Updates to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management

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  • 30-Mar-2008
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 2 - 10.2
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 3 - 10.3


21 May 2012 - ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for May 2012
This can be downloaded from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=95Xq0AsF8fk~

17 November 2011 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.3.4

See TID 7008244 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3.4) - update information and list of fixes

25 September 2011 - ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for September 2011 (no update required for October, November, December or January 2012)
This can be downloaded from

14 March 2011 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.3.3

See TID 7007641 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3.3) - update information and list of fixes

18 January 2011 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.3.2

See TID 7007237 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3.2) - update information and list of fixes

28 July 2010 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.3.1

See TID 7006265 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3.1) - update information and list of fixes

30 March 2010 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.3

See TID 7005455 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3) - update information and list of fixes

15 December 2009 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2.2

See TID 7004803 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2.2 - update information and list of fixes

19 August 2009 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2.1

See TID 7003766 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2.1 - update information and list of fixes

27 May 2009 -ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.2

See TID 7003225 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) - update information and list of fixes

18 February 2009 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.3

See TID 7002526 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.3 - patch information and list of fixes

8 December 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.2a

See TID 7001914 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.2a - patch information and list of fixes

8 October 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.1

See TID 7001406 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1.1 - patch information and list of fixes

1 September 2008 - ZCM 10.0.3 to 10.1 Schema Repair Utility

Note - this patch is included in 10.1.1

This is a required patch to the 10.0.3+ to 10.1 schema upgrade. This patch will clean up orphaned data as well as create the constraints to prevent orphaned data upon deletion of various objects throughout the 10.1.0 zone.

If you have upgraded to 10.1 (note this is only necessary if you have upgraded, it is not necessary for new installs), you should apply this on your first primary server, to correct issues with the database schema upgrade.

This patch is available at https://download.novell.com/patch/finder/#familyId=18962&priority=&productId=25066&distribution=&architecture=&keywords=zcm10.1-post-upgrade.zip&xp=25066&xy=25066_2008 by searching for keyword zcm10.1-post-upgrade.zip

5 August 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.1

See TID 7001200- ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with SP1 (10.1)

26 June 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management

See TID 7000756- ZENworks Configuration Management Hotfix

16 May 2008- ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.0.3

Version Information:
Windows: [ZENWORKS_HOME]\version.txt = 10.0.3
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt = 10.0.3

This release is available via two methods:
  • System Update, for existing servers (see below for details)
  • as an ISO image for installing to new servers, found at at https://download.novell.com/ Note you cannot use the ISO image to upgrade an existing ZCM server).
System Update - you must be running version 10.0.1 or 10.0.2 before attempting this update.
See " Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Update 2 (v10.0.3)" for known issues with this release.

To obtain System Updates, see section 11.0 in the online document "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Reference", entitled "ZENworks System Updates". If you are unable to download the files via this method, you can manually download and apply them from https://download.novell.com/patch/finder/#familyId=18962&priority=&productId=25066&distribution=&architecture=&keywords=ZCM%2010.0.3%20manual%20update%20files&xp=25066&xy=25066_2008, search for "ZCM 10.0.3 manual update files"

If your Primary servers need to pass through a web proxy to reach the Internet, check TID 3087025 - "Unable to retrieve ZCM system updates through a web proxy"

