Reflection Desktop 16.0 SP1 - New Features and Release Notes

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  • 21-Jun-2016
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection Desktop version 16.0
Reflection Desktop Pro version 16.0
Reflection Desktop for X version 16.0
Reflection Desktop for IBM version 16.0
Reflection Desktop for UNIX and OpenVMS version 16.0
Reflection Desktop Plus Add-On version 16.0
Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On version 16.0


Reflection Desktop 16.0 Service Pack 1 (version released June 2016. This update is applied to an existing installation of Reflection Desktop products. This technical note describes new features and resolved issues.


Version Identification

This product update is version 16.0.308 which is identified in Reflection Workspace > Help > About, or Control Panel > Programs.

This update includes Reflection FTP Client version 16.0.308 which is identified in its Help > About dialog.

When this update is applied to Reflection Desktop Pro or Reflection Desktop for X on Windows, Reflection X Advantage is updated to version 5.1.622 (also known as 5.1 Service Pack 1) as described in KB 7021839. If optional legacy Reflection X is installed, it is updated to version 14.1.1002 (see also KB 7021744).

Obtaining and Installing the Service Pack

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product updates at You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can download a file. For more information on using the Downloads website, see KB 7021965.

For information about applying an update to an existing installation of Reflection Desktop products, see KB 7021464.

Note for X users: If you have installed Reflection Desktop Pro or Reflection Desktop for X, make sure to apply the appropriate (64-bit or 32-bit) update for your product installation.

Note for NonStop users: If you have installed the Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On, it must be separately updated to the same version as the Reflection Desktop product. For more information, see KB 7021419.

Note for Plus users: If you have installed the Reflection Desktop Plus Add-On, it is not updated by the Reflection Desktop product service pack installer. The version for this component will remain 16.0.209 after this service pack is installed, which is the same as the initial release.

New Features and Resolved Issues

In addition to the features and fixes previously released in version 16.0 Update 1 (as described in KB 7021418), this update includes the following new features and fixes.

New Features

  • Centralized Management:  Support for Micro Focus Advanced Authentication (MFAA). MFAA is an add-on for the Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server version 12.3 that provides several options for multi-factor authentication from the desktop.
  • Added support to merge print data with an RTF file to print as a PDF or Word file.
  • A user can now import a legacy Extra! or InfoConnect Hotspot Scheme file (*.ehs) from the Select a Hotspots File dialog.
  • Support for Bluetooth scanners has been enhanced to allow SPP MASTER mode.

Security Fixes

  • Sessions using TLS and SSH can now still connect even if the MyDocument folder resides on a network share that is temporarily unavailable.
  • Connections using SSL/TLS no longer support 40-bit and 56-bit cipher suites.
  • SSH sessions now correctly connect when the download time of a large CRL (Certificate Revocation List) exceeded the connection timeout for the Host session.

VT Fixes

  • Changed the telnet local echo behavior to work correctly when set to Automatic or No, as well as changed the echo processor so that a backspace echoes as backspace and a delete as a destructive backspace.
  • Macro recordings now run correctly when the Host data contains commas which previously would cause WaitForString statements to be dropped from the macro.
  • A SSH session can now connect to a NI-Guardian proxy.

Productivity Feature Fixes

  • Enhanced support for programmatically modifying the Ribbon at session runtime.
  • Scratchpad contents can now be programmatically and manually modified at the same time.
  • Improved user dialogs and message handling when a user was trying to modify a custom Ribbon which they don’t have file permissions to modify.

Internationalization Fixes

  • The “/” and the “?” keys are now properly recognized on the Portuguese Brazil ABNT keyboard.

Other Fixes

  • Removed the icon image from an action sequence in the context menus when multiple actions are defined.
  • The Reflection Workspace and Host sessions now load and run properly on Windows Server 2008 R1 (using a more modern version of Windows Server is recommended).
  • The memory used by Reflection Host sessions is now always completely released when the Host session is closed or unloaded.
  • Addressed several issues related to Action Sequence mapping including problems with confusing Action Sequence dialogs for specifying which macros to run.

Additional Information

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