Kanaka Result Codes

  • 7010109
  • 03-Feb-2012
  • 21-Sep-2012


3rd Party Operating Systems and Products
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


Novell Kanaka for Mac may return a result code in the form of "{message}, Result = ####".  This document contains a listing of those result codes and a description.


Result Description
-4A null function pointer was encountered.
-3A C++ or O.S. exception occurred and was converted to an error.
-2No operation taken.
-1An unspecified error has occurred.
0Operation successful.
1The engine is currently not accepting events.
2The engine is unreachable.
3The engine is not running on the specified server.
4The schema version is invalid.
5The signature is invalid.
6The local server is not registered with the remote server that it is trying to communicate with.
7The record data is invalid.
8Unable to service the request at this time.
9The command name is invalid.
10An OS function has failed.
11Invalid null pointer.
12Invalid buffer size.
13Buffer size is too small.
14An input parameter value is invalid.
15Directory Services object could not be found.
16Object attribute could not be found.
17Object attribute has too many values.
18Object attribute is not in the class definition.
19Object attribute could not be found in the schema.
20Object class could not be found in the schema.
22Failed to allocate memory.
23Directory Services object class is not supported.
24Directory Services attribute is not supported.
25Directory Services syntax is not supported.
26Directory Services encountered an incorrect syntax.
27File system path already exists.
28File system path could not be found.
30One or more paths are unreachable.
31Volume information could not be obtained.
34There are no more valid paths.
35File system parent could not be found.
36Unable to open file.
37Unable to parse license file.
38The license has expired.
39The license does not match the tree name.
40The license does not match the product name.
41Directory Services is at the top of the tree.
42Unable to create specified directory.
43File copy failed.
44Directory Services found multiple objects matching the criteria.
45The data is invalid.
46Invalid action type specified.
47File system parent is missing.
48Unknown Directory Services error has occurred.
See also: TID 7008555
49Directory Services object already exists.
50Directory Services syntax is unknown.
51Directory Services attribute already exists.
52File already exists.
53File could not be found.
54Access denied due to insufficient rights.
55Directory Services operation not allowed.
56Directory Services operation not supported.
58An error has occurred due to a missing command.
61The username entered is not unique.
63Authentication failed with invalid token.
64The requested pending event is no longer in the queue.
65Error encountered while retrieving the requested information.
66The end of bucket data has been reached.

67A task is in an interrupted state and can be restarted.
68A task is in an aborted state.
69Timeout occurred waiting for a mutex to be obtained.
70An abandoned mutex was obtained successfully: protected data may be inconsistent.
72A task is in its initial state: worker thread might not yet have been created.
73A task is in its initial state: worker thread might not yet have been created.
74The task list could not be locked.
75The task item could not be locked.
76The task manager is not running.
77The specified task ID already exists.
79The mutex handle is null.
80Ticket number of multiple event abort is invalid.
81Ticket number of multiple event abort has expired.
82A back fill is currently in progress.
83Object not found in the database.
84One of more subdirectories skipped during storage report collection.
85Admin client version is too old to support.
86Directory Services version or functional level is not valid.
87The specified file share name already exists.
88The specified file share does not exist.
89The specified resource is of a type that cannot be shared.
90The specified share type is either mismatched with an existing share's type or is invalid.
91The system is not a member of a domain.
92The object in Directory Services has a class or attribute mismatch and is not valid.
93The task could not be delegated to a agent.
94The source & target paths overlap each other in some way.
95A recursive routine has recursed into itself too many times.
96A file name was specified that exceeds the MAX_PATH value.
97A path name was specified that exceeds the MAX_PATH value.
98Directory Services bind failed after either the retry limit was reached or a non-transient error occurred.
99There is a mismatch between two domain names in one of the following namespaces: FDN, DNS or NT.
100The Directory Services server was unavailable and could not service a request.
101A string value is not properly encoded.
102An I/O error occurred while reading or writing a file.
103An attempt was made to write to a read-only file or resource.
104Data that was being held in memory is stale and may not be accurate.
105File delete failed.
106Configuration data is invalid.
107Configuration data is missing.
108Reserved #10.
109Reserved #10.

