Reflection 2014 Release 1 Service Pack 1 New Features and Release Notes

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  • 12-Nov-2014
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Reflection 2014 R1 SP1
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This technical note outlines new features and resolved issues addressed in Reflection 2014 Release 1 Service Pack 1 (R1 SP1), available November 2014.


  • This service pack is superseded by R1 SP1 Update 1, which released August 2015. For more information, see KB 7021435.
  • If you are using Reflection X 2014 or Reflection Pro 2014, see also KB 7021835 for additional features and fixes in Reflection X Advantage.
  • If you are using Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On for 6530/Tandem connections, see also KB 7021439 for additional improvements and resolved issues.


Obtaining the Update

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Downloads website:

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Downloads website, see KB 7021965.

For information about purchasing Reflection 2014, please email us:

Supported Platforms

For information about platform support in Reflection 2014, Reflection for IBM 2014, and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2014, see KB 7021449.

For information about platform support in Reflection Pro 2014 and Reflection X 2014, see KB 7021441.

Applying an Update

For information about applying an update to Reflection 2014, see KB 7021464.

What's New in Reflection 2014 R1 SP1?

This release includes features and fixes from Reflection 2014 R1 Update 1 (as described in KB 7021434), plus the following.

New Features

TN3270/SSL Improvements

  • Support added for DCAS-based Automated Sign On Support for TN3270 that enables a secure single sign-on (SSO) solution for mainframe users to automatically log on to their host sessions without having to manually type their host username and password. This feature requires Reflection Security Gateway 2014 R2 and the Reflection Automated Sign-on for Mainframe 2014 Add-On, licensed separately and available in 2015.
  • Support added for Reflection for the Web ID Manager to allow the Reflection 2014 client to use resource IDs to authenticate host connections, eliminating the need for administrators to create configurations for every client. For information on setting up Reflection Web ID Manager, see KB 7022191.
  • Support added for handling the STARTTLS option that can be sent by an IBM z/VM or z/OS Telnet server for negotiating secure SSL/TLS connections. To enable this feature, uncheck the new “Implicit SSL/TLS Connection” box in the Security Properties dialog of the Reflection 3270 session. By default, this box will be checked and secure connections will not support the DO STARTTLS command as sent by the Host. For more information, see KB 7022064.

Secure Shell Improvements

  • Support added for DCAS-based Automated Sign On Support for Telnet (VT) Sessions to Unix System Services that enables a secure single sign-on (SSO) solution for VT users to automatically log on to their host sessions without having to manually type their host username and password. This feature requires Reflection Security Gateway 2014 R2 and the Reflection Automated Sign-on for Mainframe 2014 Add-On, licensed separately and available in 2015.
  • Support added for SSH-configured sessions to leverage the Reflection Security Gateway token authorization technology. This secures connections between client emulation users and host systems. Reflection SSH connections to the SSH server are tunneled inside a SSL connection to the Reflection Security Proxy where the final SSH connection would then be put on the wire so that it can be sent to the SSH Server. This feature requires Reflection Security Proxy, included in Reflection Security Gateway 2014, licensed separately. For more information on SSH connections via Security Proxy, see KB 7021431.
  • Client-side support and functionality added for the PKI-Challenge (or PKIC) authentication protocol to satisfy U.S. government-wide HSPD-12 requirements. The primary use of this feature is for connections to Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications. For more information, see KB 7021428.

API and Macro Improvements

  • A new method, CreateLayout, can be used to programmatically load a Reflection layout file (*.rwsp).
  • Support has been added to allow .NET and VBA programmatic access to the Reflection Workspace regardless of arrangement: as tabs, windows, tiled vertically, tiled horizontally, or cascaded when in Ribbon Mode.

Other Improvements

  • Support has been added so that the copy of on-screen redacted data from one IBM Host screen will paste to another in a redacted state. Previous versions of Reflection would not allow the copy of any redacted data.

Resolved Issues

API, Automation, or Macro Issues

  • When run against an AS/400, HLLAPI functions 15 (Copy String To Presentation Space) and 33 (Copy String To Field) will correctly force characters to upper-case as mandated by 5250 field attributes.
  • Output from the GetSystemTime method on the ExtraSystem class now returns [mm/dd/yyyy xx:xx:xx AM/PM] to match the data returned by EXTRA! X-treme.
  • The HLLAPI trace can now be started or stopped in Reflection Workspace Settings > Configure Workspace Attributes, where you can also configure the log file name and path.
  • The HLLAPI trace output now displays the correct Operating System version, and the Interface type will display EHLLAPI or PCSHLL as appropriate.
  • The legacy Reflection API of "WaitForString" will now allow the wait timeout to include hours, minutes, and seconds for the interval.
  • The .NET API method of IbmTerminal.Version will now return the correct installed version of Reflection.
  • When a button is mapped to an action sequence on the Reflection ribbon, the UIControl object now includes properties to set ToolTip and Description text programmatically.

File Transfer Issues

  • "Transfer In Progress" message now consistently displays when transferring consecutive TSO files.
  • 5250 file transfer download from an AS/400 host system with the file transfer national character set of Simplified Chinese (code page 946) now completes successfully.

Security Issues

For more information about these security issues, see Security Alerts - Reflection Desktop:

  • The OpenSSL "CCS Injection" Vulnerability CVE-2014-0224 fix is included to prevent an attacker with a man-in-the-middle vantage point on the network to decrypt or modify traffic.
  • This service pack resolves multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Reflection FTP Client through the ActiveX/COM Interface (CVE-2014-0603, CVE-2014-0604, CVE-2014-0605, CVE-2014-0606).

Secure Shell Issues

  • Changed the default values for the SSH terminal window options for "echonl" and "noflsh" to be "-echonl" and "-noflsh."

User Interface Issues

  • Fixed-sized fonts are now proportionally rendered when using large font sizes.
  • The drop-down menu displayed when right-clicking on a Reflection Workspace Document tab in Ribbon Mode is now correctly dismissed when clicking or typing in the Host session window.
  • The Reflection File menu now correctly displays with a vertical scroll bar if the "Maximum number of Recent Documents to show" setting is set to a number greater than that can be shown on the screen.

VT Issues

  • A key can now be mapped to Backtab.
  • The Reflection Workspace title bar is now consistently updated when set via a VT session host-initiated macro using the legacy Reflection Basic "caption" property.
  • VT session print jobs are now formatted with the correct number of columns when "Automatically adjust font size to fit window" is selected in Font Settings and the controller print data has more characters per line than the printer is configured for.

Other Issues

  • A Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error no longer occurs if trying to start a SSL/TLS host session when the Host certificate does not contain a valid AltIssurerName extension.
  • Copy and paste between Reflection and Microsoft Excel with the “Use Table Format” setting unchecked will now correctly place a tab for every field attribute between Host fields or words, depending on the settings, producing output like EXTRA! X-treme.
  • An Attachmate Reflection for the Web metering server will now consistently report information about a Windows 7 client PC when using a wireless network connection.
  • A crash in Explorer.exe on Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit only no longer occurs when "Clear the Clipboard when exiting Workspace" is checked in the Reflection Workspace settings.
  • Characters are no longer intermittently dropped in IBM Host sessions when using a barcode scanner to input data, where the text spans several host fields. For more information, see KB 7021430.
  • In Reflection FTP Client, navigating up and down in the server directory in SFTP connections no longer causes intermittent application crashes in module ntdll.dll.

Additional Information

Legacy KB ID

This document was originally published as Attachmate Technical Note 2749.