Updates to ZENworks 7 Asset Management

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  • 08-Feb-2008
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7


Updates to ZENworks 7 Asset Management


Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 15
TID 3009363 - Ability to collect FNI but no software
TID 3799757 - Unable to reactivate user after being deactivated
TID 3988641 - Import purchase record interprets 1.00 as 100
TID 3290031 - Monitor showing up multiple times on a workstation record
TID 3529374 - Collection server failing to load in .wif components
TID 3031021 - IBM systems incorrectly recognized
TID 3260340 - Ability to use %windir% variable in skipdir list

Note: rtrletversion = 7.0.0052 SP1 Interim Release 15 (1-8-2008). The other binaries have build number = 52

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 14
TID 3009224 - IBM system and model recognition not complete/accurate
TID 3440904 - ND task status shows current date instead of scheduled date
TID 3179602 - Collector not differentiating between USB 1.1 and USB 2
TID 3145854 - Duplicate entries in software compliance when choosing "group by"
TID 3990315 - Ability to gather Serial number from WMI
TID 3186021 - Incorrect report title when running 2 reports
TID 3837569 - Middle name does not get overwritten if Null
TID 3641285 - ZAM modifications made through WebConsole do not take affect
Note: rtrletversion = 7.0.0050 SP1 Interim Release 14 (11-2-2007) The other binaries have build number = 50.

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 13
TID 3623561 - Portable Collector will not run
TID 3333615 - Not recognizing some DDR2 memory types
TID 3991390 - Compliance drill to Active Usage formatting broken
TID 3061652 - Collector hangs when scanning workstation
TID 3121259 - Total memory not being summed correctly
TID 3215064 - Unable to delete a custom report within the WebConsole
TID 3006432 - Error trying to run a report from WebConsole with nc_workstation.AssetType
TID 3815129 - Windows 2003 R2 shows incorrectly as version 5.02
TID 3706456 - Delete Network Devices from find report fails if address or subnet used in criteria
TID 3717572 - Collection Server remains Unavailable after applying IR 12
Note: rtrletversion = 7.0.0048 SP1 Interim Release 13 (04-27-2007). The other binaries have build number = 49.

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 12
TID 3653529 - Client will not initially scan when installed on Windows NT machines
TID 3921448 - Read Only auxiliary files are not collected
TID 3874941 - 64 bit Client does not install properly
TID 3539038 - 64 bit Client does not send inventory info to the server
TID 3850770 - Australia locale not recognized by Web Console
TID 3035725 - Unable to save scheduled alerts
TID 3425587 - Collector crashes on machines with multiple monitors
TID 3935569 - Network Task in Australia is off by 1 hour
TID 3774086 - No error message for failed logins in Web Console
TID 3703013 - Custom report slow when asking for License Quantity
TID 3698266 - Recognize Windows Vista versions
TID 3957469 - Fujitsu system recognition added back
TID 3787975 - Adobe products recognition added back
TID 3653529 - Windows NT does not initially scan

Note: rtrlet version = 7.0.0047 SP1 Interim Release 12 (03-28-2007)
Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 11
TID3202415- Header blocks out data from being shown in custom reports with a large number of domains.
3426982- Wildcard search not working after upgrade to IR10.
3623505- Msg.dll Heap Overflow Vulnerability in Task & Collection Server
3578235- Client Heap Overflow Vulnerability in Collection Client
3680450- Details: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid cursor state
3908370- Header too large in a Custom Report with multiple domains

  1. Added additional test for laptop batteries for Collection/Recognition.
Note: rtrlet version = 7.0.0045 SP1 Interim Release 11 (10-31-2006)
Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 10
TID 3194122 - Queries within Web Console Find pages/ Custom Reports are case sensitive
TID 3469585 - Severe client error encountered. No software or hardware recognition
TID 3616609 - Collection Server unavailable
TID 3712143 - Hungarian special characters breaking reports
TID 3251586 - Windows 2003 always identified as Windows 2003 R2
TID 3469585 - Severe client error encountered. No software or hardware recognition
TID 3177174 - ZAM, purchase date changes to 12/31/69 when adding product in "Purchase Record"

  1. Added Case sensitivity in Web Console Find page and Custom Report criteria on Oracle 10g installs. This feature is going to be controlled with a configuration switch in RtrSetup.xml. The case insensitivity will only exist if the parameter "CaseInsensitiveSearches" is set to"yes". See KB 3194122 for more information.
  2. Added Windows 2003 as a valid platform when adding local software
Note: rtrlet version = 7.0.0044 SP1 Interim Release 10 (10-09-2006)

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 9
TID3008316- No Asset Management inventory information on a Mac OS 10 agent
3005351- Import list of IP addresses or subnets as input to the network discovery task from text file
3231224- Workstation found in both "Client found" and "Client not found" in Network Discovery report
3021447- Unable to view XML file of inventory scan
3005585- Cannot resolve collation conflict for UNION operation
3635591- After the collection client receives its needed updated files it returns back to an Invalid state
3967461- Search button missing after ZAM 7 patch 8 is applied

