GroupWise Disaster Recovery Setup for GroupWise Restore Area Management - Windows

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  • 30-Jul-2013
  • 13-Mar-2019


GroupWise Disaster Recovery (Reload for GroupWise)
Windows Server 2008 R2 or better


How to configure a Restore Area with GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) when GroupWise is on Windows.


The GroupWise Restore Area Management feature will work if the SAMBA Server services are running and configured on the GroupWise Disaster Recovery (GWDR) server. 

Follow these steps after installing the aforementioned services (SAMBA services on the GWDR SLES server):

I.  Make the parent directory to the GWDR post office profile a shared folder.

This is most easily accomplished using the SLES "Nautilus File Browser" (similar to Windows Explorer).

1.  Navigate to the parent of the parent directory of your profiles.

2.  Right-click on the parent directory of your profiles and select "Sharing Options".

3.  Enable "Share this folder" and give it a share name.

4.  Enable "Allow other people to write to this folder".

5.  Click on "Create Share".

6.  Click on "Add the permissions automatically" when prompted.

II.  Set up the GroupWise Restore Area Management within GroupWise Administration.

1.  Access GroupWise Administration.

2.  Connect to the Primary Domain.  

3.  Select System, and select Restore Area Management

The reason for this is that GroupWise Restore Areas are considered System Level Records and as such, they are owned by the Primary Domain.

4.  Select the New button to create a new Restore Area. 

5.  Give the Restore Area a name (it can be named anything you wish).

6.  In the UNC path field, indicate the following path:  [mounted path to Samba mount to the GWDR Server] followed by \connect\restore.  

In our example, if the profile were name "postoff1" and it resided under a shared folder called "data", it would be "\\data\postoff1\connect\restore".  The "\connect\restore" portion of the path is always appended to the profile directory because this is the symbolic link that GWDR creates in the profile directory, which points to the location of the latest backup.  A symbolic link is analogous to a Windows shortcut.

7.  Do not complete the Linux path field.

8.  At the Membership tab, select the Add button, and add the GroupWise post office that this Restore Area represents.  This will give all users that are part of the post office rights to the restore area.

Once this is set up, the rest is just a matter linking the backup to the restore area in GWDR.  

In order to access the backup, Enable the backup on GWDR. Also restart the GroupWise client and log into the live GroupWise post office.  The user simply clicks on File | Open Backup to see the items that are missing from the user's live mailbox.  The user can right-click on a single item and select "Restore" from the pop-up menu, or the user can highlight multiple items and then restore them.

Note: Restore Area shows only the differences between what still exists in the live system and what has been deleted. If the message was deleted before the scheduled backup for GWDR the message can be restored from the specific directory it is located. If the message was deleted and then GWDR backs it up in its deleted state the message will be found in the trash. It will need to be undeleted then restored to put it back into the live GroupWise system. 

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