Allow filtering of Unix Software prior to loading to speed up loads

  • 3584534
  • 24-Aug-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7 IR8


There have been problems with Unix loads taking too long due to the large numbers of "products" collected.
We will implement a feature that will allow the customer to filter the list of files loaded.


-First the customer will create a CSV file listing the products they want to include or exclude (one or the other). This list can be produced from a custom report (and worked on in excel or similar product).

- The file will be pushed out to the collection servers using UpdateFS.exe.

- The file will be read by cvrt2wif.dll, which will do the filtering, so the WIF will only contain the products that are not filtered out.
The filename"UnixSWFilter.txt" is assumed for a comma-separated-value text file containing Manufacturer, Product, and Version. Additional fields are completely optional; the file may be as "wide" as desired for other purposes.

Each entry represents one software product to discard during the UIF translate & load process. New or unknown software will pass the filter and be loaded.

The filter file needs to reside in the Collection serversexecutable directory (\Bin).