TID 7000425 - A migrated multicast object can't find the image when run
TID 7000426 - Deleting Software Local Products via ZCC does not delete any associated Components
TID 3868196 - Migrated Policies are no longer recognized by ZCC after version is incremented
TID 7000428 - Extended characters in Common Name causes registration to fail
TID 7000429 - Migration fails with Legacy settings in System requirements
TID 7000406 - Screen Blanking a Tablet PC causes high utilization
TID 7000407 - SNMP Discovery fails to use second community string
TID 7000412 - PC is very slow to boot with ZCM Agent installed
TID 3505757 - Cannot login to ZCC
TID 3123643 - Unable to unassociate a bundle from a User Object
TID 7000413 - User Assigned Bundles with an Availabilty Schedule may not appear
TID 7000414 - Uninstall Option does not work for Directive Bundles
TID 7000415 - MSI Install from a UNC path with spaces generates an error during installation
TID 7000104 - Java Exception accessing "System Update" in the ZCC
TID 7000258 - Bundle Creation Wizard in ZCC should allow the option of entering a unique action name during bundle creation
TID 7000257 - There are garbage characters in "Software Files By Manufacturer" report
TID 7000423 - Unable to manage reboots with ZCM System updates
TID 3065025 - Unable to login after uninstalling ZCM agent from workstation
TID 3342460 - Online help is need for Server Additional DNS names
TID 7000055 - Bundle will not append the desired value in the registry
TID 7000231 - ZCM 10 Migration tool improper placement of migrated image files
TID 3735677 - Can't Migrate Custom Windows Group Policies
TID 3704357 - NULL Key Error while registering or refreshing ZCM managed agent
TID 3360471 - NULL Key Error while registering or refreshing ZCM managed agent
TID 3985692 - System Update fails to deploy updates
TID 3145419 - Default agents on zenworks-setup page are not updated to latest agents after system update
TID 3299992 - Migration tool fails on file uploads when IE proxy is in effect
TID 3418590 - Duplicate Device entries for devices migrated from legacy ZAM
TID 3635171 - ITONIX tablet PC Imaging Segmentation Fault
TID 7000021 - Random hangs on ZCM managed agent after successful ZEN login but before Desktop is Built
TID 3551257 - ZenworksLinuxDBRestore.sh does not properly shut down ZENworks services
TID 3157018 - Device associated directive bundle set with "run as user" force launch action uses system user
TID 7000229 - ZCC does not show timeout error when System Update connection fails
TID 7000152 - Cannot select user for authoritative source lookup in iPrint policy
TID 3248617 - Cannot upload bundle icon if ZCM is on Linux
TID 3237697 - Cannot interact with Start Menu bundles on Vista that are 2 or more levels deep
TID 3695281 - Bundles set to launch on User Login do not always launch
TID 3567184 - Cannot migrate application that uses a percent(%) sign in destination filename
TID 3341669 - Cannot migrate MSI which uses %SOURCE_PATH% in list of sources
TID 3204129 - Certain icons will not display correctly (default icon shown)
TID 7000378 - java.io.IOException: Cannot allocate memory
TID 3209496 - Only English messages display on Z icon during bundle deployments
TID 3921746 - ZAC help in French has all apostrophes doubled-up
TID 3399174 - Cannot use network drive for bundle requirements
TID 3633799 - Cannot do text file or ini file updates as logged-in user
TID 3149491 - DAU profiles remain behind after bundle terminates
TID 3012302 - One or more icons are missing
TID 3285827 - Cannot migrate applications with "delete shortcut"
TID 3756139 - Install agent on PC with Turkish regional settings stalls
TID 3593366 - Cannot install agent on non-English W2K
TID 7000381 - Patch Deployment status remains "Pending"
TID 3096680 - DLU fails when using fixed credentials if workstation crashes
TID 3153324 - "Wildcards" in OS version not migrated correctly
TID 7000382 - "Excel Attachment" fails with Scheduled Reports
TID 7000383 - ZCC does not update status for device after Quick Task "refresh device"
TID 3536432 - ZCM 10 user source gives "Unknown Object" error with extended characters
TID 3761823 - Network Card will not load on OptiPlex 755 workstations
TID 3324521 - Updating ZCM 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 hangs in bundling state
