Strategy to Portfolio Value Stream

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IT4IT RA Value Stream


Strategy to Portfolio (S2P)

How to align your investments and portfolio to the business.

Value Stream Chart (Level 2)

​The S2P Value Stream is a framework that helps align IT to business goals and plans. Traditional IT planning and portfolio activities put emphasis on evaluation, approval, and delivery tracking of project proposals. Discussion with business often becomes minimizing costs for IT Projects or assets rather than the value of services provided to business from IT. The goal of the S2P Value Stream is to create an IT portfolio framework that allows IT organizations to optimize services provided to business by bringing together multiple functional areas. 


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HPE Products Mapping

High-level illustration of HPE Product Mapping to this value stream.

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Primary Functional Components
Portfolio Demand ComponentEvaluate all demands (new service, enhancements, defects) coming into IT through a single funnel.
Proposal ComponentManage the portfolio of IT investments that are proposed, approved, active, deferred, or rejected.
Service Portfolio ComponentManage the portfolio of services in plan, transition, production, and retirement.
Enterprise Architecture ComponentCreate and manage long-term IT investment and execution plan-of-action that are critical to business strategic objectives.
Policy ComponentManage creation, review, approval, and audit of all IT policies.
Secondary Functional Components
Requirement ComponentManage requirements through the lifecycle of the service. Maintain traceability of requirements.
Project ComponentCoordinate the creation and provide ongoing execution oversight of IT Projects.
Problem ComponentPrevent Incidents from happening and minimize the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented.
Service Design ComponentIdentify the new or existing services required to meet the needs of the Scope Agreement and IT Project.
HPE S2P implementations
Strategy to Portfolio HPE Implementation

Find out how HPE Software products fit into the Strategy to Portfolio puzzle.

Documentation and Additional Material

HPE SW RA & RI Documentation Library
Information on the IT Reference Architecture and its HPE Reference Implementations
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