  1. Clients will no longer go invalid if no field applications are defined to run when requested to scan.
  2. More definable queries for workstation under Compliancy Reporting were added.
  3. Added processor count to database and reports.
  4. Added an operator that combines "contains" with "in list".
  5. Added fields to the software compliance custom reports.
  6. Added a new "in list" column to web console custom reports.
  7. Added ability to import list of subnets/IP ranges to scan.
  8. Import subnets to be scanned by Network Discovery. See details on how to use this feature in this TID3005351.
Note: rtrlet version = 7.0.0041 SP1 Interim Release 9 (09-05-2006)

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 8

TID3007903- Web Console Reports are not fully localized.
3469585- Software scan is failing if a path length exceeds 260 characters.
3007473- MAC collector reports 0 MB disk space on Apple MAC OS X 10.4.6,2560,0,0
3288763- Software Files (Files Not Identified) won't load with UK date format.
3167508- Select list in criteria browser sorts incorrectly when using Oracle.
3289516- ZAM not recognizing NICs consistently.

  1. Support for longer product names and search patterns in PRU and merge was added.
  2. The inventory scan results can now be viewed on the local machine by opening the XML file (note: XML output must be specified in the Collection Option Set and the file format is unformatted XML).
  3. UNIX and Linux software products can be filtered out during the load process. See TID3584534.
  4. New Term License activation codes have been added.
  5. User-Defined-Fields (UDFs) and now shown on the detailed Workstation Report in the Web Console.
  6. Added discovery and reporting of laptop battery details. Reporting available in custom reports as component type - Other.
  7. The Find report now has an option to list software components (versus just workstations).
  8. Added the ability to allow evaluation licence code to be entered.

Note: rtrlet version = 7.0.0040 SP1 Interim Release 8 (07-10-2006)

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1/Patch 7

TID 3571425 - Client error "Scan aborted due to severe collector error"

TID 3536690 - Custom report pagination is not working as expected
TID 3276790 - Database purge fails

NOTE: rtrlet version = 7.0.0039 SP1 Patch 6 (06-15-2006)

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1/Patch 6
TID 10100901 - Custom report compliance status shows incorrect data for License Quantity field
TID 10100766 - Software Compliance products marked excluded when they should not be.
TID 10100671 - ERROR: Syntax error converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier
TID 10100929 - The instruction at 0X0040EBA3 referenced memory at 0X00000071. The memory could not be read
TID 3007025 - Network discovery overwrites values in the Asset Management DB
TID 10101006 - Client Not Found report in web console no longer displays clients installed after SP1 update

NOTE: rtrlet version = 7.0.0038 SP1 Patch 6 (04-27-2006)

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Service Pack 1/Patch 5
TID 10099551 - Cost Center filter is lost when drilling down in the Software Compliance report
TID 10099712 - The Microsoft Domain information is not listed in the details of the workstation
TID 10099926 - Syntax error converting datetime from character string in ZAM
TID 10100646 - Printer devices found by Network Discovery not visible in ZAM reports.
TID 10100098 - Oracle error in ZAM - Unable to increase temp segment by 128 in tablespace TSCTEMP
TID 10100411 - SMS MIF import is not working correctly due to naming length being too large.
TID 10100306 - No memory module reported on Suse 10

NOTE: rtrlet version = 7.0.0036 (03-14-2005) SP1. This gets logged to rtrlet.log and shows at the bottom right corner of the Options dialog.

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Patch 4
TID 10099822 - ZAM Active Directory Import crashes the Task Server
TID 10099823 - Web Console report folders are blank
TID 10099824 - NW hardware detail is not showing in Wks Detail report

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Patch 3
TID 10099507 - Error message creating Local products via Web Console
TID 10099101 - XSL Transform or subsequent processing failed. The document has no pages
TID 10099303 - Error: "The data you requested is not available"

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Patch 2
TID 10099216 - Error: "The colw32.exe file is linked to missing export kernel32.dll:FindFirstFileExA"

Fixes in ZENworks 7 Asset Management Patch 1
1. Collector will now report CPU speed per the CPU ID results string when possible. This will result in newer laptops no longer reporting "running" speed and reporting the "advertised" speed that the system was sold as. This addresses laptops that change their CPU speeds to save power.

Software Scan
1. Modified promotion registry tests to be able to retrieve the data value when the data is in the (Default) value name.
2. Fixed the retrieval of file names that contain a '%' character.
3. Added MUI recognition.

Web Console

1. Fixed problem found with exclusion of collector created local software products coming up with a platform of DOS.
2. Fixed a bug in the compliance report. It was failing when large numbers of suites were present.
3. When custom reports are scheduled to go into storage, the data is formatted prior to storing. This allows large
reports to be opened faster.
4. Fixed - On custom reports with more than 199 records, the header was incorrectly reporting the number of records.
5. Fixed - Numeric data on PDF reports was not right-aligned in some cases.
6. Added "additional SW Info" as an avaialble column on all software custom reports.

1. Fixed a problem with the Software Compliance portion of the PRU failing on Oracle 10G. 0


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