ZCM Imaging restore is slow

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  • 24-May-2013
  • 25-Feb-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management


ZCM Imaging restore is slow.


 This is fixed in version 11.3 - see KB 7014213 "ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7014213

1.  Alt-F2 , switch to another screen during the image restore, preferably at the beginning.
*Tested this on an image creation and saw a 15% decrease in time it took to create the image.
2.  Use the kernel parameter nomodeset (may have different results as hardware changes).
Make a backup of the imaging files, then:
1.  For PXE automatic boot in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) > Configuration > Device Management > Preboot Services > PXE Options > Boot Options > PXE Kernel Boot Parameters, add: nomodeset
NOTE: This change in ZCC doesn't take affect when using the PXE imaging menu. To have this work with the PXE imaging menu, the next workaround must be used.
2.  Modify the files: z_auto.cfg, z_maint.cfg, z_zpdis.conf (Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\tftp, Linux: /srv/tftp, path for config files in the server: $TFTP_ROOT/efi/x86_64) to add the boot option nomodeset to the end of the append line:
append="mode=5 splash=silent showopts vga=0x0314 nomodeset"
3.  If using the PXE or a bootcd (bootcd.iso burned to a CD) and manual imaging, add boot option nomodeset while selecting the boot mode (Automatic, Manual, etc.) from the bootcd or PXE menu.  If using the bootcd, this option can be added at the end of each append line in the boot/i386/loader/isolinux.cfg file on the bootcd.iso (bootcd.iso files placed local drive, edit file, burn new bootcd that includes edited file).

Additional Information

Test results of a restore with 11.2.3a + April update:

Imaging with screen active: 86:16        *Default conditions.
Imaging with screen active: 27:54        *Kernel parameter nomodeset used  (comparable to 11.2.0 imagine restore, a little slower at 27 min vs 25 min).
Imaging with screen inactive: 13:54      *Alt-F2 , switch to another screen, is used (at the beginning) of the image restore.

*If nomodeset kernel parameter is used the legacy drivers are used to handle graphics. Without it, the vendor specific drivers are used.
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