Adding a License File to Reload

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  • 14-Oct-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


How do I obtain a Reload License File How do I apply my Reload license file to my Reload server? See Also: Reload 5 Change Notices | What's New in Reload 5Upgrading Reload


Obtain Reload License:

1.) Go to the site

2.) Choose "Reload 5"

3.) Fill out the form and download the .pem

Apply Reload License:

The Reload Administration web page has the ability to import the license key into Reload.

1.) http://<ip or dns>:5555 (ip or dns of the Reload server) 

2.) Select Tools 

3.) License 

4.) Browse to the license key 

5.) Submit License File

The following message will be displayed:

The license file was uploaded successfully. Please wait for 45 seconds while the daemon consumes the new license file, and restarts. When 45 seconds has passed, this page will be redirected to the Home page. You will be required to re-authenticate if authentication is enabled.

NOTE: Make sure to follow steps under Apply License to each Reload Server and any Reload Collectors that you have implemented.

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