Detect to Correct Value Stream

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IT4IT RA Value Stream


Detect to Correct (D2C)

How to minimize the occurrence and impact of IT issues.

Value Stream Chart (Level 2)

​The D2C Value Stream provides a framework for the integration of the Service Monitoring, Event, Incident, Problem, Change Control, Configuration Management, and remediation tasks in IT Operations. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the business of IT Operations and the services delivered by IT Operations.


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HPE Products Mapping

High-level illustration of HPE Product Mapping to this value stream.

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Primary Functional Components
Problem ComponentPrevent Incidents from happening and minimize the impact of Incidents that cannot be prevented.
Incident ComponentOptimize service quality and availability by restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible,
Service Monitoring ComponentMonitor of all aspects of a service, including monitoring of infrastructure (nodes, security...).
Event ComponentThe Event functional component responds to events by categorizing, correlating, and prioritizing them.
Diagnostic and Remediation ComponentThrough the use of manual and automated Run Books, the Diagnostics & Remediation functional component provides diagnostics information and/or remediation steps to shorten the MTTR.
Service Level ComponentThe Service Level functional component enables the design and creation of Service Contracts (SLAs).
Secondary Functional Components
Defect ComponentKeep track of Defects; including origin, status, importance, and relation to Requirements and Known Errors.
Portfolio Demand ComponentEvaluate all demands (new service, enhancements, defects) coming into IT through a single funnel.
Knowledge and Collaboration ComponentProvide knowledge in the form of content and conversations that help to address the needs of IT service consumers.
Usage ComponentTrack actual usage of subscribed IT services by gathering IT service usage metrics, activity, and history for both internal and external sourced IT services.
Fulfillment Execution ComponentThe Fulfillment Execution functional component is orchestrating the delivery of the various components amongst (multiple) fulfillment engines – which may include external providers – in order to deliver the IT service.
Offer Consumption ComponentMake services consumable to various classes of economic buyers; facilitate consumption/management of and payment for IT services rendered.
HPE D2C implementations
Detect to Correct HPE Implementation

Find out how HPE Software products fit into the Detect to Correct puzzle

Detect to Correct Implementation with SAP

See the HPE Software prescription for implementing the Detect to Correct Value Stream with SAP products

HPE SW Certified Detect to Correct Implementation V1

See the HPE Software certified prescription for actually implementing the Detect to Correct Value Stream

HPE SW Certified Detect to Correct Implementation V2

See the HPE Software new certified prescription for actually implementing the Detect to Correct Value Stream (Feb. 20th update)

Documentation and Additional Material

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