworks 17.1 inventory scans system model number inconsistently on certain Dell models
Bug 1085560 System Update option ""Reboot device when no user is logged into the system"" doesn't work
Bug 1085706 Need better recommendation than ""50 patches"" in Patch Policy
Bug 1085707 Importing Purchase Records fails to import prices with decimals
Bug 1085898 German customer cannot get VPP apps to load in ZCC
Bug 1086049 Android Enterprise Subscription fails to run as stuck in ASSIGNED state on Update 2
Bug 1086398 Bundle Action Options are not retained on Importing Bundle through ZCC
Bug 1086970 Imaging services TFTP and PBSERV only bind to loopback interface
Bug 1087100 DLU and other policy is picking up DAU session
Bug 1087187 LaunchException Error thrown when Bundle Install Actions set to run as User
Bug 1087322 Shared Objects > Bundles are not visible in Subscription and Share after updating to ZENworks 2017 Update2.
Bug 1087345 inventory storer gets too slow - unzip thread
Bug 1087538 ZCC Bundle Import does not bring in Action specific Settings
Bug 1087608 Bundle fails with cache error
Bug 1088181 exception in InventoryCollector GetBIOSWMIData NullReferenceException
Bug 1088253 ZENworks 2017 Update2 agent install does not open QuickTask port 7628 in RedHat 7.3, 7.4 if firewall is stopped/disabled before agent install.
Bug 1088322 Exception ORA-01440 on pre-global-actions when updating from Update1 to Update2.
Bug 1089104 ZCC bundle status assignments- view next page is empty
Bug 1089256 ZDC Report should indicate Server Name/IP where it was executed
Bug 1089310 Credentials Manager is cutting of usernames longer than 24 characters
Bug 1089484 Patch Subscription download takes around 23 Hours to finish
Bug 1089679 Not able to create Apple APN When the zone has a Wildcard certificate.
Bug 1090211 Update3 fix for ""no steps to remint Appliance cert""
Bug 1090414 Configure Action to compare and verify the results of precomputed assignments (assignment optimisation)to existing online assignments
Bug 1090429 ZISD Service does not attempt to Update ZISD
Bug 1090763 Continue on Failure" no longer set on bundle import
Bug 1090774 Frequent DB blocking during Soft Delete Cleanup of Devices
Bug 1091036 Applying PRU (April 18) on 17.2 with PostgrSQL throws exception: SQLGrammarException: ERROR: column reference ""excluded"" is ambiguous
Bug 1091372 Patch Impact Software Installers missing in Patch Rules filters
Bug 1091453 Error seen in ZCC after deleting an object assigned as a rights context (before softdelete)
Bug 1091512 DAU sets rights on ""C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu"" but are never cleaned up
Bug 1091771 during a patch subscription the DAU bundle is not assigned ObjectNotFoundException
Bug 1091848 Cannot Authenticate to Windows 10 1803 after U2 agent installation , no Logon Window appears
Bug 1091896 Authentication Satellite fails to start randomly after reboot - CertToken=null
Bug 1092584 Google Chromium GPO prevent ZAPP from start
Bug 1093057 Patch management policy tabs takes longer time to load the policies
Bug 1093313 Bundles do not appear in ZENworks Agent Explorer drive window when Explorer started with a backslash.
Bug 1093439 Inventory summary page does not show Build number properly
Bug 1093751 Imaging device not downloading NBP in UEFI, unless TFTP service is restarted
Bug 1094004 Android App request block autocorrect on server field
Bug 1094163 Group policy fails on ZENworks Agents updated to 2017 Update 3
Bug 1094308 Enforcement of power management settings fails on Update 3 Agents
Bug 1094663 Some of the devices are not listing  under gird for  Device Last Contact  when we slect the time filter Upto  1 days
Bug 1094667 Preboot bundle ordering not maintained if assignment optimization feature is enabled.
Bug 1096184 pre-global-actions dashboard_update.sql error
Bug 1096811 error in getEffectiveAssignments after update to 2017 update 3 beta 2
Bug 1097340 Deploy update to specific devices back for more ignores
Bug 1098900 Eff Assignment Computation stale device assignment entries leads to inaccurate ZRS bundle deployment reports  [Oracle]
Bug 1099086 loader exceptions and heap dump after adding Portuguese (Brazil) - patches not getting superseded when they should
Bug 1099420 patch policy having published and sandbox versions displays wrong version
Bug 1099662 Documentation: Insufficient information about Patch Policy process
Bug 1099948 patch policy having published and sandbox versions displays wrong version
Bug 1100065 The assignment process takes too long to finish
Bug 1100674 bundle not executed on the configured schedule When HonorTessFireSchedule is Enabled
Bug 1100882 Custom patches are not shown without 'Enable not applicable patches'