ERROR: Illegal modification timestamps were found in this replica. You may need to run 'Repair Timestamps.'

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  • 01-Nov-2019
  • 01-Nov-2019


eDirectory 9.x
eDirectory 8.8.x


ERROR: Illegal modification timestamps were found in this replica. You may need to run 'Repair Timestamps.' seen in ndsrepair or dsrepair


These "Illegal" timestamps will correct themselves when the current time equals that of the time stamp on the object.

If the time of the "Illegal" timestamp is such that it will lapse in a relatively short time as per the needs of the respective eDirectory environment, no action needs to be performed as these timestamps will cease being "Illegal" once the current time equals or surpasses the Illegal timestamp.

Should the "Illegal" timestamp be sufficiently far out as to cause issues in the environment where it is not practical to wait for the issue to resolve itself over time, then the future timestamps on the object or objects may be set to the current time on the master server of the partition under which these objects reside. This is done by performing the following steps using iMonitor on the master server of the partition where "Illegal" timestamps reside.

1. Log into NDS iMonitor on the "Master" server of the partition / replica ring.

2. Enable Advanced Mode by clicking on the NDS iMonitor logo in the upper left corner of the browser window, and then select "Enabled" and select "Submit."

NOTE: When you choose to Enable Advanced Mode, this setting remains on the server until you Disable it. Make sure to Disable Advanced mode when you are finished with this process.

3. Navigate to the Partition object of the Partition containing these "Illegal" timestamps.

4. Select the "Advanced Options" link which is now available in the "left" navigation menu

5. Select the "RepairTimeStamps (repairtime)" radio button and then OK

6. Click the "OK" button.

NOTE: Please do not select the "Repair All Timestamps (repairtimeall)" option as this will declare a new epoch and place all replica servers in a "New" state. Performing this type of repair timestamps could have a major impact on the eDirectory environment causing loss of eDirectory connection for hours / days / or longer and should therefore only be performed under the explicit direction of the eDirectory Technical Support team.


The server time on one or more of the eDirectory replica servers was set into the future, causing the timestamp on objects it modified to be set at the then current time.

Additional Information

For an explanation on the internal process taken and differences between the "repairtime" and "repairtimeall" options, see KB 7014933 "What does repairtime and repairtimeall in iMonitor repair?"

This TID supersedes and replaces the directive of declaring a new epoch found in KB 10020107 for this same issue on old NW code.