Reflection 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 Release Notes: Features, Fixes, and File Download

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  • 14-May-2012
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Reflection for IBM 2011 R2
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011 R2
Reflection Standard Suite 2011 R2
Reflection Enterprise Suite 2011 R2
Reflection Professional Suite 2011 R2
Reflection X 2011 R2
Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2


Reflection 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available April 2012 for maintained customers who already have Reflection 2011 R2 installed. This technical note provides information about how to obtain your service pack and a list of features and fixes included in the service pack.


Note: This document references a Reflection service pack. Service packs are available to licensed Attachmate customers with current maintenance plans for these products. For information about logins and accessing the Download Library, see KB 7021965.

Obtaining and Applying the Service Pack

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Download Library web site, see KB 7021965.

The Reflection 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 applies to R2 of the following products:

Reflection for IBM 2011
Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011
Reflection Standard Suite 2011
Reflection X 2011
Reflection Suite for X 2011

Note: If you have more than one Reflection 2011 product installed on a workstation, applying this service pack will update all Reflection 2011 products at the same time. (It is not possible to run multiple versions of Reflection 2011 Windows-based products on the same workstation.)

For information about applying a service pack, see KB 7021464.

Reflection for NonStop 2011 Add-On is updated separately. For more information, see KB 7021522.

Supported Platforms

For information about platform support in Reflection for IBM 2011 R2, Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011 R2, and Reflection Standard Suite 2011 R2 see KB 7021521.

For information about platform support in Reflection X 2011 R2 and Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2, see KB 7021814.

New Features and What's Fixed in Reflection 2011 R2 SP1

The following new features and fixes are included in the Reflection 2011 R2 Service Pack 1. To view features and fixes relevant to the Reflection product you are using, scroll to the appropriate product name below or use these quick reference links:

Reflection for IBM 2011 R2 SP1 and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011 R2 SP1

The following new features and fixes apply to Reflection for IBM 2011 R2 SP1 and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS R2 SP1.

New Features

API Improvements

  • The Reflection .NET and VBA API now include a method that returns the last mouse-click property, as supported in EXTRA!
  • The .NET API Guide included under Help now outlines the Reflection 64-bit support.
  • Rumba macros can now be run from the VBA editor.

PCI/DSS Enhancements

  • Insert Mode in a 3270 session can now be turned ON while pasting into host fields and using redaction for PCI/DSS.
  • The Custom Detection Rules can be edited for all PCI/DSS PAN detection algorithms using Regular Expressions.

Terminal User Control (TUC) Enhancements

  • The ability to programmatically load custom ".themex" configuration files when writing a TUC-mode application is provided.
  • Programmatic access to all manually opened Reflection Workspaces is allowed through the new methods of MyReflection.Applications, MyReflection.GetControlsByInstanceId, MyReflection.GetControlsName, MyReflection.Application.Id, and MyReflection.GetControlsByName.

Additional Improvements

  • Rumba WDU (UNIX) configuration setting files can be opened and run in Reflection.
  • When recording VT session macros, options are now available to add the default, WaitForString, or to not add any delays in the recording.
  • A configuration option has been added that supports opening a new session as a new Tab in an existing Workspace instead of being opened in a new Workspace frame.
  • CVE-2011-4576: SSL 3.0 block cipher padding initialization vulnerability is resolved. See Security Alerts - Reflection Desktop.

Resolved Issues

API, Automation, or Macro Issues

  • Resolved a memory leak that can occur in the VBA calls to IbmScreen.WaitForText1() or WaitForCursor1() when done repetitively.
  • Under certain conditions a “Save As” dialog box no longer opens after a call to SaveAs(<RSFfilename>) in a VBA program.
  • Resolved an issue where saving an .RSF file to an .RD3X file on a Frame_ViewOpened event resulted in the .RD3X file potentially missing a legacy Reflection macro.
  • The VBA ReceiveFile method now correctly shows the number of bytes transferred and percent complete in the "Copying..." dialog box.
  • The EHLLAPI ConnectPS() function now works properly if the API program is run from a UNC network drive.
  • The EHLLAPI ConnectPS() function now always gives a correct return code of zero instead of an occasional return of 4.
  • A Reflection macro that uses a custom terminal type for a VT session functions correctly.
  • The EXTRA! COM object interface in a VBA macro now properly sets the Err object when the terminal session is not open.
  • An EXTRA! Basic macro can now find the EXTRA! Basic Header (EBH) file if it is run outside of the default legacy EXTRA! directory.
  • Multiple users can now load legacy EXTRA! EDP session files from a VBA program using the Sessions.Open() method in a Citrix environment.
  • Reflection can now correctly read the HLLAPI short name configuration from Rumba *.WDM session files.
  • The default execution speed of RUMBA macro files has been improved when run with Reflection.
  • Changes to the IbmTerminal.MappedNumlockPreservesNumlock property now allow a TRUE or a FALSE state.
  • The HLLAPI Short Name field can now be set back to blank after choosing and saving a Short Name letter.
  • The .NET API method for GetFields() now properly returns the HostField object with the correct EndColumn value.
  • The VT session WaitForStrings4 method now returns the correct values for StringIndex.
  • SSH session settings are updated and saved if the .NET API is used to create a new session.

