Moving Your GWAVA 4 Installation (NetWare)

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  • 02-Jul-2008
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GWAVA 4 (all builds) on Netware


How to move your GWAVA 4 Installation


GWAVA 4 was designed to be portable. All of GWAVA.s components are under the same directory. This means that you can move your GWAVA 4 installation to any other place and it will run the same as before.

Note:  If moving GroupWise along with GWAVA, additional steps are required.  See additional links at bottom of article.

Follow these steps to move GWAVA 4:

1)  Shut down your GWIA

2)  Shut down your MTA (if using an MTA scanner)

3)  Shut down GWAVA (gwavadn)

4)  Copy the directory structure to its new location.  Your GWAVA directory is named 'GWAVA4' and is usually located in [volume]:\opt\beginfinite\GWAVA4.

5)  Edit your autoexec.ncf to update the system path referenced to GWAVA

6)  Edit the paths in your GWAVA startup files.  The following files are located in your GWAVA4\assets\bin directory:  gwavaup.ncf and restartgwava.ncf.  Edit all of the paths in these two files accordingly

7)  Start GWAVA 4

8) Go into the GWAVAMAN Management Console (http://ipaddress:49282).  Select Server/Scanner Management--->"server"--->Server Management--->Configure Server. Make sure that all of the configuration settings within this area are correct. Click on Show Advanced Connectivity Settings as well and verify that the ipaddress for GWAVAMAN Connection/Replication Address is correct. Change if needed.

9) Still within the GWAVAMAN Management console select Server/Scanner Management--->"server"--->Manage Scanners--->"scanner"--->Configure GWIA settings--->Mail Interface Settings. Change the path in here to the correct volume and path to the GWIA.

10)  Restart GWAVA

11) Restart the GroupWise components.

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