Users Cannot Login to Quarantine Manager

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  • 25-May-2017
  • 18-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 (all versions)


  Users cannot login to the Quarantine Manager. When trying to login the QMS displays the error: "User does not exist or incorrect credentials,, AuthMethods=gwavamansmtp"


1. Make sure the user is valid and does exist within the GroupWise system.
2. Recheck the user name and password to be sure that they are correct.  Refreshing or re-entering in the password for the user in ConsoleOne can also help.
3. Make sure that the user is typing in the full e-mail address (not just the user name) i.e.
4. Be sure that the users e-mail has a password. GWAVA requires a password to be able to login to the QMS. Left blank it will display the error and will not allow the user to login.
5. The GWIA must be running in order to login to the Quarantine Manager.

If all else fails, check the number of threads your GWIA is using. If there are no free GWIA threads, GWAVA cannot authenticate against the GWIA for the users' login.

For problems with logging into QMS as admin, see:

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