TID 7000491 - Cannot browse for Network MSI when creating a bundle, if using Internet Explorer 7
TID 7000384 - Bundle may not launch until second refresh
TID 7000394 - Macros in MST path do not get migrated correctly
TID 7000386 - "Connection Failed" when performing Quick Task, Refresh Devices
TID 3199420 - Agent from 10.0.2 shows version
TID 3717186 - PXE boot fails with timeout across some vlan switches
TID 3981452 - Elevated rights are not set for Active Directory Domain users
TID 3172230 - ZCM agent will reboot the workstation after an MSI install
TID 7000400 - Novell iPrint client does not work with ZCM 10 on Windows Vista
TID 7000397 - Migrated multi-cast image object has -1 clients and time
TID 7000401 - System Update status is not reported correctly in the ZCC
TID 3087025 - Unable to retrieve ZCM system updates through a web proxy
TID 3145419 - Default agents on zenworks-setup page are not updated to latest agents after system update
TID 3803714 - Could not locate LDAP Attribute mapping APP:FLAGS to APPFLAGS
TID 7000402 - Error when migrating app object over an existing object
TID 3221394 - System Update fails on SLES 10 with partitioned install mount drives
TID 7000396 - Bundles launched as Dynamic Administrative User do not appear
TID 7000403 - "New Group" system requirement in ZENworks 7 is not migrated as "Filter sets" in ZCM 10
TID 7000404 - OES 2 server in pending state when updating to SU1 and zac ref fails with exception
TID 7000509 - Garbage characters in notification email
TID 7000510 - Pending status for an update does not include workstations
TID 7000512 - Unable to migrate terminal server application
TID 7000514 - Updated devices do not return updated status to server
TID 7000251 - Discovering an OES Linux server Breaks the ZCC
TID 7000252 - The ZCM Canned Report "Devices By Machine" displays incorrect Machine Count
TID 3324521 - Updating ZCM 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 hangs in bundling state
TID 3253435 - Error when launching simple Windows bundle that runs explorer.exe
TID 7000424 - Environment Variable name exists without value set causes migration tool exception
TID 7000422 - Errors when bundling MSI with two MST files
TID 7000411 - ZCM ZCC - Date and Time selection locked to US format
TID 3341367 - Cannot install Novell Client as Dynamic Administrator
TID 3081131 - Zenworks Configuration Management 10.0.1 does not allow access to Registration keys
TID 7000869 - ZENworks Image-Safe Data Agent msi version shows 10.0.1 after System Update 10.0.3
TID 7000870 - User variables fail to resolve for System Requirements
TID 7000804 - Need to be able to nominate a server to perform System Update & PRU downloads
TID 7000808 - Subsequent Inventory scans frequently fail to load
TID 7000813 - While Configuring the group policy GP tool box, incorrect message is showing
TID 7000817 - ZCM 10 Patch Management, Failed to retrieve Message Log entries.
TID 3563557 - ZCM Primary servers eventually lock up and become unresponsive
TID 7000500 - Authentication failure with Active Directory in Chinese
TID 7000501 - ZCM bunding of user assignments takes between 7 to 10 minutes
TID 7000503 - Sorting by status in ZCC System Update page gives and exception
TID 3796509 - New Device with appended GUID appearing after server or agent reboot
TID 7000547 - Canceling a ZCM bundle deployment "Reboot Action", does not actually cancel the reboot
TID 7000161 - Migrated app folders have \ instead of / in the path
TID 7000816 - Bundle has INI settings corrupted after migration
TID 7000261 - Unable to deliver bundle because of InvalidKeyException
TID 7002100 - Duplicate devices are created when the device reboots
TID 3879605 - After upgrading to ZCM ZCM10.0.1 discovery or deployment tasks may hang in pending state.
TID 7003661 - Prompt messages are hidden behind Application Launcher window
TID 3175649 - Passthrough authentication is not working on a Terminal Server
TID 7003663 - Icon for MSI bundle set to run-once remains after launching
TID 7003662 - zisedit DeviceGuid=<value> fails
TID 7003664 - Deleting a context in from Active Directory user source does not delete it from iaRealms.xml
TID 7000367 - Zenumia may not restart when the machine reboots
TID 7000423 - Not able to control the reboot with system update

