Moving Your GWAVA 4 Installation (Linux)

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  • 07-Jul-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 (all builds) on Linux


How to move your GWAVA 4 Installation


GWAVA 4 was designed to be portable. All of GWAVA's components are under the same directory. This means that you can move your GWAVA 4 installation to any other place and it will run the same as before.

Note:  If moving GroupWise along with GWAVA, additional steps are required.  See additional links at bottom of article.

1)  Before moving GWAVA, shut down GWAVA by opening a terminal and typing 'rcgwavaman stop'

2)  Now that GWAVA is down, you can move it to the new desired location (e.g. mv /opt/beginfinite/gwava /opt2/beginfinite/gwava).  You'll want to leave the old /opt/beginfinite directory in place.  But the gwava folder needs to be removed, whether by using the mv command (as shown) or by renaming or deleting the directory

3)   Now that GWAVA is moved we can create a symbolic link so that the gwavaman script works properly.  To do so, browse to your old /opt/beginfinite directory within a terminal (cd /opt/beginfinite) and type the following (replacing the path with your NEW gwava directory:  ln -sf /opt/beginfinite/gwava

4)  Now that GWAVA is moved and a symbolic link is created to the new directory, you can start GWAVA (rcgwavaman start)

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