Reflection X Advantage 5.1.589 - Release Notes

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  • 27-Jan-2016
  • 25-Mar-2018


Reflection X Advantage version 5.1


This technical note describes the features and fixes in Reflection X Advantage (RXA) version 5.1.589 (also known as 5.1 Update 1 or 5.1 Hotfix 3). This version released January 2016 and is included with Reflection Desktop for X and Reflection Desktop Pro 16.0 Update 1.


Obtaining the Update

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases at

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Downloads website, see KB 7021965.

Applying the Update

On Windows platforms, for information about applying an update to Reflection Desktop Pro or Reflection Desktop for X, see KB 7021464. Note: Make sure to download and apply the appropriate (64-bit or 32-bit) update for your product installation.

On non-Windows platforms, uninstall the previous version and install the new version.

New Features and Resolved Issues

This release includes features and fixes previously released in version 5.1, as described in KB 7021837, plus the following additional features and fixes:

Performance Improvements

The following features are performance improvements to reduce X session startup time when using an RXA domain:

  • The visible X server run on the X Manager for Domains workstation is now constructed locally rather than being transferred from the domain node.
  • On sessions configured for fault-tolerant remote session services, or configured for always-enabled compression, latency and bandwidth (respectively) are now measured at reduced intervals.
  • On high latency networks, sessions utilizing remote session services now start faster due to reduced communication between X Manager for Domains and the domain node.

Resolved Issues

  • Pauses in X applications no longer occur due to bell tones being played.
  • The middle mouse button emulation feature has been corrected to properly report button events while the X application holds a pointer grab. UI fields relating to configuring this feature are also now enabled or disabled correctly.
  • Possible out-of-memory conditions are now avoided by limiting the maximum number of threads started by certain thread pools.
  • Two X sessions running in the same domain node or X Manager instance can no longer hang due to a deadlock when opening or closing font files.
  • On a multi-monitor workstation, the Reflection Window Manager now constrains windows to visible space when the X application specifies a location that would result in any part of the window being invisible.
  • Keyboard focus in X applications is now correct when the native OS clipboard contains content in unsupported formats.

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