15 January 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.0.2

Version Information:
Windows: [ZENWORKS_HOME]\version.txt = 10.0.2
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt = 10.0.2


TID 3261485- Win32 Collector has encountered a problem and needs to close
3782316- Login Restriction is enabled after logging out when a DLU user has just been created
3026253- Software collection member components ignored when parent is deleted
3879711- Can't apply bundles to users when any logged in User includes invalid GroupMembership Values
3456813- Dell D600 and D810 imaging pxe hang
3600413- ConcurrentModificationException when zenloader is loading service
3223159- Roaming Profile Policy for eDirectory user Home Directory stores at Root of Home Directory
3177802- HeadlessException when running Patch Management Subscription Services at runlevel 3 on SLES 10.1
3239881- java.lang.NullPointerException during Patch Management Configuration on ZCM 10.0.1 on SLES 10 SP1
3393891- ZCM Patch Management shows Product Vulnerabilities Applicable for Products not Installed
3723149- Cannot register Hungarian XP in ZCM
3893064- Bundle action set to run as Dynamic Administrator fails on French versions of Windows
3814046- Missing Chinese translation in ZCC
3919901- Subscription Status shows as complete, although download has not finished.
3994533- Patch Management on Linux does not download content or create bundles
3537925- Vulnerabilities appear twice when viewing Workstation Group
3054291- Vulnerabilities tab always appears in English
3552317- Installations list is empty
3389520- High utilization on ZCM server
TID3885692- Install counts incorrect for excluded products
3088781- Software usage report missing reporting columns
3624116- Deploy remediation shows all machines
3826750- New Bundle Status remains unavailable indefinitely
3222314- LDAP connector not working in ZCM 10.0.1 for exchange users
TID 3889870 - Inventory in Chinese reports user with wrong sequence of given / family name
TID 3318233 - Group Policy Tool does not launch on Vista 64 bit machines
TID 3754130 - Problem downloading the PRU
TID 3532901 - Incorrect string "DeviceQWERTY" in custom report UI
TID 3857022 - Purchase Record Import ignores first row of data
TID 3278546 - Software Collection changes do not flow through to Discovered Product
TID 3121022 - Configuring an http proxy causes the agent web service calls to fail
TID 3884308 - Network MSI Bundle Parameters are not saved
TID 3087025 - Unable to retrieve ZCM system updates through a web proxy
TID 3999292 - Valid Patch Management License shows as expired
TID 3473354 - Patches do not get installed on Windows 2000 (Chinese Simplified)
TID 3848237 - Inventory Detail page on ZENworks Agent is not localized
TID 3346165 - Deleted workstations are included in ZAM 7.5 to ZCM10 migration
TID 3757129 - Net Consumption field value is incorrect
TID 3289026 - Action Run Script is not working for AD user logins, Error: generating input file for Run Script Action
TID 3917517 - ZENmigration Utility is crashing when importing an application object
TID 3413216 - ZENworks Adaptive Agent window displays a blank screen
TID 3404520 - Install count does not recalculate after a software collection definition update
TID 3056408 - Install counts for discovered products shows zero
TID 3477142 - Inventory Custom Report Error for the column'Installations (not deleted) (Summary)'
TID 3907195 - Compliance Data Refresh Not Functioning Properly
TID 3246461 - Unable to add Assignment Schedule to bundle
TID 3956880 - Vulnerabilities may be displayed twice in Vulnerabilities list
TID 3648560 - Custom local products can collide with KB products causing the PRU to fail
TID 3649886 - Slow boot-up after installing the ZCM agent
TID 3751266 - Bookmarks created by ZCM are corrupt when using Chinese
TID 3974091 - DLU Policy fails on Vista-64 when the account exists on the PC
TID 3887513 - Hibernate Exception during ZCM Inventory
TID 3726396 - When trying to cancel the launch of the Group Policy creation wizard, the wizard does not stop loading
TID 3481229 - User-associated Bundles with System Requirements may not appear until refresh
TID 3725413 - High Utilization in ZCM Primary server
TID 3486445 - RDP Login to 2003 Terminal server does not complete
TID 3795536 - Cannot change location of MSI in "Install Network MSI" action using Internet Explorer
TID 3466908 - ZAM Local product edits not copied to Discovered Products
TID 3610128 - ZCM ZPM broken localisation in patch ZCC user interface
TID 3207122 - Customer-created local products can be consolidated with collector-created

