PlateSpin Image deployment error “Controlled windows directory does not exist (c:\winnt)”

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  • 10-Jan-2006
  • 24-Oct-2013


Applies to: PowerConvert v5.0 and higher



The following article discuses the potential cases for the error “Controlled windows directory does not exist (c:\winnt) ” when deploying a PlateSpin Image which was created from Raw Volume Data (.e.g. Acronis True-Image images, Symantec Live-State images, Ghost Images extractions or System restores)




he error will occur if the PlateSpin flexible image created doesn’t have a proper boot structure on the boot drive.

For example, a PlateSpin Image was created from a system restore. The system restore was extracted to F:\Restore\Server_C_drive\ (the %windir% directory will be located under F:\Restore\Server_C_drive\). When the PlateSpin Image was created the C drive was mapped to F:\Restore\ only.

In the above example the PlateSpin Image will be created successfully but the conversion job will fail after the file copy step with the error “Controlled windows directory does not exist (c:\winnt)” since PowerConvert will not be able to locate the %windir% directory (the only folder under C drive will be Server_C_drive).

To resolve the problem, delete the PlateSpin Image and create it as per the proper PlateSpin Image creation guidelines (Refer to PowerConvert User Guide), for more information on PlateSpin Flexible Image creation using Raw Volume Data please review the following articles:

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