Display Issues

  • Launching an existing Host session file no longer shows the Start Page of Recent Documents for a few seconds.
  • The Font selection is no longer blank, and themes can now be edited when loading a legacy EXTRA! EDP session file if the selected EXTRA! font is not installed on the PC.
  • A URL Hotspot that appears multiple times on a screen will now work for all occurrences.
  • Resolved problems where some legacy EXTRA! sessions with a white background appeared instead with a black background when run in Reflection.
  • Norwegian Code Page Characters in the "Terminal" font now display correctly.
  • When opening a legacy EXTRA! EDP file for an AS/400 connection, the 5250 FT default National Character Set (on the AS/400 tab) is now set.
  • When using “Enable Word Wrap,” the default value set using the WordWrap3270MinimumFieldLength property is now 10 characters for legacy EXTRA! sessions.
  • Resolved issues where some specific actions added to a Ribbon file would not load correctly when launching a saved Host session.
  • A 3270 session screen is now formatted properly with appropriate New Line characters included after the user presses an AID key.
  • The character x41 (no-break space) is now properly copied as an x40 (space).
  • Extending a text selection beyond the last column on the screen no longer causes the terminal display to pan left and become partially hidden.
  • Problems related to data being written to the wrong unprotected field on the 3270 screen no longer occur after a user presses an AID key and the Host performs a Read Buffer.
  • The drop-down menu in a Host session now consistently displays when using the ALT key.
  • The "Tabbed" action enables the user to toggle back and forth between "Windows" and "Tabs" User Interface.

File Transfer Issues

  • AS/400 File Transfer now correctly converts host characters when DIF format is selected.
  • The IND$FILE setting string from a legacy EXTRA! EDP file is now used and saved correctly.
  • The Reflection Workspace no longer hangs while trying to load the IND$FILE File Transfer Settings dialog after upgrading from Reflection 2011 R1 to R2.
  • Reflection VT sessions can now perform file transfers when the user's default Home Folder is set to a network drive, and the program no longer displays an "Invalid Download Folder Entry" error.
  • The legacy EXTRA! IND$FILE Transfer List (EIL) file can be used to download a Host Generational Dataset if properly formatted.
  • Legacy EXTRA! EDP session files that have a blank [FT Settings Scheme] section can now be opened and used.
  • Security fix for a heap overflow vulnerability in the FTP Client. See Security Alerts - Reflection Desktop.

Installation or Configuration Issues

  • The Run Reflection Basic Editor action can now be restricted by the Microsoft Windows UAC.
  • Companion MSI files with user settings created in the Attachmate Customization Tool (ACT) can now be installed on non-English operating systems.
  • Restrictions created in Windows Group Policies or in the Attachmate Permissions Manager are now able to prevent both legacy and new Reflection macros from running.

Key Agent Issues

  • The Reflection Key Agent no longer randomly displays an error message the first time it is run after a new installation.
  • The Reflection Key Agent no longer launches in a minimized state on an intermittent basis.

