Restoring Messages for Multiple Users

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  • 19-Mar-2018
  • 13-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise)
GroupWise 2014+


How can messages be restored for multiple, or all users, instead of just one at a time? 


The GWRestore Utility has been designed to restore messages to GroupWise for users that have been backed up by the GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) software. This allows a quick way to restore messages for multiple users, including all users. Although a single user can be restored in the GroupWise Administration, this utility allows for multiple users. 

The following prerequisties are required to run the GWRestore Utility: 

1. GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) must be installed and have a backup of the domain and post office.

2. A Restore Area must be configured and working to restore messages back to GroupWise. For more information on setting up a Restore Area click here: GroupWise Disaster Recovery Setup for GroupWise Restore Area Management - Linux  or GroupWise Disaster Recovery Setup for GroupWise Restore Area Managemen - Windows. The Restore Area will require an NFS share from the GWDR backups and connected to an NFS client on the Post Office that messages are being restored. If post offices are multiple servers, be sure to setup an NFS client to each one before running the utility. 

3. Access mode must be enabled for the specified day to restore messages. This can be done through the WEB UI or the Reload Administration. For more information on using Access Mode consult the GWDR Documentation or this article here: Access Mode Defined

4. It is also required that the restore mode in GWDR be linked up to Access mode. This is enabled by default. To check this setting go the GWDR Web UI, click on the Profile | Configure | User Access to Backups and Enable Link Backup to Restore Area. This is how the utility connects to the backups for GWDR, and is able to send the data back to GroupWise. 

The utility is found in the directory: /opt/beginfinite/reload/setup. It is highly recommended to be on the latest build of GWDR before running this utility. 

To run the utility follow these steps: 

1. Edit the file: / 
2. Edit the following section adding in the specific URL, admin user, password, domain and po for the GroupWise Administration.  (They must be exact or messages will not be restored). 

# Groupwise URL
# GroupWise user with admin rights
# The password for the GroupWise user with admin rights
# The GroupWise Domain that the users are associated with
# The GroupWise post office that the users are associated with
# ----------------VARIABLES END--------------------------

3. Save the file.

4. Run the gwrestore utility (./

5. Select one of the options: 

Note: If the message already exists in GroupWise it will skip that message. 
1. Specify a user to restore items for: This option is for a single user. Enter in the userid to restore messages and hit Enter. 

2. Restore all items for all users: This collects all of the users in the backup and restores all messages for all users. 

3. Restore all items or a list of users: This option allows you to restore messages for specific users. However, this requires that a file to be manually created with the name " userlist.txt" placed into the same directory as the utility (/opt/beginfinite/reload/setup).  Add in userid one line at a time for each user that needs to be restored. 
4. Test Authentication Credentials: This option checks to see that the connection to the GroupWise Administration credentials are correct and the utility can properly connect to GroupWise. This is helpful for troubleshooting and to ensure the correct Post Office, Domain, and other information configured in the file is correct. 
Once the utility runs it will show a list of what is being restored. This does not necessarily mean they are being restored. Check the user's account, or look in the POA logs to gather additional logging for restoring messages back to the users.