110CCS - Could not create a new network interface.
111CCS - Could not open a connection.
112CCS - Could not send a POST request.
113Reserved CCS #113.
114Reserved CCS #114.
115Reserved CCS #115.
116Reserved CCS #116.
117Reserved CCS #117.
118Reserved CCS #118.
119Reserved CCS #119.
120Reserved CCS #120.

121The OS platform is unsupported.
122The OS platform is unknown.
124The task could not be queried from an agent.
125The component could not be unloaded.
126The component could not be loaded.
127The specified file or directory name is invalid.
130The backfill scope is invalid.
131The backfill command is invalid.
133Unable to connect to server.
134The target server does not support the component.
136Login to setup wizard not allowed while not in setup mode.
137Schema update not allowed while not in setup mode.
138The schema update failed in setup mode.
139Proxy account update not allowed if not in setup mode.
140The provisioning of the proxy account failed.
141Proxy rights update not allowed if not in setup mode.
142The proxy object for rights assignment was not found.
143The assignment of rights to the proxy account failed.
144The engine was unable to set rights for an object.
145License file upload not allowed if not in setup mode.
146The server list is not available.
147The requested data is not available.
149The File Reporter Engine has not registered with the DSI service.

150Network communications error has occurred.
151The HTTP Content-Length is too large to receive in a single buffer.
152The network stack has been shutdown and is no longer valid.
153There is no connection to the remote host.
154The task item is not valid.
155Specified path or file is not a link.
156Link target is missing.
157Feature or function has not yet been implemented.
158The request is invalid.
159The component name is invalid.
160The component operation is invalid.
161The agent operation is invalid.
162The URI value in the HTTP request is invalid.
163An illogical condition has occurred.
See also: TID 7010304
164The maximum number of fatal signals has been received.
165Existing credentials have already been authenticated. Perform a logout before re-authenticating with new credentials.
166Not currently authenticated.
167COM could not be initialized on the current thread.
168COM has not been initialized on the current thread, but must be initialized to perform the requested operation.
169The requested name translation could not be performed.
170There is a mismatch between Directory Services context types.
171Directory Services is not ready or is inaccessible on the local system.
172The Directory Services server returned a referral.
173A failure occurred while using a synchronization mechanism.
174Failed to create the specified file.
175Failed to create the specified symbolic link or junction point.
176The specified task type is busy and no further tasks of this type may be created at this time.
177Failed to load a library via late binding.
178An API function could not be dynamically found in late-bound library.
179The Novell XPlat API Library environment is not functioning properly. Either XTier or the Novell Client has failed or is misconfigured.
See also: TID 7010314
180There is no security context to impersonate or to contain authenticated identity information.
181Cannot change type of existing security context.
182The requested operation is not supported.
183The specified domain does not exist, or no domain controllers are available for the domain.
184The specified site does not exist, or the computer does not belong to a site.
185Authentication failed.
186Authentication failed due to an account restriction.
187Authentication failed due to a logon time restriction.
188Authentication failed due to a workstation or node restriction.
189Authentication failed due to account expiration.
190Authentication failed due to logon rights not being granted to the account.
191Authentication failed due to server not reachable.
192Authentication failed due to a password change required.
193Authentication failed due to account lockout.
194Authentication failed due to insufficient logon information.
195Authentication failed due to attempted use of trust account. Use a normal user account instead.
196Authentication failed due to an authentication firewall failure.
197The specified password is invalid.
198The password change cannot be performed due to new password being too short.
199The password change cannot be performed due to current password not having reached minimum password age.
200The password change cannot be performed due to conflict with the password history.
201The password change cannot be performed due to failure to meet a password restriction.
202The specified password is ill-formed.
203An incorrect old password was specified during a password change.
204Authentication failed due to a logon server conflict.
205Authentication failed due to expired password.
206Authentication failed due to account disabled.
207Authentication failed due to maximum number of concurrent connections for this account.
208The specified account name is invalid or could not be found.
209Elevated privileges are required to perform the specified action.
210The specified service name already exists in the Service Control Manager database.
211The specified service name could not be found in the Service Control Manager database.
212The specified service is already running.
213The specified service is not running.
214The password change cannot be performed due to user cannot change password.
215The specified account name could not be mapped to a SID or object ID value.