VT Session Issues

  • All updated VT session settings are now saved from the “More Settings” dialog box for an already saved session.
  • Installing Reflection X 2011 R2 (x64) from the Reflection 2011 R2 Standard Suite product no longer results in an error message “Could not read file c:\..\untitled0.rdox” when trying to create a new VT session.
  • VT and SSH sessions now properly load under Citrix XenDesktop version 4.
  • Legacy Reflection VT modem session configuration settings are no longer randomly lost under Microsoft Windows 7.
  • XTERM escape sequences that are used to change the session window title and icon name now work correctly.
  • A memory leak in the Reflection VT session process that occurred when using many escape sequences over a lengthy time period has been resolved.
  • Corrected an issue where ANSI foreground colors for Normal and Bold attributes were reversed in several VT terminal types.
  • Colors in a VT session are now correctly restored after a ReGIS graphic is drawn when setting the "Restore Text Colors" option as TRUE.
  • In a VT session the Start Logging and Stop Logging buttons now work in Classic mode.
  • The "VT Backspace sends" option under Keyboard and Mouse now works for the XTERM terminal type.

Additional Issues

  • An error message "A write to display memory was out of bounds…” no longer occurs when using a 3270 IBM-Dynamic terminal (60x132) size.
  • Corrected issues where IBM 3270 DBCS print jobs had incorrect formatting.
  • Resolved a problem where sessions created in Reflection 2011 R1 could get an Unhandled Exception after using the paste function while using the setting "Move Cursor After Paste."
  • Solved an issue where an RSA key in the Reflection Key Agent failed to allow a connection to an OpenSSH Server.
  • AS/400 Auto Sign-On now works with a blank password (so the user is prompted), a user password greater than 10 characters, and the AS/400 Password Level set to 2 or greater.
  • Reflection no longer crashes with a .NET exception when using the MS Dialog font for Windows Menus under Windows XP.
  • Multi-line drag-and-drop operations no longer lock the keyboard when attempting to drop data into an area containing protected fields.

Known Issue

The Help is missing instructions for configuring Information Privacy with Group Policy and other information about the Group Policy files provided with Reflection 2011. The Reflection 2011 Deployment Guide,, includes this information:

  • For instructions that show how to configure Information Privacy through Group Policy, see “To set up Information Privacy with Group Policy.”
  • For a description of the Group policy files provided with Reflection, see “About Group Policy ADMX and ADM Files.”

Reflection X 2011 R2 SP1

There are new features and fixes in Reflection X Advantage 4.1 and Reflection X 14.1 SP2, both of which are components of Reflection X 2011 and Reflection Suite for X 2011.

Reflection X Advantage 4.1

The file you use to apply the fixes and features to Reflection X Advantage varies depending on your operating system:

New Features

  • Starting with version 4.1, components of the same domain can run different versions of Reflection X Advantage. Prior to version 4.1, all computers in a Reflection X domain needed to be upgraded simultaneously. You can now upgrade individual user workstations (running Reflection X Manager for Domains) before you upgrade the domain controller. This is useful if you have a large number of users and the amount of time it takes to deploy a new version is so large that upgrading user workstations and the domain software cannot be done simultaneously. Note that new features are not available to domain users until after all domain components have been upgraded.

Review the following information before upgrading:

    • If you are running 4.0 or earlier, you need to upgrade all computers in the domain when you upgrade to version 4.1 or later.
    • After you have installed version 4.1 (or later), you can install newer versions on systems running X Manager for Domains, the X Administrative Console, and domain nodes. These components will be able to connect to your (older) domain controller and will run using the Reflection X version of that domain controller, so features or bug fixes from the newer version will not be supported. You can upgrade your domain controller after all other computers in the Reflection X domain have been upgraded. When the domain controller is upgraded, the latest features and bug fixes will be available to all domain components.
    • Support for running different versions together applies to Reflection X Advantage domains only; it is not supported for distributed sessions that use the standalone X Manager. If you use the Remote session services feature with the standalone X Manager, you need to upgrade all components at the same time.
  • You can now configure a two-button mouse to act as a three-button mouse.

When you select "Enable middle button emulation" in the Server Definition pane, pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously is equivalent to pressing a middle mouse button.

  • Creating shortcuts to launch sessions and clients is now supported on Macs.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a problem that caused some menu pop-up windows to appear in the wrong location when Reflection X is in multiple window mode.
  • Fixed a problem that led to a NullPointerException during a GetImage request when backing planes is in effect.
  • Fixed a coordinate issue that prevented buttons in some client applications from activating properly when clicked. The problem was reported with the EXIT button in a client application.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented some windows from getting keyboard focus. Windows involved are unmanaged (override-redirect=true). The problem was reported with a log-on window.
  • The error "Shutting down response pipe with error: Unexpected error" is no longer seen when an alternate font server is specified.
  • Fixed a problem that caused clipboard paste to fail intermittently when a user changes focus using the task bar.
  • Fixed a problem that caused some screens to be hard to read. Users reported screens had a slight weave pattern and possible remnants of previous screens. This was more likely to be seen when the Reflection Backing store was set to "By request with save unders" (the default).
  • The JVM on the domain controller no longer shuts down unexpectedly if the password prompt is not recognized.
  • Half-width kana characters copied from a UNIX system now paste correctly into Windows applications.
  • Fixed a problem reported in multiple-window mode with client windows with an unspecified (0,0) location.
  • The migration utility has been improved and now migrates some Reflection X 14.x and Exceed settings that were not previously migrated.

