ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 - update information and list of fixes

  • 7014213
  • 03-Dec-2013
  • 24-Aug-2015


Novell ZENworks Asset Management 11.3.0a
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.0a
Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11.3.0a
Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 11.3.0a
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.3.0a


ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.0a)

Note: upgrading Primary servers to ZENworks 11.3.0a must be done with media, not via System Update, and with ZENworks services on all but one Primary server shut down.

The media
is downloadable from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=jNd9QJxL3xA and the documentation is at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks113/ - look at this very carefully, especially regarding pre-requisites and upgrade methods.

Version Information:
Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

GUID for this update: 5011030000fc50000000002014021123

To verify that a device has been updated to 11.3, check the following versions:

On the Primary servers:
ZENworks Configuration Management Version
ZENworks Asset Management Version
ZENworks Patch Management Version
ZENworks EndPoint Security Management Version
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version
ZENworks Agent Version

On the managed devices

Asset Management
Bundle Management
Endpoint Security Management
Full Disk Encryption
Image Management
Inventory Management
Patch Management
Policy Management
Remote Management
User Management

Modules (msi and rpm) are shown in the "Updated Files:" section of "System Update Release Details" in ZCC once the System Update has been imported


Bug 843972 ZCM Printer Policy Enforcement shows as failed after policy is successfully applied
Bug 462972 ZCC shows incorrect date format on Swedish workstation
Bug 693720 Change password online (via Ctrl + Alt + Delete) but next local login only accepts the old password
Bug 800347 Registration Rules are showing as duplicates in ZCC
Bug 757116 ZCM Image explorer installs to secondary drive without notifying or giving any option
Bug 514129 Applications Launched by ZCM may behave differently than if launched outside of ZCM
Bug 734123 Logging out of ZCC or expiring the session can cause failure in large content import
Bug 838286 Mac OS X 10.8.x fails to assign existing locations
Bug 759070 ZCM 11.2 Server install error rebuilding remote Sybase database: "Unable to rebuild database"
Bug 767243 Prevent access to the command prompt/Disable command prompt script processing
Bug 762492 ZCM Inventory scan of Local Product has three entries (in wif) for one exe
Bug 760510 Smartcard authentication (with Kerberos) fails with Active Directory
Bug 640959 getEffectiveAssignments failing due to closed connection with LDAP server
Bug 815514 ZCM install fails if umask is not set at 022
Bug 586228 ZCM agent on satellite uninstallation does not remove some authentication RPMs
Bug 760234 Some icons are badly distorted when selected in the ZENworks Application Window
Bug 702824 DLU does not change existing user password
Bug 464126 Inventory (scans and Collection Data Form) are not triggered by event-based or refresh schedules
Bug 850706 System Update of agent to existing agents is not completely silent (does not suppress balloon status messages)
Bug 723549 Kerberos Smart Card authentication fails on Windows 7 or 2008 R2
Bug 742383 Unable to login or logout from the File menu within NalWin.exe
Bug 743341 ZCM 11.2 Inventory of Mac shows "Inventory Only" agent, when full agent is installed
Bug 749497 Creating print policy in ZCC causes server to go into high utilization state and stay there
Bug 770271 Inventory Only Agent does not show in software inventory on Linux
Bug 840618 Random refresh forced logout when UAC is enabled
Bug 766129 DNS name for "restricted" IP address still shows in list of servers
Bug 774992 Signature Check Failed
Bug 793719 ZCM 11.2.2 agent install does not register until second reboot
Bug 794484 ZCM Advanced Search for Messages fails to find some messages
Bug 787929 ZCM During LDAP import the loader-messages.log has the message: Data size mismatch
Bug 752514 ZCC File Upload Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Bug 806297 ZCM 11.2.x installs / System Updates (SU) fail at 9x% every time - java process hangs and has to be manually killed
Bug 808831 Satellite device with Startup Location defined does not replicate content after upgrade to ZCM 11.2.3
Bug 798111 USB NIC dongle interface does not work on Lenovo X1 Carbon Laptop
Bug 841077 Inventory information and reports missing KB numbers, Description, and Date Installed for many MS Hot Fixes
Bug 795242 ZCM Imaging restore is slow
Bug 820445 Inventory only collection server list order cannot be changed
Bug 816423 Login with Smartcard brings no ZCM login prompt
Bug 824852 ZESUser.exe reaches out into the Internet
Bug 815492 User assignments lost on boot due to registeruser errors
Bug 785657 Not able to import new external signed certificate
Bug 831061 Imaging operations fail on devices with USB 3.0 controller and/or Intel i217 ethernet network controller
Bug 831982 Patch builder takes a long time to create a patch bundle
Bug 816776 Inventory Only Devices are not registering after first scan
Bug 833873 Unable to image HP EliteDesk 800 devices
Bug 834096 ZCM 11.2.3a unable to deploy PRU
Bug 840558 Group Policy Help Tools do not launch with Win7 UAC and in Win7 with IE8 Protected Mode on
Bug 834220 ZCM FDE 'Additive User Capturing' stops working after updating to 11.2.3a
Bug 834989 MS Hotfix KB 2592687 and its prerequisite, KB 2574819, breaks Thin Client Bundle
Bug 832043 Tuxera driver is not included in imaging engine for PXE boot devices
