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  • 06-Oct-2016
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Welcome to the HPE Software Reference Architecture and Reference Implementations Portal – spanning the Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, HPE’s Reference Implementation, and HPE Product Integrations


Reference Architecture and Reference Implementation
​The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture

The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is a better approach for running IT. It uses a value chain approach to create a model of the functions that IT performs to help organizations identify the activities that contribute to business competitiveness.
This value chain framework, called the IT Value Chain and specified in this document as part of the IT4IT Reference Architecture, applies this concept to IT by defining an integrated IT management framework focusing on the life cycle of services. It identifies the key things that IT must do – and do well. It allows IT to achieve the same level of business predictability and efficiency that supply chain management has allowed for the business, and was designed by practitioners to be industry-, product-, and vendor-independent.

Value Streams

Strategy to Portfolio

How to align your investments and portfolio to the business.
Requirement to Deploy

How to develop, or source the Services to drive your business.
Request to Fulfill

How to streamline the consumption and delivery of Services.
Detect to Correct

How to minimize the occurrence and impact of IT issues.


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