What's in Each Reflection Desktop Edition?

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  • 29-Oct-2015
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection Desktop version 16.1
Reflection Desktop Pro version 16.1
Reflection Desktop for X version 16.1
Reflection Desktop for IBM version 16.1
Reflection Desktop for UNIX and OpenVMS version 16.1
Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On version 16.1
Reflection Desktop Plus Add-On version 16.1
Reflection Enterprise Suite


This technical note lists the applications that are part of the Reflection Desktop family of products, and whether they are available as part of a default installation, an optional feature, or a separate download and installation.


Reflection Products and Components

The following table lists what is included in each product:

Yes = Installed by default, included in main product download and installation
Sep = Separate download and installation
Opt = Optional feature in the installer:
- Reflection X (Legacy): See KB 7021808
- Reflection for HP: See KB 7021356

*Reflection Desktop Plus Add-On can be added to any of the products listed above that include IBM Emulation. For information about Plus and the Plus Add-On, see KB 7021426.

New Features and Release Notes

For new features and release notes, refer to the appropriate technical notes:

Product or Application
Release Notes
Reflection Desktop 16.1
KB 7021422
Reflection Desktop 16.0
KB 7021426
Reflection X Advantage 5.1
KB 7021837
Reflection X 14.1 SP4 Update 1
KB 7021743
Reflection for HP with NS/VT 14.1 SP4 Update 1
KB 7021743
Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On
KB 7021414
Reflection PKI Services Manager 1.3 SP1
KB 7021881
Reflection for the Web 12.2
KB 7022048

Additional Information

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