Custom report pagination is not working as expected

  • 3536690
  • 19-Jul-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7


When viewing a custom report on the screen and hit page down or page up, it goes beyond a page, so you don't see some of the records unless you go one at a time and secondly, if you hit the arrow key up to advance one record up, it actually goes a couple records up behind the record.


This is fixed in ZAM SP1 Interim Release 7
This is fixed for Firefox. IE still has the problem.
We have greatly improved the scrolling behavior under Firefox in a couple of ways:
1. The column headers will now remain stationary when you scroll.
2. The header will not exhibit the "jerkiness" that it has under IE, when you scroll.