Reflection X 14.1 SP2

Reflection X 14.1 SP2 includes new features and resolved issues.

New Features

  • Reflection X now supports user-based authentication for X client connections from localhost. Use this feature to ensure that an X client that is run locally, or through an SSH tunnel, is not given full access to the server. To configure this:
    1. Enable user-based security (Settings > Security > User-based security).
    2. Enable access control for local clients (Setting > View Settings > Enable access control for local clients = 1).

After you have made these changes, the Reflection X server will not allow a client connection unless the authorization string in the connection request matches one in the local .Xauthority file (RXAUTH).

  • Reflection X now supports the EXT_blend_logic_op extension.
  • Reflection Secure Shell now supports SHA256 digital signatures. You can configure this setting from the Encryption tab of the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box, or by setting the x509rsasigtype keyword to sha256.

Resolved Issues

  • The Shift key no longer becomes stuck (acting as if it is pressed when it is not) when a computer-generated sequence of keystrokes includes a shifted key followed by certain function keys. This fix supports use by speech recognition software that send sequences of shifted and unshifted arrows.
  • The X root window now displays at the chosen size without displaying scroll bars when X terminal desktop is enabled, the X root window has been manually resized, and panning is disabled.
  • Reflection X now reads the profile definition file, rx.ini from these documented locations:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Attachmate\Reflection\X

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Attachmate\Reflection\X

  • You can now manually edit the IP address field. (Settings > Network > IP Macro Expansion > IP)
  • The mouse cursor now displays correctly on the X client window when Windows is set to a color depth of less than 32 bits.
  • Reflection X no longer displays an error message (RX2158) when you unlock a PC screen saver with a password.
  • Reflection X now treats single row Japanese fonts as if they are composed of single byte characters. This resolves a problem that caused the client to disconnect from Reflection X upon opening a submenu in Kanji.
  • Panning no longer causes screen display errors when the virtual screen sizes is set larger than the physical monitor size.
  • Fix for a problem that caused some areas to be intermittently filled with lines while zooming.
  • Command lines that launch Reflection X with the X manager minimized no longer fail with an application error. This resolves an issue that was introduced in 14.1 SP1.
  • Secure Shell connections no longer fail because Reflection could not create a .pki folder in the My Documents folder when it has been redirected to a network share. This folder is now created correctly.

Known Issues

Reflection X Advantage Version Mismatch Not Supported

Reflection X Advantage 4.1 cannot interoperate with Reflection X Advantage 4.0 and earlier. Make sure that you update all Reflection X Advantage installations – Windows and non-Windows. (Reflection 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 includes Reflection X Advantage 4.1 – Windows. Reflection X Advantage 4.1 – HP-UX, Linux, Mac, and Solaris are available as separate downloads.) See KB 7021827.

Manually Start Reflection X Service After Repairing, Reinstalling, or Applying a Service Pack

If your Windows machine is a domain controller or runs as a domain node, you must manually start the Reflection X service after applying a service pack, repairing the installation, or reinstalling the product. (To do this, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, choose Reflection X Service, and then click Start this service.)

Note: This information applies to the following products: Reflection X 2011, Reflection Suite for X 2011, and standalone installations of Reflection X Advantage 4.0 or higher running on Windows.

Help > About Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 Product Version Missing SP1

After you install Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1), the Help About dialog box for X Manager should indicate SP1 in the product name, however it does not.

X Manager Help > About states:

"Installed with: Attachmate Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 (x64) (15.4.390)"

It should read:

Installed with: Attachmate Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 SP1 (x64) (15.4.390)


Product documentation for Reflection for IBM 2011 R2 and Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS 2011 R2 can be found at:

Product documentation for Reflection X 2011 R2 and Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 can be found at

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