How to create a PlateSpin Flexible Image from NTbackup restore

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  • 06-Oct-2005
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Migrate or Protect used to capture images to a PlateSpin Image Server.


The following article will outline the required procedures for creating a PlateSpin Flexible Image from a Raw Volume data created by NT backup utility restore.

Please note that the below does not apply to Domain Controllers. Domain Controller images can be created only with PlateSpin Take Control Transfer.


When restoring a system backup with NT backup, some crucial files will be relocated by default. In order to use the restore output when creating a PlateSpin Flexible Image (from Raw Volume Data) the files must be relocated by the user prior to the image creation job.

  1. The Windows NT backup of the source system must include the System State and the entire C drive
  2. The Windows NT backup restore must be redirected to a folder on the PlateSpin Image Server and must include the System State restore (Note - this article will use F:\restore\ as an example for an NT backup restore output folder)
  3. Once the restore process is completed the following steps must be completed before the image creation process:
    1. Browse to F:\restore\Boot files\C_\  - and copy all folders (.e.g. Windows, Program Files, Document and Settings, etc.) to the root of the restore folder (.e.g. F:\restore\) - when prompted for file overwrite click "Yes to all" as many times as needed until the copy is completed
    2. Browse to F:\restore\Boot files\  - and copy ntdlr and ntdetect to the root of the restore folder (.e.g. F:\restore\) - when prompted for the file overwrite click "yes" for both files
    3. Browse to F:\restore\Registry\ - and copy all files (e.g. default, SAM, Security, software, and system) to F:\restore\Windows\System32\CONFIG\ - these are the system registry files
    4. Once you have completed all the above steps you can remove the F:\restore\Boot files\ and the F:\restore\Registry\ folders
  4. Upon completion of the above steps use the restore directory as a Mapping path for the source's C drive during the PlateSpin Flexible Image creation.

For complete instructions on how to create PlateSpin Flexible Images using Raw Volume Data please refer to the PlateSpin PowerConvert User Guide.

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