How do I Restart an Update if my Last Update did not Finish or Only Partially Updated my System?

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  • 21-May-2009
  • 14-Dec-2017




If my version information is is showing that not all of my modules are up to date or if my last update did not complete successfully and left the system in a partially updated state, how do I force the system do download all the current patches?


You can reset the "update" status/information which will result in the next online update downloading and installing all available patches onto your system by following the steps below

1) Open the GWAVA management console in a browser ([GWAVA server IP or Hostname]:49282)2) Go to System Management | Advanced | System tools | Diagnostics & Repair | Version stamp repair

2) Check the correct information "This server only" or "All servers in this system" (depending on your environment and issues) in the top portion of this page. (Online Updates)

3) Click the "Reset Updates" button.

4) Run the online update at your convenience.

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