Bug 835880 Inventory Collection Data Form (CDF) not submitting data on Mac OS X
Bug 835706 ZCM Bundle may create unnecessary directories for Install File actions if the file is not copied
Bug 835000 DEBUG.log created in the root of C:\ and growing large in size
Bug 840892 PXE boot hangs with VMWARE
Bug 827919 Reconciliation/Differentiation not working as documented
Bug 838626 ZCM TFTP content not replicating
Bug 844709 After upgrading to ZCM 11.2.4, fdeVersion.dll still shows as version
Bug 837253 ZCM Devices stuck in 'Startup', 'Unknown' or 'Default' locations
Bug 840095 Imaging fails with HP Pavilion 23 All in One Desktop
Bug 851219 System Update fails to apply with time out error cross platform (e.g., Linux)
Bug 829930 ZCC error/exception when navigating in a contract on the tab Financial
Bug 835429 Printer policy exception with every refresh
Bug 823603 Internet Explorer Group Policies may prevent bundles from running
Bug 858379 When Random Refresh is set, new assignments are not seen until Random Refresh runs
Bug 680781 Extra allocated space seen in "Logical Drives" section of Detailed Inventory
Bug 701166 ZENworks Icon does not show amount of memory when the device has 4GB or more
Bug 723278 List of devices in Quick Task status goes back to the top whenever auto-refresh happens
Bug 735336 Device Inventory for Mac shows MAC address for Wired Ethernet, even though the device is connected via Wi-Fi
Bug 744805 Mac servers register to workstation folder in ZCC
Bug 791677 "Copy If Different" on a Linux platform does not copy the file, if the destination file does not already exist
Bug 826895 Distorted display on specific sections of the agent GUI on German version
Bug 819111 Vendor is not properly removed after a contract has been removed
Bug 860597 DisablePassiveModeLoginPrompt fails to disable prompt
Bug 857304 Devices using ALX driver do not get IP address when using imaging from October/November 2013 updates or ZCM 11.2.4 MU1
Bug 859143 Cannot use imaging with Motion Computing CL900 tablet
Bug 858143 Bundles without content may show as "Unavailable" on Satellites under Advanced Options.
Bug 851470 Bundles or Policies may not run properly until "ZAC CC" is executed on the target device
Bug 647971 Clear the Effective policy reports from the endpoint while un-registering the agent from Zone.
Bug 729756 Unable to create ADFs for Product Catalog
Bug 746044 Security Settings configured under computer configuration settings not getting applied when GP is assigned to user
Bug 751670 Z-Icon Does not show Actual Server IP and DNS Address.
Bug 768488 can't add admin from edir user source with : in name
Bug 769652 zmgexp can't be launched from another directory
Bug 772891 Admin Group rights will not stay deleted after deleting them.
Bug 775943 Disabled ZAM module still using licenses
Bug 777094 ZCM Inventory slow to upload
Bug 779724 ADF data gets overwritten in NC_USER
Bug 790266 creating custom Inventory report, Software Applications, General Software and Product Platform = Unix/Linux or Mac or Win Vista was chosen, it shows up as Product Platform = Unassigned
Bug 794196 OSGI framework error message related to zenworks-tess-lang.jar
Bug 795113 Advanced Search under Devices does not search subfolders
Bug 806565 Windows Group Policies are only partially applied
Bug 807355 CITRIX DESKTOP 5.6 Login failure.
Bug 808859 Internet Explorer settings are randomly not getting applied
Bug 809718 Registration request fails with error -34
Bug 809937 ZMGEXP does not work properly with French characters in file name
Bug 811388 date notification always uses AUTH LOGIN to connect to SMTP server
Bug 811393 Smartcard authentication against AD doesn't work
Bug 812971 Device - Last Inventory Scan returns zero results
Bug 813202 Bundle with Reboot/Shutdown Action with prompt causes prompt appear twice on device
Bug 815147 ZENworks Agent Install on Linux breaks other Java Apps
Bug 819037 Uninstall fails if FDE disabled
Bug 822669 BSOD when returns from sleep/hibernate
Bug 824525 Wrong data appears in the Model column of CPU focused Custom Inventory Report
Bug 825979 Failed to move objects: The UID is not valid
Bug 826724 Zen Agent does not apply ZISD data after imaging.
Bug 827008 after update to ZCM 11.2.3 Inventory only agent on AIX devices is crashing
Bug 828940 unquoted service path error running Nessus Vulnerability Scan
Bug 829066 Total hard Disk space is calculated incorrect when the server hosts NSS volumes
Bug 834007 2 primary server objects exist after following desaster recovery steps replacing existing primary server
Bug 834668 Patch bundles Fail to launch when DAU is running
Bug 835022 Sometime all ZESM policies are in error state
Bug 835119 Inventory scan only detects 1 of 4 memory modules
Bug 835443 All Group Policies stop working after a change
Bug 835658 lost.handler has not queue action.
Bug 836046 Inventory not reporting all programs in Add/Remove Programs
Bug 838347 Unregister and Register is not working when running at startup with no user authenticated
Bug 841776 ZCC > Password Key Generator keys are not working when entering a UserID or Machinename
Bug 843585 [Reconciliation]:Devices report/reconcile loopback address on registration
Bug 844133 Problem with System Update import does not show any error/problem in ZCC
Bug 846209 FDE - delivery of new policies is blocked
Bug 851202 YUM service creation fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception
Bug 856157 FDE Policies with PBA fail on windows 8
Bug 856397 Blue screen agent cleanup tool removing zesm fde.
Bug 858979 iReport get's installed with a 30 day evaluation license
Bug 862099 Lots of DAUHelper and ZenWindowsDaemon exe running when deploying patches
Bug 841566 Device boots into BSOD after agent uninstall and System Update