Requirement to Deploy Value Stream

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IT4IT RA Value Stream


Requirement to Deploy (R2D)

How to develop, or source the Services to drive your business.

Value Stream Chart (Level 2)

​IT departments today experience challenges in meeting the expectations of the business in planning, developing, and delivering requested services. The R2D Value Stream is designed to ensure predictable, cost-effective, high quality results to the business while also promoting high levels of re-use, flexibility, agility, and collaboration across IT to support traditional and new methods for service creation and sourcing.


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HPE Products Mapping

High-level illustration of HPE Product Mapping to this value stream.

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Primary Functional Components
Test ComponentPlan and execute tests to ensure that IT will support customer’s requirements at the agreed service level.
Requirement ComponentManage requirements through the lifecycle of the service. Maintain traceability of requirements.
Defect ComponentKeep track of Defects; including origin, status, importance, and relation to Requirements and Known Errors.
Project ComponentCoordinate the creation and provide ongoing execution oversight of IT Projects.
Release Composition ComponentManage the Release Package, Service Release, Service Release Blueprints, and overall Service Release Plan.
Build ComponentReceive the Source artifact from the Service Development functional component and manage the creation, implementation, automation, and security and storage of all builds. Receive the Source data object from the Source Control functional component and manage the creation, implementation, automation, and security and storage of all Builds.
Service Design ComponentIdentify the new or existing services required to meet the needs of the Scope Agreement and IT Project.
Source Control ComponentReceive the Logical Service Blueprint and use it to create Source artifacts for a new or changed IT service.
Build Package ComponentCreates a deployable package made up of one or many Builds. Manages the Build Packages and relationships to the Service Release Blueprints.
Secondary Functional Components
Problem ComponentPrevent Incidents from happening and minimize the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented.
Incident ComponentOptimize service quality and availability by restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible,
Portfolio Demand ComponentEvaluate all demands (new service, enhancements, defects) coming into IT through a single funnel.
Proposal ComponentManage the portfolio of IT investments that are proposed, approved, active, deferred, or rejected.
Service Portfolio ComponentManage the portfolio of services in plan, transition, production, and retirement.
Policy ComponentManage creation, review, approval, and audit of all IT policies.
Catalog Composition ComponentCreate and publish the catalog items, including all their dependencies, at the level at which these can be consumed as offers in the Offer Management functional component.
Fulfillment Execution ComponentThe Fulfillment Execution functional component is orchestrating the delivery of the various components amongst (multiple) fulfillment engines – which may include external providers – in order to deliver the IT service.
HPE R2D implementations
HPE Software Certified Requirement to Deploy Implementation

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Requirement to Deploy HPE Implementation

Find out how HPE Software products fit into the Requirement to Deploy puzzle.

Documentation and Additional Material

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R2D Concept and Configuration Guide
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