Issues with device connectivity to Mobility server - Master TID

  • 7013053
  • 15-Aug-2013
  • 02-Oct-2014


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Issues with device connectivity to the Mobility server.
Device(s) unable to connect to the Mobility server.
Unable to authenticate user from device.
Device shows Unable to connect to server.
ERROR: "Incorrect server address entered or server requires protocol version not support by Email"


Troubleshooting Steps:
TID 7012815 - How to troubleshoot device connectivity with Mobility.

Common Issues:
TID 7015582 - Unable to connect any devices for recently added users (user not in synced state)
TID 7012939 - Unable to connect to Mobility Server after a new install (port 443 not available because of apache)
TID 7012619 - Devices can't connect to Mobility server (firewall, port-forwarding)
TID 7012816 - Unable to connect device to the Mobility server (server information, routing internal/external, verify server certificate)
TID 7012720 - Unable to authenticate from any device (authentication type, URL address)
TID 7012048 - Common user authentication issues from device (log keywords)
TID 7012736 - Connection to server failed from device after account is added (corrupt account)
TID 7015734 - Devices can't connect to Mobility server (multiple nic on different subnets)