Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

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  • 02-Feb-2012
  • 25-Mar-2018


Reflection for the Web 2011 (All Editions) R1 SP1


The Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available for maintained users. This technical note includes a list of features included in the service pack.

Note: Reflection for the Web 2014 is available October 2014; for more information see KB 7022047.


New Features in R1 SP1

Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 SP 1 includes the following:

  • Reflection for the Web terminal emulation and file transfer client support for Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 7. For more information, see Technical Note 2606.
  • The Java version included with Reflection for the Web 2011 servers is now updated to Java 6 update 29.
  • The Tomcat version included with Reflection for the Web 2011 servers is now updated to 6.0.35.
  • Central management and secure token authorization support for Reflection X Advantage 4.0 sessions.
  • Option to change PC and Host code page settings for IND$FILE.
  • For UTS sessions, a new option to wait for successful login before sending initial transaction data.
  • For UTS sessions, support for blinking text.
  • For Airlines Printer emulation, a new setting for Listen for Connection from host.
  • For VT emulation, ANSI locator support.
  • Changes in SiteMinder support. If you are upgrading a version of Reflection for the Web that is configured to use SiteMinder, you will need to supply SiteMinder library files after you upgrade. See KB 7021600 on the Attachmate support site for details.
  • Improved password expiration handling for Active Directory services.
  • For IBM 3270 emulation, new PC and Host Page configuration for IND$FILE transfer.

Obtaining Your Product Update

Customers with a current maintenance plan are eligible to download Reflection for the Web 2011 R1 SP1 from the Attachmate Download Library at

For more information on using the Download Library, see KB 7021965.

Note: The product download is a full product "R1+SP1" package that can be used for new installations or to upgrade existing installations.

Installing Your Product Update

For information about installing the update on an existing installation, see the Reflection for the Web Installation Guide topic "Upgrading from a Previous Version," which is available from

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