No Asset Management inventory information on a Mac OS 10 agent

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  • 24-Jan-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 7 - ZAM7

Apple Mac OS 10.4.4


Newly created XML file is not converted to the WIF formatafter inventory scan completes.


The System_Profiler is producing a corrupted xml file. This is a known issue that Apple is aware. The bug is fixed in Apple Mac OS 10.4.6.

An overflow was also discovered that ZAM is not handling correctly, this isFixed in ZAM 7.0 IR10.
If downloading the Interim Release manually from, the filename is ZAM700SP1IR10.EXE. The Interim releases can also be set up within the ZAM Manager for the Task server to check the site on a scheduled basis, and download and apply them automatically. Please refer to the Help Section for details of how to set up automatic downloads if desired.

Each interim release is cumulative. If Interim Release 10 is not available due to a newer interim release being placed on the website, be assured that the code needed is in the later release.

Additional Information

The Cvrt2wifEvent.log contains:

>>>> Converting to WIF: Inbox-CPS\A42D22BC-8CD7-11DA-A4F1-001451070CF2.xml<<<<


OSXXlator::ReadFile parsing xml

OSXXlator::ReadFile FAILED: CXmlInStream::Retrieve caught unknown error

>>>> Conversion could not be completed due to Errors<<<<