4 October 2007 ZENworks 10 Configuration Management 10.0.1

Version Information:
Windows: HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks; ValueName = “Version” = 10.0.1
Linux: rpm -q novell-zenworks-core-server


TID 3369626 - Zicon refreshes every 10 minutes for 2 minutes when not connected to network
TID 3087598 - Takes about 2 minutes for a desktop to come up when logging in locally
TID 3017377 - ZENworks Z Icon shows tag names: StatusPageName instead of Status
TID 3695224 - Unable to migrate from Zenworks 4.0.1 to ZCM 10
TID 3017377 - ZENworks Z Icon shows tag names: StatusPageName instead of Status
TID 3139080 - Cannot enter serial number once evaluation expires
TID 3358405 - An exception error window is popped up in the self healing process of MSI bundle.
TID 3095674 - Can not login to ZCC if the ZENWorks server is installed on a Japanese Windows 2003 Server.
TID 3646893 - ZCM login window appears with Workstation Only login
TID 3337661 - Zman petf command exports File Date system requirement incorrectly
TID 3622843 - Quick Launch Icons on Vista are not refreshing correctly
TID 3685915 - Unable to launch Reporting from first primary Windows 2003 server
TID 3479364 - Update Cache downloads PLP files into NCDIST folder but does not process all of them.
TID 3275171 - Copy directory bundle action creating duplicate directories as subdirectories
TID 3005910 - BOE fails to connect to MSSQL on SLES 10 Server
TID 3573841 - Bundle installation order is not respected
TID 3545712 - User objects from eDir 8.8 sp2 are not listed in ZCC
TID 3691734 - Modify LDAP discovery settings causes java exception
TID 3629331 - Reboot options for Agent Deployment
TID 3272495 - Install MSI fails because command line is too long
TID 3422455 - Large MSI upload could exceed ZCC timeout
TID 3524856 - Unable to login on Vista with [username]@[domain]
TID 3977365 - Zman setf command does not automatically create an output file with a .xml extension
TID 3767475 - Silent install to SLES of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management does not launch post install options
TID 3251653 - ZCM Migration Utility General Options do not save
TID 3908056 - Dragging ZENworks Adaptive Agent folders to desktop results in unusable icon
TID 3962961 - Registration with a Key that has reached its set Limit still registers workstation
TID 3209415 - Icons dragged to the desktop do not survive a logout
TID 3363556 - Unable to open the
TID 3320883 - A second Quicktask uses parameters from a previous Quicktask
TID 3916143 - Java exception when trying to use eDirectory on OES2 for User Source
TID 3567059 - "Install Directory" actions with many files take a long time to package on server
TID 3659420 - An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine
TID 3977611 - Cannot unregister with zac using Windows in French
TID 3946399 - Special characters in scripts are being interpreted as html
TID 3697730 - Cannot change rights for existing Custom Group in ZCC
TID 3175725 - Cannot use ZMAN to create bundle that does not have System Requirements set
TID 3593366 - Cannot install agent on French W2K
TID 3564389 - Cannot launch bundle for MSI that has a space in the filename
TID 3469291 - Group Policy not processing on Windows Vista
TID 3559533 - Primary User Not Reported in Inventory Reports
TID 3870112 - Remote Control with Capslock on results in wrong password
TID 3004011 - Error message is incorrect for large imaging scripts
TID 3358356 - Carnot use mailto: in Bundle "Launch URL" Action
TID 3162579 - Unsupported characters in ZCC URL result in blank login screen
TID 3562553 - Microsoft Office msi and msp bundles not installing with non-adminstrator
TID 3523483 - ZCC Install settings generating incorrect msiexec parameters
TID 3852601 - Device DNS not included in the Zone Config info returned to the managed device
TID 3115225 - Taking and restoring an image of a single non-OS partition causes imaging engine to hang
