Reflection 2014 R1 Service Pack 1 Update 1 - New Features and Release Notes

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  • 01-Sep-2015
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection 2014 R1 SP1 Update 1
Reflection Pro 2014 R1 SP1 Update 1
Reflection X 2014 R1 SP1 Update 1
Reflection for IBM 2014 R1 SP1 Update 1
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2014 R1 SP1 Update 1
Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On R1 SP1 Update 1


Service Pack 1 Update 1 is available for maintained customers who have Reflection 2014 products installed. This technical note provides information about how to obtain your update and a list of features and fixes included in Service Pack 1 Update 1.

Note: Reflection Desktop 16.0 released October 2015. For more information on this upgrade, see KB 7021426.


Version Identification

This product update is version, which is identified as version 15.6.812.0 in Reflection Workspace > Help > About, or Control Panel > Programs.

This update includes Reflection FTP Client version 15.6.323, which is identified as version 15.6.812.0 in its Help > About dialog.

When this update is applied to Reflection X 2014 or Reflection Pro 2014 on Windows, Reflection X Advantage is updated to version 5.0.985 (5.0+SP1+Update 1) as described in KB 7021836. If optional legacy Reflection X is installed, it is updated to 14.1 Service Pack 4 Update 1 as described in KB 7021743.

Obtaining and Installing the Update

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product updates from the Attachmate Downloads website: You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can download a file. For more information on using the Downloads website, see KB 7021965.

For information about applying an update to an existing installation of Reflection 2014 (R1, R1 Update 1, or R1 SP1), see KB 7021464.

If you are running the Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On, it must be updated to the same version as the Reflection 2014 product. For more information, see the Installation Instructions section in Technical Note 2707.

If you have installed Reflection for HP (a separate download and installation for Reflection 2014 and Reflection Pro 2014 customers), we recommend you also update it to 14.1 Service Pack 4 Update 1 as described in KB 7021743.

New Features and Resolved Issues

In addition to the features and fixes previously released in Service Pack 1 (as described in Technical Notes 2749, 2754, and 2707) and Update 1 (as described in KB 7021434), this Service Pack 1 Update 1 includes the following new features and fixes:


  • Reflection 2014 products will now run on Microsoft Windows 10 without errors at load time. For more information, see KB 7021741.
  • NonStop/Tandem 6530 sessions now support Information Privacy redaction with a fixed set of credit card vendors (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB).
  • NonStop/Tandem 6530 sessions now enforce PCI DSS rules for secure connections. If secure connections are required for wireless networks or all networks, then an SSL or SSH connection is required.
  • A setting called “Allow APIs to read redacted data” has been added to the Setup Information Privacy configuration to allow programs or macros using the Reflection .NET and VBA APIs to read redacted data as clear text. For example, you could set up Information Privacy features to mask credit card numbers so that users are unable to see them. With this option enabled, you can also run some automation that retrieves all the data on the terminal screen, even the redacted data.

Security Updates

  • The Logjam attack vulnerability has been addressed (CVE-2015-4000). For more information, see Security Alerts - Reflection Desktop.
  • The product no longer allows the use of an RSA temporary key in a non-export RSA key exchange cipher suite, which would downgrade the security of a TLS 1.2 session (CVE-2015-0204). For more information, see Security Alerts - Reflection Desktop.
  • Anonymous cipher suites have been removed from the lists for SSL and TLS connections.
  • NonStop/Tandem 6530 sessions can no longer be configured for the SSLv3 protocol. For more information about the SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability, see KB 7021975.
  • The “Use Reflection security proxy” checkbox on the Security Properties dialog is now always available for selection when retrieving proxy data from a Reflection Security Gateway version 12.1.
  • For secure connections, the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) or Certificate in DER format is now properly read when obtained by an HTTP request to a CRL Distribution Point (CDP) or HTTP Server. Previously we only supported binary format.
  • User certificates created using a Microsoft Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) provider will now display properly in the Client Authentication certificate selection dialog of Reflection.

API and Macro Fixes

  • While running a HLLAPI application, manually closing and restarting a Host session will now allow the HLLAPI program to interact with the session’s Presentation Space again.
  • When using an IBM Terminal User Control (TUC), the terminal screen will correctly repaint after it is resized by a hosting Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) control.
  • The FTPSendFile and the FTPReceiveFile functions now take the drive and directory information set by the ChDrive and ChDir statements in a Reflection Basic macro.

Copy/Paste Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where redacted data can possibly be exposed during a copy/paste operation. This could happen if the redacted data is preceded by a text string that is part of a Regular Expression that applies to the copy from field.
  • Data is no longer incorrectly handled when copied from multiple fields and pasted into input fields on nonconsecutive lines.
  • The Reflection R8WIN.EXE no longer locks or makes the Windows Clipboard unresponsive when repeated clipboard access occurs.

Input/Keyboard Fixes

  • Legacy-EXTRA! Quickpads mapped with a send key sequence displayed in all capital letters now sends the proper AID key to the Host.
  • In Classic User Interface Mode the RIGHT-ALT key (RMENU) key is now available for remapping.
  • Characters are no longer intermittently dropped in IBM Host sessions when using a barcode scanner to input data, where the text spans several host fields. For more information, see KB 7021430.

FTP Fixes

  • Reflection FTP Client will successfully load with no errors when run as a Published Application under Citrix XenApp 6.5.

Additional Information

Legacy KB ID

This document was originally published as Attachmate Technical Note 2810.