216The specified security principal may not be assigned as the owner of this object.
217The specified security principal may not be assigned as the primary group of this object.
218The specified privilege does not exist.
219A required privilege is not held by the client or account.
220The Novell eDirectory tree or server name could not be resolved or is invalid.
221A function pointer was not provided for the thread to execute.
222A local error occurred within the LDAP client.
223Specified path or file is a link.
224The disk is full due to a lack of free disk space or a quota limitation.
225The specified name could not be resolved by the network client.
226The specified operation cannot be performed due to a busy state or condition. Retry again later.
227The specified library could not be found for late-binding.
228There is no existing connection to a server or tree that can be used to service this request.
229The specified connection is not valid.
230The Directory Services context is invalid.
231An access violation has occurred.
232Volume already exists.
233Volume could not be found.
234The specified file size is not valid.
235A connection already exists to the specified resource.
236No connection currently exists to the specified resource.
237The specified security context is not the one that is currently in use.
238The client request is not allowed.
239Directory Services refused to service the request due to a constraint violation.
240The directory copied failed because the source file count does not match the number of files that were copied.
241The specified scheduled report is in progress.
242The specified Directory Services class already exists.
243Unable to duplicate the security context.
244Use of or component of relative path is invalid.
245The security context is not based on an impersonation context.
246The security context has an invalid impersonation level.
247The security context contains a UAC restricted token.
248UAC security restriction encountered.
249An unexpected network error has occurred.
250The specified network has been deleted.
251Not all meta data was copied during a file system copy operation.
252Attempt to read past end of file occurred.
253End-of-line marker found in data.
254Unspecified FSRM (File Services Resource Manager) error returned by associated COM interface.
255A directory quota does not exist for the specified path.
256A directory quota already exists for the specified path.
257The server or volume does not support directory quotas.
258Root of volume or share unexpectedly encountered.
259Incorrect use of file system operation spanning volumes or shares.
260The specified COM class has not been registered on the system.
261The RPC server is unavailable.
262The RPC call failed.
263The specified service is currently disabled.
264The specified file system entry is currently in use or locked.
265The specified operation was aborted.
266Current registered COM security settings conflict with settings required by this application.
267Specified directory is not currently empty.
268No NetBIOS name browsers available for the specified domain or workgroup.
269The specified operation cannot be performed on an encrypted file.
270A mandatory attribute value was missing when creating an object.
271The requested operation violates the Directory Services object containment rules.
272The specified attribute value already exists.
273The specified attribute value was not found.
274The specified Directory Services partition already exists.
275The specified Directory Services partition was not found.
276The specified Directory Services partition replica already exists.
277The specified Directory Services partition replica was not found.
278The specified object class is abstract or non-effective.
279The specified object class has ambiguous naming.
280The specified object class has ambiguous containment.
281eDirectory NWDSCCODE: ERR_SYSTEM_ERROR [-319].
282eDirectory NWDSCCODE: RESOLVE_SVC_PARTIAL [0x889a].
283The specified data stream is invalid.
284The directory datatype cannot be converted to or from a native DS datatype.
285The specified name space is invalid.
286The specified drive letter or mapped path is invalid.
287The specified network resource or drive letter belongs to a different network provider.
289The specified drive letter is currently in use.
290The requested operation violates the Directory Services object naming rules.
291The specified path is not located under any of the DFS links in the DFS root name space.
292The specified DFS link has no target folders.
293The specified DFS link has multiple target folders.
294The specified path is located under a WinNT v4 legacy DFS share and is not supported.
295The specified path is not a file.
296The specified path is not a directory.
297The specified operation cannot be performed when migrating between different file system environments.
298The specified network could not be resolved.
299The specified computer is not a member of a domain [or the specified domain].
300The specified file system lock could not be obtained due to a deadlock.
301A value exceeds the allowable range of values, or an overflow/underflow condition has occurred.
302Buffer has a value in it that is too large to be processed.
303Extended path information [e.g. local path / volume] is missing for the specified network path.
304A recursive loop was detected while obtaining SMB folder share or DFS namespace information.
305The specified security principal may not be as a member of its primary group.
306The specified search filter contains an inappropriate matching expression.

