Performance Issues on DataSync - No Performance of Maintenance

  • 7009723
  • 10-Nov-2011
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.2


DataSync is slow to synchronize with devices.
The database is very large.


In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the Mobility Connector to display the Mobility Connector Configuration page.

  1. Click Edit XML Source.
  2. To adjust the time when nightly maintenance occurs:
  3. Locate the following lines:     

    <databaseMaintenanceStartHour>0</databaseMaintenanceStartHour>      <databaseMaintenanceStopHour>6</databaseMaintenanceStopHour>
(Optional) To turn off nightly maintenance:  
  1. Locate the following line:

Change 1 to 0.

 IMPORTANT:This is not recommended. Without nightly maintenance, items accumulate in the Mobility      Connector database indefinitely and reduce Mobility Connector performance over time. 

  1. Click Save Custom Settings.

  2. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  3. In a terminal window, restart the Synchronizer services:

          rcdatasync restart

  4. (Conditional) If the Mobility Connector is not configured to restart automatically along with the Synchronizer services:
             1. In the Actions column for the Mobility Connector, click Stop icon to stop the Mobility Connector.
             2. Click Start icon to start the Mobility Connector with the new nightly maintenance settings in effect.

    You can see what the Mobility Connector is doing as it performs its nightly maintenance by searching for MaintenanceMonitor in the Mobility Connector log file:


Additional Information

If logging is set to Debug, the Mobility Connector logs each item that it deletes. This can result in a very large log file. Without the Debug log level, the Mobility Connector lists the users as it performs nightly maintenance for them. For more information about log levels, see "Controlling Connector Logging" in "Connector and User Management" in the Novell Data Synchronizer System Administration Guide.