Slow sync of Mobility - Master TID

  • 7013038
  • 12-Aug-2013
  • 28-Apr-2015


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Emails, appointments, contacts reach mobile devices after a long time.
Slow, delayed sync of mail or appointments - takes a long time.
Slow performance of Mobility server.


TID 7013484 - How to manually monitor tasks waiting for processing for GroupWise and Mobility connectors
*How to determine the bottleneck for slow sync performance.

GroupWise POA & Network Connectivity
TID 7007064 - Slow sync of Emails or Appointments to mobile devices (4500 is blocked)
TID 7009520 - List of ports used by GroupWise, DataSynchronizer, Vibe, Messenger, Filr
TID 7012735 - Slow sync of mail for some users (hung SOAP threads)
TID 7013102 - How to find a hung SOAP thread on a GroupWise POA

Mobility Server:
TID 7009723 - Performance Issues on DataSync - No Performance of Maintenance (Nightly Maintenance)
TID 7009812 - Slow Performance of Mobility during peak hours (disk IO)
TID 7016454 - Slow sync of events (Mobility server overloaded with consumerevents for some users)
TID 7012128 - Mail items don't sync to devices (Mobility server overloaded with syncevents for some users)
TID 7009453 - How to run manual maintenance on DataSync and Mobility databases
TID 7014487 - Slow performance of Mobility server (GroupWise poll)