Keep Getting Several System Alerts

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  • 14-May-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 5/6.x
Running on VMWare


I am getting a lot of GWAVA alerts each day. Mail is still flowing, is there a problem with the system?


If you are seeing several GWAVA alerts from more then one GWAVA module, the best thing to do is see if these modules are actually crashing (created a core dump file) or not.

1) Using Putty, or from a prompt, type: cd /var/dumps

Note: If your server is not set up to create dumps files you may not have this directory. TID on how to set server to create dump files when something crashes.
2) Now type: ll
If you have any core dump files that match when these alerts state they crashed then it's best to contact support about them.

3) If you don't have a core dump file around the time the alerts were created then most likely these are false alerts caused by the time being off on the GWAVA server. This is common if your server is running on VMWare. To check the time on the server , at a prompt, type: date
gwava103:/var/dumps # date
Tue May 14 07:44:46 MDT 2013

If the time is off you can correct it by following this TID.

Once the time is correct again you shouldn't see anymore of these false alerts.

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