How to Manually Secure an eDirectory to eDirectory Driver Using the KMO Method

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  • 08-Jun-2017
  • 12-Jan-2018


IDM 4.0x
IDM 4.5x
IDM 4.6
Probably future versions of IDM as well


For secure SSL/TLS communication between two eDirectory drivers, there are two options to secure this communication.
Both options are described in the eDirectory to eDirectory Driver documentation.  One option is the KMO method and the second option is the java keystore method. 

The KMO method is accomplished by going though the eDir-to-eDir certificate wizard found in iManager on the main Identity Manager menu.  Typically this process works well however, for many reasons the wizard can fail and you are left to do the more difficult keystore method. 

A YouTube video has been created that walks you through the manual creation of the KMO method of securing the eDirectory Driver.


The following video, titled "HowTo Manually create KMO for eDirectory Driver" shows you how to us two different trees with two different flavors of Linux and setup the KMO method of secure communication between two eDirectory IDM Drivers.

How To Manually create KMO for eDirectory Driver video

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