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Reload 5.x


What are the fixes in the latest version of Reload 5.x


Upgrading Reload | What's New in Reload 5Adding a License File to Reload

Current Version: 510035

  • 500000: Initial release
  • 500004:
    • Support for Reload 5 licenses
    • Added the ability to Freeze backups
    • Fixed a bug with the status information being incomplete when hovering over a post office profile's backup in Reload Web Administration
  • 500005: Added the ability to create a Reload Collector in a Cluster - See This Article
  • 500006: Fixed a bug in Reload in which if a collect for a domain was created, an ever deeper directory structure would be created off of the wpoffice/gre_data directory.

  • 500007

1. Took out references to the Restore Mode POA in the Web Interface when turning on DR mode.

2. Added a value to ever profile's conf file: GRE_SYNC_PROCESS_LOCK_WAIT_TIME. This setting can be tweaked if ever a GRE_PO_SYNC monitoring routine is not allowing enough time for a collector to replicate to a server.

3. Made a new method of the GRE_PO_SYNC and the GRE_BLOBS_SYNC agents updating separate lock files. It seemed that the GRE_BLOBS_SYNC process might have sometimes been clobbering the GRE_PO_SYNC's lock files.

4. Added more safeguards so that Reload will not upgrade the GroupWise software on a server running the Reload Collector (a GroupWise box).

5. Created a detection routine to determine if an installation of Reload is a Collector only. So when a profile is being created, the Collector becomes the default option.

6. Took out multiple references to a "Portable Backup" in Reload Console administration.

  • 500008

1. Made the PO_SYNC_MONITOR routine far more robust in recovery of a failed job.

2. Made the GRE_PO_SYNC module more aware of what functions ran and what did not. This way if the GRE_PO_SYNC process fails, and is left on the stack, when the PO_SYNC_MONITOR routine picks it up it know exactly where to resume.

  • 500010

1. Added intelligence to generate key material if the /root/.ssh/ does not exist. This intelligence was added to the Reload Console Administration menu.

2. Changed the version of the Reload install utility from reading version 4.1 to not reporting a version. No need to report a version in this utility.

3. Added a new KILL function that checks for a Killed job every 30 seconds or so in the GRE_PO_SYNC module.

4. Added a ton of functionality to recover from a partially failed job in the GRE_PO_SYNC module.

5. Tried to fix the "weeknow" backup name issue, not sure if that is fixed quiet yet.

  • 500011

1. Added better logging to for the feature that allows for backup deleting. It shows a Begin process message and a finish process message.

2. Confirmed that the weeknow issue is resolved. Namely, there would be situations in which the lastest backup registered on the web interface was "WEEKNOW".

  • 500015

1. Posted as Shipping.

  • 500020

1. Fixed bugs in which sometimes backups would pause in the GRE_PO_CREATE agent.

2. Drop references to the Restore Mode POA in the Web Interface.

3. Fixed issues in the load and unload of POAs on the Reload server.

  • 500021

1. The Weekly Maintenance Job routine now runs the GRE_PO_EXPIRE agent to see if there are backups that need to be deleted.

2. Fixed the GRE_INDEX_NEW agent to sort backups correctly if they are out of order for whatever reason.

3. Made the GRESTATUS agent recover from a situation in which the improper information was written to a backup memory file. This condition would cause the system to show "NONE" for a backup even though the latest backup did exist.

  • 500022

1. Began to incorporate the Reload for Retain Code

  • 500023

1. Resolved some issues with unloading and reloading the Access Mode POA.

2. Made changes to the Reload Console Menu to reflect some suttle naming normanclature for server and collector profiles.

  • 500024

1. Made further improvements to the Weekly Maintenance Job and deleting of expired backups.

  • 500025

1. Fixed a loop created in 500024

  • 500026

1. Incorporated the Reload for Retain Server Daemon being launched by the Reload Daemon

  • 500028

1. Finished the Web Interface for Reload for Retain (well at least what I have for now).

2. Fixed a condition in which gre_po_expire would stop expiring backups if there were duplicates of a certain day in a backup in a portable backup directory.  

  • 510000

Reload 5.1

Full Support for Reload for Retain!

  • 510005

1. Changes to the GRE_TAR agent. TAR jobs had slowed down significantly ever since Reload 5 shipped. This new release speeds TAR jobs.

2. Fixed another issue in which duplicate backup names that could be in the backup indexes that are used by Reload to display backups and to expire backups.

3. Incorporated the latest Reload for Retain code.

  • 510012

1. Changes to GRE_TAR agent

a. Added the ability to increase the Linux "nice" level of the tar process. This setting is on the Configure tab for each post office profile under the Tape Backups panel. The setting is "TAR Command Linux nice Priority"

b. Configred the GRE_TAR agent to not TAR up Intra-Day Backups by default, this setting can be changed. This setting is on the Configure tab for each post office profile under the Tape Backups panel. The setting is "Include Intra-Day Backups in TAR Job"

c. Created the ability to run TAR Backup jobs simultaneously with Standard Backups and other TAR Backup jobs. This feature will work for some customers, and for others it may not be advisable because of the possibility of excessive disk contention. This feature can be enabled in Reload Web Administration on the Configure tab, under the Job Handling Preferences panel. The setting is "Allow Concurrent Standard and TAR Backup Jobs"

The ability to run TAR backups while Standard Backups are running will help to avoid this situation:

1. Reload post office PROFILE1 is running a TAR job.

2. Reload post office PROFILE2 has a queued Standard Backup Job, but cannot perform the backup because the TAR job is still running.

  • 510014

1. Fixes to Tape Archive Jobs

a. There was a problem with TAR jobs that would run, but the TAR job had been removed from the Reload running processes.

b. Now only one TAR job can run along with Standard Backup jobs.

  • 510015

1. Fixed an issue where if Audit Logging was enabled, with each Reload job that ran, the Audit recipient would get two messages.

2. Fixed an issue where the Reload Text Administration menu would not show more than 8 backups when accessing a backup for a post office profile.  Now up to 20 backups will be shown.

  • 510020

1. Fixed an issue where the Reload TAR Agent would not run TAR jobs if there was more than one TAR job queued at a time.

  • 510025

1. Fixed issues with the Weekly Maintenance Job not expiring BLOB Files (OFFILES) on the Reload server that are no longer referenced.

  • NOTE: When this patch is applied, within a few weeks customers may see a lot of disk space recovered as a result of expired BLOB Files being removed from the Reload server for the first time since Reload 5 was applied.

2. Added some subtle web interface settings.

  • 510035

1. Fixed an issue in which under certain conditions, Reload might delete all backups assoicated with a post office profile.

2. Added code to make the Reload domain backups more intelligent with regards to backups on a cluster.

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