ZCM 11.3: When an imaging operation fails, the filename where the failure occurs is not shown

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  • 09-Dec-2013
  • 26-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Imaging


When an imaging operation fails using ZCM 11.3.x, the filename where the failure occurred is not displayed on the GUI


It is necessary to enable logging to detect where the failure occurs during the Take Image or Restore Image operation. Do the following:
  1. Enable the developer logs by running export DEVELOPER_LOG=a in the Imaging distro mode (see TID 3418069 How to enable debug logging for ZENworks 10 and 11 Configuration Management)
    The logs are stored in the /imglog file.
  2. Search for the following strings to find the file on which the failure occurs as follows:
    1. For a Take Image operation:
      The last occurrence of the string lnxfsTuxeraBaseImageToArchive
      This line and the next line contain the path to the file that has failed.

    2. For a Restore Image operation:
      The last occurrence of the string ntfsTuxeraWriteFileFromArchive
      This line contains the path to the file that has failed.


To speed up imaging operations in ZCM 11.3, changes have been made in the Imaging Engine interface to reduce the number of screen refreshes that occur during Imaging operations with the Tuxera driver.
One such change is not to show the full filenames during Take Image and Restore Image operations: this does greatly increase the imaging speed

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