Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 - Release Notes

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  • 11-Feb-2015
  • 25-Mar-2018


Reflection for the Web 2014 (All Editions) R2


This technical note lists the product enhancements in Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 (Release 2), and includes release notes about known issues and additional resource information.

Note: Reflection for the Web 12.2 released October 2015. See KB 7022048.

Reflection for the Web 12.3 released in June, 2016. See KB 7022053.



Micro Focus became aware of a serious security vulnerability in this product that could lead to an information disclosure from the server(s) where it is installed. This vulnerability has been corrected in Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 (12.1.362). See for more information.

Features Introduced in this Version

  • Ability to use Reflection Automated Sign-On for Mainframe, an add-on that enables automated sign-on for legacy green screen sessions hosted on z/OS systems, including 3270 sessions. For more information, see KB 7022087.
  • Enhanced HTTPS Certificate Utility, which is used to manage Tomcat server certificates. More certificate formats are supported, and certificates can be generated with key lengths of up to 4096 bits.
  • Ability to directly configure "X.509 with LDAP failover" authentication in the Administrative WebStation (instead of doing so manually).
  • Support for SHA-2 certificates and Reflection PKI Services Manager in the "X.509 with LDAP failover" access control module.
  • Support for SHA-2 certificates in the Reflection Security Proxy Server.
  • Keychain to enhance protection of sensitive data.
  • Support for Java 8 clients and servers.
  • Enhanced LogViewer User Interface.
  • Support for dynamic LDAP groups with NetIQ eDirectory (formerly Novell eDirectory).
  • Enhanced Logging. Standardized logging is available for the Initial Configuration Utility, Configuration Upgrade Utility, Password Change Utility, and the HTTPS Certificate Utility. Each utility writes to a log that is specific to that utility.
  • Ability to add a searchable "LOG_MARK" message to the trace log files on all management servers.

Known Issues

There are no known issues.

If you encounter a problem in Reflection for the Web 2014 R2, contact Attachmate Technical Support for information about either a potential update to resolve the issue or configuration changes to work around the issue.

Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 Editions

Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 offers five editions. The components included in each edition are outlined in Technical Note 2689.

Note: Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 Limited Edition is available only as a component of Reflection Enterprise Suite 2014 R2, and includes only IBM 3270 (and printer), IBM 5250 (and printer), AS/400 Data Transfer, VT, and FTP clients.

Obtaining Your Product

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Installing or Upgrading Your Product

For information about installing your product, see the Reflection for the Web 2014 R2 Installation Guide:

If you are installing the product over an existing installation, see "Upgrading from a Previous Version" in the Installation Guide.

Technical Resources

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