Slow Mailflow (MTA Scanner)

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  • 24-Jun-2008
  • 05-Sep-2017


GWAVA 4 (all builds) on Netware and Linux MTA Scanner


Mail flow is slow Messages queued up in ...\[domain]\MSLOCAL\GWVSCAN\4 folder


Note:  Keep in mind that an MTA scanner is inevitably going to be slower than a GWIA scanner.  GWAVA recommends using a GWIA scanner, rather than an MTA scanner, if possible, especially on large mail systems

Here are a few things to check:

1)  Is GWAVA causing your slow mailflow?

If GWAVA is the cause of your sluggish mail flow, then you'll see mail backing up in the ...\[domain]\MSLOCAL\GWVSCAN\4 folder.  If there are no messages backing up here, then your problem most likely lies elsewhere

Keep in mind that it's common for mail to back up at certain times of day or for short periods of time (for instance, during a mass spam attack).  If mail is backing up frequently or if backed up mail never clears, then you have a problem

2)  Restart GWAVA 

Wait at least 5 minutes for GWAVA to fully initialize and pick up speed.  Now monitor your ...\GWVSCAN\4 directory for a few minutes and see if the mail is depleting.  It may take some time to empty this directory, but as long as the amount is going down, you're in good shape

If a restart is unsuccessful, continue to step 3

3)  Clear the backup

Shut down GWAVA and your MTA

Rename your ...\[domain]\MSLOCAL\GWVSCAN folder to GWVSCAN.old

Remember:  after resolving mail flow issue, make sure to move your old messages from the GWVSCAN.old directory to the new GWVSCAN folder.  Keep subfolders intact (GWVSCAN.old\4 ---> GWVSCAN\4, etc.)

Start up your MTA and follow step 2 to restart GWAVA and test your mail flow

4)  RBL/SURBL Delays

See the following article for troubleshooting RBL/SURBL delays:

5)  VS Threads

See the following article to increase your vs threads:

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