TID 3781754 - ZCC cannot create bundle with a name longer than 64 characters
TID 3790391 - NALCache folder doesn't get cleaned up when you migrate and install ZCM10 Agent.
TID 3687068 - zman asc fails for non root user on OES2
TID 3183564 - BOE installs to the second primary server using silent installation
TID 3826767 - A registered device's network information does not get stored in image safe data
TID 3749509 - Zman command will not accept password that contains extended ASCII characters
TID 3677270 - Zman not properly storing Administrator name or password with Extended ASCII characters
TID 3347389 - File not found error causes infinite bundle redelivery loop every minute
TID 3818426 - Error while importing type hex(a) values from a windows registry file
TID 3692428 - Application migration fails if only the filename is specified for the MST or MSP file
TID 3161019 - Exception on Vista 64bit when Launching File Bundle from Command Line
TID 3474104 - Error: An internal error occurred. Please check the tomcat log file for more information
TID 3665969 - Installation of ZCM server from path with spaces on linux fails to start
TID 3142987 - After directive bundle delivery agent hangs in infinite refresh loop
TID 3497255 - Database error:[sybase][ODBC driver][SQL Anywhere]
TID 3502199 - Windows Exception in mscorwks.dll
TID 3568454 - The zenworks-setup webpage comes up slowly
TID 3564567 - Exporting large inventory reports is very slow
TID 3285204 - Zen partition install is deleting ISD
TID 3431262 - Distributing Chinese language version Office 2003 with MST file fails
TID 3311800 - ZMan Reporting commands are not working for Non-Root users
TID 3712112 - Cannot install Unmanaged Inventory Agent on OES 1 Linux
TID 3493931 - Deployment task doesn't run if it’s created with zman
TID 3689868 - zac bundle-remove no longer works with 10.0.1
TID 3455899 - Bookmarks policy is ineffective in Simplified-Chinese environment
TID 3147393 - Bundle Chaining circular dependency generates a stackoverflow exception
TID 3422392 - Cannot store data in Administrator Defined Fields 10 to 19
TID 3947091 - After Migrating NAL MSI apps to ZCM with Registry entries, the order is incorrect
TID 3892937 - Agent machines are not receiving their bundles when User Associations are migrated
TID 3665545 - Missing option for "Unblock Remote Management"
TID 3937218 - Default windows groups not listed when assigning a Policy
TID 3828712 - Bundle status icon does not reflect the true status of the bundle
TID 3509632 - Bundle Status not correct when assigning a windows bundle to a Linux device
TID 3058158 - System variables are not copied when copying a bundle
TID 3094762 - The "zman ugr" command does not honor deny rights
TID 3853793 - The zmediacreator and zmgbootcd Imaging utilities are not available for download
TID 3696107 - Ziswin crashes after taking or restoring an image
TID 3888225 - Apply Immediate Time Delay is not using the configured value
TID 3379254 - Discovery task results are not fully listed on the Discovery Task Results tab
TID 3890506 - Unable to view CN=USERS container under "Domain Services for Windows" as an authoritative source
TID 3479132 - The ZCM agent shuts down after a few hours on Vista
TID 3872489 - Agent keeps going unresponsive when using NAL/Windows Explorer
TID 3258189 - No inventory module deployed during agent install on Windows
TID 3657593 - Reinstalling ZCM causes two primary servers to be registered
TID 3697282 - Secondary server in Zone cannot login to ZCC after changing primary server's IP
TID 3684308 - Password mismatch on W2K with DLU if password is changed
TID 3733039 - Agent throwing exception in mscorlib
TID 3243243 - Creating a user prompt that can be canceled has no effect
TID 3096829 - Using Windows Proxy will fail the first time but works subsequently

TID 3861124 - Proxy settings change, cannot download patches, java.lang.NullPointerException