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Reload (all version)


What is Access Mode in Reload, how is it set up, and what are the advantages of using it?


Access Mode gives a user access to the latest Reload backup or the backup chosen by the administrator.  It can be used to gain access to one or more deleted messages and facilitates the restoration of them.  When Restore Mode is configured as well, Access Mode is mostly used for restoring many messages at once, especially when the user is missing all email items in the mailbox.  When connected to the Access Mode POA, all mailbox items will be seen as of the time the backup was performed.


Reload Linux Console:

  • Profiles
  • (select post office profile)
  • Access-Backups
  • Configure
  • Load the Access Mode POA (if disabled, pressing ENTER on this option will enable it and vice versa)

Reload Web Interface:

  • Click on the post office profile
  • Click on the Configure tab
  • Click on Configure User Access to Backups
  • Set Load the Access Mode GroupWise POA to "Enabled"

No additional configuration is required to use Access mode unless you have multiple post office profiles and the Access Mode POA will be loaded for two or more profiles simultaneously.  If that is the case, the Access Mode POA for each profile will need either a distinct IP address or port; otherwise only one can load while the others will fail because the first one is already listening to port 1677 on that IP address.

User Access

  • Do the following to load the Access Mode POA against a specific backup:
    • Web Interface:  Click on the Reload post office profile that you want to access a backup for.
      • Select the "Backups" tab
      • In the "Turn on Access to Backups" panel there are two options for loading a backup they are:
        • Turn On Access to the Most Current Backup
        • Turn On Access to Other Backups - Use this option to select any of the stored backups

    • Console:  Profiles | POST OFFICE PROFILE | [select profile] | Access-Backups | Access A Backup | [select the backup].  Answer, "Yes", to the question on whether to load the Access Mode POA.
  • The user exits the GroupWise client.
  • The user launches the GroupWise client, pointing it to the IP address and port that their Reload profile's Access Mode POA is listening on.
  • The user sees the mailbox with all the items that were in the backup. 
  • To restore any items, follow these steps: How to Restore Deleted Email Using Access Mode.
  • The user may also export address book items, or an entire address book.


  • GroupWise client; version 6.5 and up, may be used in order to access backed up mail. Older versions of the GroupWise client may work, however this has not been tested, and is not officially supported.
  • The archive feature must be enabled.
  • The GroupWise password from the time the backup was performed will be needed, unless LDAP authentication is being used.

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