512The policy is invalid.
513The policy type is not valid.
514The policy path is not valid.
515The path type specified for the policy property is not valid.
516The specified policy algorithm is not valid.
517The specified policy rule is not valid.
518No more valid paths are available for this policy.
519No paths are defined for this policy.
520One or more policy paths conflict with another policy path.
530The specified policy was not found.
531The specified policy was not found in the database.
532The specified policy was not found in the policy cache.
533The policy is not associated with any objects.
534The policy does not apply.
535No policies apply.
536The policy is a blocking policy.
537The specified policy name already exists.
538The auxiliary policies are the same.
539The auxiliary policies' purposes are the same.
540The auxiliary policy has no purpose.
541The auxiliary storage needs to be managed.
550The policy could not be read.
551The policy could not be written.
552The policy could not be renamed.
553The policy could not be deleted.
554The specified policy is currently in use.
560The policy cache could not be loaded or built.

768The database connection failed.
769Database not connected.
770The database prepared statement is invalid.
780The database query failed.
781The database query failed due to a constraint violation.
782Database currently locked.
783Database table currently locked.
784Database query syntax error occurred.
785Database datatype mismatch occurred.
786Database currently full.
787No more rows available in database query.
788The database provider is not supported.
789The database table or transaction or field is read-only.
790Cannot find the database table name.
791Timed out while waiting for a database connection to become available in the connection pool.
895Unknown database error returned.

1024No agent available for delegation.
1025Agent Manager error while delegating task.
1026Agent Manager delegation currently stopped.
1027Unable to communicate with the agent.
1028Delegated request unknown or unsupported by the agent manager.
1029Task ID not recognized by the agent.
1030The agent is currently processing the task.
1031The agent has completed the task.
1032Agent Manager task delegation currently in progress.
1034The agent failed to impersonate specified account.
1035The specified cookie is not recognized by the Agent Manager.
1036The agent is currently processing the maximum number of jobs.
1037The agent is not cross-empire data migration capable.

1280The event is not allowed to be in the Event Processor queue.
1281Unable to calculate effective policy due to multiple equally weighted candidates.

1536Failed to authenticated as the Cross-Empire Data Migration proxy account.
1537Cross-Empire Data Migration operation is missing the required security transform.
1538The source or target tree for Cross-Empire Data Migration does not match what should be monitored.
1539Cross-Empire Data Migration events are still in the Event Processor queue.

1792The requested record could not be located in the Global Statistics Reporting database.
1793The Global Statistics Reporter Collector is running.

2048The HTTPx Listener cannot be configured while it is actively listening.
2049A HTTPx handler is already registered for the requested URI.
2050The HTTPx Listener failed to start listening on the requested interfaces.
2051The attempted HTTP operation violates HTTP protocol rules.
2052The HTTP request headers received are invalid.
2053The HTTP response headers received are invalid.
2054The HTTP level specified is not supported.
2055The HTTP method specified is not supported.
2056The HTTP content buffer size limit has been exceeded.
2057The HTTP chunk received is invalid.
2058The HTTP chunk buffer size limit has been exceeded.
2059The MIME headers received are invalid.

2304Failed to load the OpenSSL Library.
2305Failed to create the OpenSSL Server Context.
2306Failed to create the OpenSSL Session.