Able to log in to QMS as the Admin, but not as a user

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  • 21-Apr-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Gwava 4.51 on Netware and Linux systems


I can log in to QMS as the Admin, but not as a user.


If the admin can log in to QMS, but the users cannot, it is possible that QMS is not able to authenticate the user's name and password.

Follow these steps to make sure that you have configured your system to authenticate:
1) Open Configure Domains page
Open GWAVA Management Console, and browse to Sever/Scanner Management-> [Server Name]-> Server Management->Configure Domains (Configure Domains page began with GWAVA 4.51, see below for more information)
2) Select your domain

3) Verify Domain
Ensure that the SMTP server address is correct for that domain.  Also, make certain that the server role is set to authenticate or receive mail/authenticate.
When a user signs in to QMS, the QMS module will authenticate the username and password information through your SMTP server.

Here is an example of what the Configure Domains page looks like

If these setting are correct and your users are still unable to log in, read these articles or contact GWAVA Support:
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After upgrading to QMS2 there are number in the username field of the login box and you cannot log in to QMS.
Testing QMS authentication through GWIA
For more information about configuring domains including encryption options please see the following TID:

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